How to Change the Color of Your Name in Minecraft

When you play Minecraft for a long time, you get bored having the same character.  You can also get bored having the same name. Many users are practicing a change of nickname.  After all, someone’s nick is unlucky, and someone is tired of it and he just wants a change. But only a few people know that not only the name itself can be changed, but also its color.  If you are interested in this issue, then the site, where there is a lot of useful information about Minecraft, will help you to find out more.  

Changing the color of a nickname will help the player to stand out among others, and the color can distinguish friends among other players on the server. In addition, it simply looks cool and unusual.

Formatting text in Minecraft uses formatting codes. Each of the format codes starts with the § symbol.  In order to enter this symbol, you need to press the Alt + 21 key combination.

There are various options for formatting the text.  You can format text in chat, text in a pen book, text in localization files, text in tables.  Also, the description of the server, the name of the world, the names of objects, the signature of objects (Lore), etc., are also edited.  

By default, text in games can be changed only in a pen book.  To do this, copy the § symbol, insert it into the book, then enter the desired symbol and write what you want.  

There are some programs that allow you to format text in chat, plaques and other places.  These are programs such as MCEdit and Essentials.

Text in Minecraft can be formatted according to two criteria – «color formatting» and «text formatting».  These two options can also be combined. For example, you can underline the text of a violet color.

To change the color of the username, you need to know the combination of characters that correspond to different colors.  The same combinations are also needed for text formatting:

  • §k – changing text;  
  • §I – bold;
  • §m – strikethrough;  
  • §n – underline;
  • §o – italic;  
  • §r – cancel the settings.  

In order to change the color of the text in the user’s name, you need to install the ColorMe plugin, because without installing it changing the color won’t work.  After we install the plugin, we will have the ability to use the following commands:

  • /colorme list – a command that displays the list of available colors;  
  • /colorme – the command that assigns the color needed to change the nickname.  

When you re-enter a command, it cancels the color and then returns it to the standard white color.  For example:

  • /colorme Xpress darkred – set the red color of the nickname;  
  • /colorme Xpress – return to the standard white color.  

There are also commands for administrators (using the Permissions plugin):

  • colorme.list – a command that displays a list of all available colors;  
  • colorme.self – a command that sets the color for your own nickname;  
  • colorme.other – a command that sets the color for a nickname of another player;  
  • colorme.remove – a command that returns the color of another player to the standard one.  

Below is a step-by-step process for changing the color of a user’s name.  

Firstly we go to the file manager (you can use ES Manager).  Find the «Games» folder, click on it and get another folder called «Com.moyang».  Click on this folder. There are two sections. They have the names «Minecraft pe» and «Minecraft Worlds». Select the «Minecraft pe» folder.

The selected folder contains three files: «clientid.txt», «external_servers.txt» and «option.txt».  We need the «option.txt» file. It can be opened with any text editor. After opening this file, we find the line «mp_username: YourNick».  We need to determine which color we want to choose for the character’s name. There are ten of them: black, blue, green, turquoise, red, purple, orange, light gray, dark gray and light blue.  

To apply one of the colors to the text, we return to our line «mp_username: YourNick» and put the cursor between the colon and the nickname.  After that, we insert the sign of the paragraph (§) and write the digit of the color we need. Save the document.

If you follow all the instructions correctly, then at the next entry in Minecraft you will see your name in the selected color.

What would you like with your Raspberry Pi ? Kano Please

Kano Raspberry Pi

So this is the dilemma I had, I wanted a Raspberry Pi but didn’t know how to use one or what I needed to make one work.

Then I discovered Kano, what is Kano? Well it’s like going into your local gadget shop asking for a Raspberry Pi asking for all the bits you need to make it work, then asking to give you a screen by screen talk on how to set it up and a great user interface to get you started even if you don’t know what you are doing.

So buying a Kano is like getting a kick start or maybe even a head start.

So do you buy a Rasberry Pi and work out what to do or buy a kit and get a kick start, well that’s a question for you to answer but if you have kids and want them to start learning how to programme and use a Pi then it doesn’t get easier than buying a Kano (especially if like me you don’t have a clue about Raspberry Pi)

   So whats in the box


Well you get a great instruction book which shows you step by step what to do to get started in a really easy step by step format.

Kano instruction book

  • An orange keyboard which connects via bluetooth and also has a built in usb cable for connection and charge
  • HDMI cable
  • Power plug and cable
  • Kano SD Card
  • Wifi USB dongle
  • Custom Case
  • Speaker
  • Raspberry Pi Model B

How to assemble


Setting up is really easy as every page in the book has a step by step guide to set it up, I left my 8yr old son to work this out himself and he did this without any problems (although he does love making Lego models so following instructions is second nature to him)

kano instruction book

Finished product


So the finished article plugs into your TV and is ready to go.

In my next article I will explain what you can do with your Kano and how it is really going to help your kids learning to programme while playing, win,win!

Kano Computer Kit


Until next time, enjoy your gadgets.

Excel Auto Filter and Freeze Panes, Work Smart!

Introduction to Excel

Sorting Data, AutoFilter and Freeze panes


Download Sorting Data pdf :Autofilter and freeze panes

You can use sorting to organise your spreadsheet data in ascending or descending order.  You are allowed upto three levels of sort for example, if you sort by Surname in ascending order and then First name in ascending order, when Excel comes across two people called “smith”, it would then put them in first name order “Colin” and then “Robert” for example.

  1. Move to a cell in the column you want to sort by.
  2. Click on the Sort Ascending button to sort A-Z, 1-100 or
  3. Click on the Sort Descending button to sort Z-A, 100-1



To Sort data using up to three fields


  1. Move to a cell inside your data
  2. Click on the Data menu, and then click on the sort command
  3. The Sort dialogue box will be displayed.


  1. If your list has text field names, click on the header Row option under the My list has command, if Excel has not selected it automatically.
  2. Under the Sort By command, click on the drop-down arrow, and then click on the label of the column that you want to sort by first.
  3. Click on the Ascending or Descending option.
  4. Under the Then by command, click on the drop-down arrow, and then click on the label of the column that you want to sort by next.
  5. Click on the Ascending or Descending option.
  6. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you have completed your sort options.
  7. Click on the OK button.


The AutoFilter command gives you quick and easy access to a great deal of database management power.  It allow you to set criteria, and filters out row of data that do not match the criteria you have specified.

To find specific data using AutoFilter


  1. Make sure that you are within your database.
  2. Click on the data menu, click on the Filter command, and then click on the AutoFilter option.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the field name where you want to set criteria.
  4. Click on the set of criteria you want to view.



Custom Filtering Data


Using the AutoFilter is a very quick and easy way to find an exact match to criteria that you specify.  Sometimes though you will need to find a range of answers rather than exact match, amounts between £3000 and £6000 for example, or names beginning with the letter B, for this you can use custom filtering.


To create a Custom AutoFilter


  1. Make sure that the AutoFilter command is switched on.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the field name where you want to set a custom filter.
  3. Click on the (Custom …) command.
  4. The Custom AutoFilter dialogue box will be displayed.



  1. Under the Show rows where option, click on the box that contains the word equals.
  2. Type in the box to the right what you want to find, or click on the drop down arrow and choose from the list.
  3. Click on the And option if you want to set more than one criteria.
  4. When you have finished setting your criteria, click on the OK button.



Freezing Panes

Freezing panes is extremely useful when you have column or row headings which you want to keep in view when you scroll the screen to add more data.

To Freeze Panes

  1. Select the column to the right of the columns you want to freeze, or row beneath the rows to freeze.
  2. Click on the Window menu, and then click on the Freeze Panes command.

To Unfreeze Panes

  1. Click on the Window menu, and then click on the Unfreeze Panes command.

Download Sorting Data pdf :Autofilter and freeze panes

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Introduction to Charts in MS Excel

Introduction to Charts in MS Excel

In the next part of this training series I show you how to set up charts in Microsoft Excel.

Download this lesson on excel charts as a pdf: Introduction to Charts

To Create a chart using the Chart wizard

  1. Select the data on your worksheet, that you want to create the chart from.
  2. Click on the Chart Wizard button on the toolbar.



When you release the mouse button Step1 of the Chart Wizard will be displayed.

pic 2


  1. Under the Chart type: option, click on the different chart types to view the types of  chart that you want to create.
  2. Under the Chart sub type option, click on the sub-type you would like for your chart.
  3. To see how your data would look using a certain chart type, press and hold to view sample button.
  4. When you have found the type of chart you would like to create, click on the next button.
  5. Next to the data range option, check that the range you selected on your worksheet is correct, if the range is incorrect click on the selector button, reselect the range on your worksheet, and then click the selector button again.

pic 3


Click the next button.

pic 4


  1. Under the Chart title box, type in the title you would like for your chart, and any axis titles.
  2. Click on the Legend tab, and choose whether you would like a legend displayed, and its position.
  3. Click on the Data Labels tab, and choose whether you would like your data labelled.
  4. When you have finished choosing titles, legends, labels and any other details, click on the Next button.

pic 5


  1. The final part is to decide whether you would like your chart displayed as a new sheet or included on the same sheet as your data.
  2. Click on the Finish button.


Don’t forget you down download the introduction to charts as a PDF: Introduction to Charts

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Quick Start Guide to Creating Excel Formulas

Creating Formulae by Geeks Have Landed

Download this lesson as a pdf: Creating Formulae

In this lesson we discover formulas in Excel and how effective they are.

A formula in Excel always begins with = .



Formula in D4

Result in D4
















If the Formula Bar is not displayed, click on View on the title bar and then click on Formula Bar from the drop-down menu.  The Formula Bar should now be displayed.

When you write formulas in Excel, you can use the Formula Bar and Formula Palette with the mouse to write the formula.  The advantage of using the mouse over the keyboard is that you do not need to remember the references of the cells to be used in the formula, you can just click on them instead.

pic 1


  1. Move to the cell where you want to enter the formula.
  2. Click on the Edit Formula button on the Formula Bar =
  3. Click on the first cell to be used in the formula.
  4. Type in the arithmetic operator e.g. +,*,/,-
  5. Click on the next cell to be used in the formula.

Click on the OK button on the Formula Palette to enter the formula


Basic Statistical Functions


The following are examples of some basic statistical functions


MAX Returns the highest value of its arguments
MIN Returns the lowest value of its arguments
AVERAGE Returns the average value of its arguments
COUNT Returns how many numbers are found in the list of arguments


To enter a Function


  1. Move to the cell where you want to enter the function e.g. C14 (as below)
  2. Click on the Edit Formula button on the Formula Bar.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the Function List button on the Formula Palette.

pic 2


4       Click on the name of the function that you would like to use.  Or if the function is not displayed , click on the More Functions option.

5       The Formula Palette will extend.

6       Enter the argument for the function, clicking on the selector button to gain access to the cells on the worksheet if required.  If you use the selector button to select cells on the worksheet, click on the selector button again to re-extend the Formula Palette.

pic 3


When you have finished entering the arguments for the function, click the OK button.

pic 4


Enter the details as in the table above, leaving cells C14:C18 blank to enter the formula as below using the mouse and the formula palette.

pic 5


Don’t forget you can download this tutorial as a pdf: Creating Formulae

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Speed Up Ms Excel With Auto Options

Speed Up Microsoft Excel With Auto Options

Excel has several Auto options that can speed up basic data entry.

Download the lesson as a pdf : Data Entry Auto options

  • AutoFill
  • Auto Complete
  • Auto Correct

Open a new sheet in Excel, if when you open a new sheet 3 sheets open as below


 If you only want Excel to open one sheet at a time.

  • Click on Tools from the Title Bar.
  • Click on Options from the drop down menu
  • Click on the General tab and change the amount in Sheets in new workbook to 1.



AutoFill can speed up entering data that forms part of a list such as months of the year or days of the week.  The method we will use is called a Filling Series and is accomplished using the Fill Handle found on the bottom right corner cell of the selected range.

Type a month into cell B2, you can use the full name or the first three letters. e.g Jan or January

pic 2pic 3

Select the cell containing the starting data.  Move the mouse pointer to the bottom right hand corner of the cell to display the fill handle. Hold the left mouse button down and drag down the column.  As you drag notice that Excel will show you what part of the series you have reached.  Release the mouse and the series fills.

The AutoFill can be used with other data series.

pic 4 pic 5

Enter Monday in cell  B2 drag the fill handle to fill the series.

AutoFill can also be used with other data series e.g. Week 1 or Project

pic 6pic 7

Auto Correct

This will correct common spelling and typing errors.

For example

accomodate will be corrected to accommodate

Teh will be corrected to The

BUdget will be corrected to Budget

monday will be corrected to Monday

(N.B This does not work for month names!)

For a list of auto corrections select Tools – AutoCorrect

pic 9


Auto Complete

If the first few characters you type in a cell match an existing entry in that column, Excel fills in the remaining characters for you.  Excel completes only those entries that contain text or a combination of text and numbers, dates, or times are not completed.

Enter the following names going down one column

pic 11

Now enter “P” : Excel will assume you want to enter Paul

pic 12

To change Paul to Peter, simply over-type the highlighted text.

You can turn off AutoComplete using Tool: Options and deselect AutoComplete within the Edit tab.

You can also select a list of entries already in the column.  To display the list press Alt + Arrow down and then pick from the list.

Have a go yourself

Create the following worksheet using AutoFill to speed up your entries. You should only need your keyboard a few times.

pic 13


To enter the today’s date into a cell, select the cell you want to place the date on the keyboard press and hold Ctrl : (Control key + colon)

 To enter the current time press and hold Ctrl Shift : (Control + Shift + colon)

Don’t forget you can print off the training above here download pdf: Data Entry Auto options

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How to Start With Microsoft Excel

Welcome to Microsoft Excel Training

This is part of the tutorial side of the website.

In this mini-series I will cover the basics of using Microsoft Excel.

Topics I will cover are


Introduction to Excel

Creating a Spreadsheet

  1. Open Excel  by double clicking on the Excel icon on your desktop.
  2. A blank sheet should appear, if it doesn’t click on the white page on the left hand side to create a new sheet

intro open a spreadsheet












3.Enter the information on the sheet as below

into pic2












4. Enter the data into the boxes

intro pic 3












5. Highlight the figures you have just entered by placing your mouse over the cell B4 click once on the left button and holding this button down move the cursor until all the numbers have been selected.

6. From the Title bar select Format by clicking once on it – and then select Cells from the drop down menu that appears.

intro pic 4












7.Select Number; Currency and decide how you wish to display negative numbers.

intro pic5













8. To use the computer to total the figure automatically select the cell E4 by placing the mouse cursor over the cell and click once.  Select AutoSum from the Standard Toolbar

intro pic 6












9. The figures you want to calculate should be automatically highlighted.  Now press Enter on your keyboard the =SUM(B4:D4) should changed to the total £19,216.00.

10. Repeat the procedure in cell E5 and E6.  You will notice that when E6 has been highlighted  the computer does not automatically select the figures in B6,C6 and C8 to total but selects the two totals in E4 and E5.

11.To alter the selection place the mouse over cell D6 and click and hold the left button and drag the mouse to cell B6 and release.  The figure you want to total should now be selected.  Press Enter to display the total.

intro pic 7












12. To save your completed Spreadsheet select File from the Title Bar and then select Save from the drop down menu bar.

13. IMPORTANT – The first time you save a spreadsheet it will automatically open the Save As Dialog box.  Make sure you remember where you have saved your file.



Do you want to set up your own online business – Then this amazing FREE training is a must !


The Challenge has opened its doors to start its famous FREE internet marketing training (used to be called the 30 Day Challenge as it was a daily training over 30 days)

It now has a new platform so please go and have a look for yourself.

I first took the challenge in 2007 and the great internet Guru Ed Dale who is an internet marketing genius and who is brilliant at teaching  everything in very easy to understand plain English (no Geek jargon to scare you away) heads up the training with his great team.

The Challenge will show you how to pick a niche market you are interested in build your own website, populate it with great unique content which Google will love.  The Challenge then goes onto to show you how to get your site to the top of the Google rankings using some great tools available on the web and then crucially how to monetise your site to make your first $1 (or £1) and all the training is completely free.

Once you have a site and started making money then its up to you how much you push it to make it a success, you get out what you put in.

Don’t forget the training is all FREE and I have taken this course many times over the years these guys are the real deal.  Why free training because they are genuine guys who really want to give something back and help everyone to start their own online business.

So get started and I will see you in there as I will be joining the course because internet marketing changes so quickly you are always learning and adapting.



Access Hulu & Other Netflix Media Libraries In The UK

Media Hint, Hulu in UK

BBC iPlayer is one of the best on-demand services in the world, in that it works perfectly well and programmes are usually available to watch only a short amount of time after airing on TV. The problem is, even the most patriotic Brit would probably admit to watching a fair bit of American television, which unfortunately is quite hard to access in the UK. British people can either wait for US programmes to make their way over to this side of the pond, which is usually a few series behind, or they can be naughty and download them from the web.

Those people will have no doubt searched for how to watch some programmes online, and have stumbled across websites like Hulu which look very promising…right until the region lock message appears on your screen rather than the video you were hoping to watch. Luckily, a new extension for Chrome and Firefox tweaks things in your browser’s settings, fooling US-Only websites into thinking you’re in the states.

It really couldn’t be much easier to get set up with Media-Hint, the extension offering the service. Simply visit their website and install the extension. It installs instantly and no further set up is required. As you can see from the image above, the service also allows you to access Pandora and Rdio music streaming services, as well as the American library of Netflix.

Windows 8: Get Your Google Back

Windows 8 is launching all around the world, meaning many people who have been holding out for a new laptop or computer can finally get one. The new tiled interface has been received with much confusion regarding how to use it and how it can be useful for those without a mouse, but Google want to make sure that you can still easily access their features no matter how complicated it appears.

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