Angry Blogger Confronts Newspaper Who Copied His Work

Earlier this month, Duane Lester posted an article he had written himself on his blog, as he often does. But this particular article gained the attention of a local newspaper in Missouri, who then copied almost word for word the entire article Duane had written just 10 days before.

Instead of being walked over by a newspaper company, the annoyed blogger decided to take things into his own hands. Armed with a video camera and a demand for $500 for the time it took him to write that article, he confronts the small amount of people running the newspaper.

As you can imagine, the heads of the paper company aren’t too pleased with Lester’s request, however give him the money anyway when threatened with legal action.

Check out the video above to see the whole thing unfold!

We’re Now Easier To Find on FLUD

A couple of months ago we became a featured partner of FLUD, the highly popular news reader for Android and iOS. Today we have been bunked up to the featured sources slider, making is a lot easier for you to find.

You can also find us as you normally would, by tapping the ‘Technology’ section and scrolling down to Geeks Have Landed.

At the moment FLUD have chosen to create a combination of our logo and an image of I used in the ‘How To Survive a Robot Apocolypse’ post I did a few days ago as the image for our feed. I have contacted them again to see if this can be changed to our default logo.

April Fools 2012, Toshiba Reveal 3 New Tablets

Toshiba have joined the fun of April Fools day, announcing three new tablets each with it’s own unique design.

The company has released a video showing off three new designs. One, an oblong shape is seen used as a turntable in a nightclub. The second, ‘Rhombus’ shows some productivity purposes in a work environment, and the last, ‘Amore’ is shaped like a heart…

While i’m on the topic of tablet shapes, it’s worth mentioning that The Register has reported today that Apple have patented the rectangle. Unfortunately for Apple, this is one April Fools gag which wasn’t too hard to believe.

Minecraft Pocket Edition | Review

With all the hype towards graphically superior first person shooter such as Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 being released this year, the biggest attention has been towards the online PC game Minecraft. Minecraft, developed in Sweden by Markus Persson and his company Mojang, is the online phenomenon that has been bought by over 4 million people worldwide. In essence it is a first-person sandbox game in which you are free to build whatever you want in a randomly generated world. They can be basic such as a hut or something extraordinary like a castle. With the popularity of this new franchise, Minecraft is now available for 10p/C (limited offer) on Android and £4.99 in the App store.

Pocket edition is almost an exact clone as the PC version but is just as enjoyable on a smaller screen. The controls are as fluent by using a D-pad to move in different directions, flicking the screen changes where you look and touching down on certain blocks makes you place down or mine blocks. You are able to mine and build various structures just like the PC version however there are some limitations.

The controls on the Pocket Edition are just as fluent as it's PC counterpart.

With the original Minecraft, there are two different modes that you can choose from. The first being creative mode. This is where you all the different blocks like wood, glass and bricks are available from the start so you are able to create anything you want straight away.

The second more popular mode is Survival. This mode gives you a health bar, no resources and living creatures and enemies that affect your experience. The Survival mode gives you more of objective to survive the world especially at night when you can be become defenceless against the enemies that appear. The way you gain resources is by mining different blocks and crafting them together to make new materials that can be used within the game.

This is the more popular mode in Minecraft and is what draws people to continue making new creations. However the pocket edition does not include the Survival mode yet and leaves you with the creation mode. This may be put-off for fans of Minecraft especially if they are not getting the full content that is found on the PC. Since the release Mojang have confirmed that the survival mode will appear on the pocket edition soon. Also the price of the game is pretty steep especially as other popular apps like Angrybirds and Fruit Ninja are 69p.

However there is free version of the Pocket Edition available which lets you create things in the randomly generated landscape but gives you less blocks to use and does not allow any online multiplayer world or save your world. The free version is still useful to get used to the controls and shows what the game is about, especially if you are new to Minecraft.

Overall the pocket edition is a good addition if you want to be mining on the go. However it is not the revolutionary change from the pc version

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