Samuel L. Jackson & Zooey Deschanel Appear in Apple Ads

Apple have enlisted the help of two A-list celebrities to help in the marketing campaign of Siri, the voice controlled personal assistant.

Avengers Assemble star Samuel L. Jackson is seen using Siri to aid him in organizing ‘date night’, by showing him where to buy, and how to prepare ingredients for a romantic meal.

Apple have used Zooey Deschanel’s much publicized quirkiness in her commercial. She is shown using Siri to find out the weather (whilst looking out the window), selecting a song to dance to, and reminding her to tidy up….tomorrow.

Apple are yet to upload the ads to their YouTube channel, the ones above are recordings posted to the video sharing site shortly after they aired on TV in America.

A Review of The iDapt i2+

Nowadays, you are out of sync with the world if you use less than two or three devices regularly during the day. Whether it’s a mobile phone, an mp3 player, a USB gadget or even a cigarette, you are always going to be in possession of a rechargeable device. Trouble is, with all these devices, keeping track of the different chargers, and keeping the cables neat can be a real hassle. That’s where the i2+ universal charging station comes in extremely handy.

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This McDonald’s Sign is Only Visible at Night

A Canadian advertising agency has created a roadside McDonald’s advertisement which, which has an invisible message during the day. However at night, a ‘Open 24 Hours’ message appears glowing to passers by.

Surely this isn’t as effective as a typical sign, which is visible during the day, and is often lit up during the night, however it’s a very interesting concept which could become very useful in the future.

YouTube Expands Partnership Program, Available To All

With the rise of video sharing over the last few years, and the YouTube partnership which pays video creators handsomely, you wouldn’t be completely mad for attempting to start a full-time career by simply uploading videos of your every day life. The problem up until now has been that in order to be paid by YouTube for your content, you must have a certain amount of views to be deemed ‘popular’.

But this changes today. An update to the YouTube partnership blog has revealed that anybody can choose to display adverts before their video, thus generating some revenue, no matter how popular the video is.

It’s a huge boost to those who want to start their own YouTube career, as it means beginners can slowly earn money to afford better quality cameras and production teams, to give them a better chance of making the big time.

Newbies haven’t been given all the partnership features though, with the option of having a custom banner being just one of the things which is still limited to popular YouTubers.

You can read more about the changes on the Official YouTube Partnership Blog.

Instagram, From Zero To A Billion – Timeline

Instagram was recently purchased by Facebook for the price of a whopping $1 billion. As a result of this it would be easy to forget that Instagram was originally a small start-up project which started with just two guys. has put together yet another amazing infographic, this time giving us a look at how Instagram went from being a simple free application, to a $1 billion idea.

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Google Announce Project Glass, My Thoughts – UPDATED

Earlier this week, Google announced Project Glass, which aims to bring a new form of augmented reality and build it right into your glasses, staying with you throughout the day. It’s had a lot of media attention and hype surrounding it since a video was released on YouTube showing Google’s plans, which is great. But I’d like to share my thoughts.

So Google+ exists in the future? Google obviously thinks so.

I’m all for the progress of technology. I have a friend (he knows who he is) who believes that technology can’t progress any further, that we’ve hit the most advanced point in technology and that things are so smart, there is no way it can get any better. To this, I show him the original iPhone announcement in 2007, where the audience let out a small cheer at the sight of Steve Jobs scrolling through music, something we think of as a standard feature in modern phones. That was a mere 5 years ago, and phones have increased in design and features a HUGE amount.

I bring this up because, while I am a firm believer that technology is increasing in quality almost every day, the ‘Project Glass’ proposed by Google might just be taking things a little too far. I’d hate to be the one to ruin the party, but it seems that people are getting extremely hyped up for something which, according to how technology is currently progressing, would take at least 10 years to become believable.

So much for discreet

Google know what they are doing, which is why I find it quite surprising that they decided to release this video. They haven’t mentioned any year, decade or century they envision this launching, but based on the icons used and the locations seen in the video, it appears they might want this to come sooner than later. For a while, I was under the impression that this was a rather late April Fools joke, one that’s slightly less funny than the numerous pranks they pulled this year.

To me, it seems like an almost exact replica project to what we saw back in 2009 from Nokia. The video below was released by the Research Labs there, and since the upload we have heard next to nothing. The difference behind the two videos being that Nokia listed the project as a ‘vision’, whereas Google claim they are working on it.

Now let me share my thoughts on what I think about the product, if it was to release to the general public. Well, firstly it would be amazing. Even the idea of Project Glass just oozes sci-fi style technology, and to have that in our everyday lives, would be pretty amazing.

That being said, we have to look at how it would affect our lives. Just because it gets released doesn’t mean it will become an essential part of our lives like the video depicts. In fact a few hours of searching forums around the internet gives me the impression that most people are uneasy about having the interactivity with them for so long during the day. I’m not so sure on why people think this way. The general view is that they are horrified by Google watching them as they live their lives. If that was how the product would work, it would struggle to be launched, or at least would be met with its fair share of criticism upon its release. So I’m not too bothered about the impact this would have, after all, I don’t think Google will be able to do much with the information that I do nothing everyday :).

Now how often would it be used? Google, as shown in the video, think it will be used just about all the time. I can’t really comment on this until we know when it will be released. One of the key points of the product is that you can share just about everything you do with people in your circles on Google+. Now staying away from the idea of Google+ not being a huge social network just yet, the product could be released in a time when social networks have come and gone, and been replaced by something completely different. At the moment, the idea of social networks dying out is an extremely difficult idea to swallow, but there is always something around the corner which will either change the way social networks work, or will end them completely.

So in my eyes, the glasses won’t be used for sharing to social networks. And this could be a good thing. Maybe the iPhone auto-corrects of the future will be that you accidentally uploaded your day for all of your friends to see. It’s just an idea, but with the small information about the glasses we have, anything like this is possible. Don’t forget that it also can be a very big privacy threat, as it seems like you could take a photo of just about anything or anybody and save it, without that person knowing. It’s slightly less obvious than taking out a camera.

I’m in no doubt that using the glasses to find the location of your friends, send and receive texts and video call people is a very exciting idea. But surely this makes it more of a gimmick? In sci-fi films, items similar to the glasses are used all the time. But in reality they would only be able to do what a mobile already does, only in a smaller and slightly more nerdy looking form.

To me, it seems like an almost exact replica project to what we saw back in 2009 from Nokia. The video below was released by the Research Labs there, and since the upload we have heard next to nothing. The difference behind the two videos being that Nokia listed the project as a ‘vision’, whereas Google claim they are working on it.

I do hope this product is released, and I hope it is sooner rather than later. However being realistic, I can’t see this happening in the next 10-15 years.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below.

Flud 2.0, An Android Review

Last month, one of the best looking and most functional applications I have  ever used on my iPad, became available on the Google Play Store for Android users. While this excited me, I was extremely worried that they wouldn’t be able to replicate that same gorgeous design on a different operating system, and that it would become just another news reader.

However, my fears were short-lived. After logging in using the same account I use on my iPad (guest log-in is available also), the  same black and red colour scheme which has become so familiar to me recently was suddenly on my Desire S. Now, as much as I love Android, I do agree with the opinion of most in that while Android apps offer a lot of functionality, the often lack the same effort when it comes to the design department. This is where FLUD changes things. Of course, I expected this after using the iPad app and seeing the iPhone version, however it was extremely satisfying to see it on my phone.

The UI, although nice, needs to be easy to navigate to collect your daily dosage of news. Failing to do this would make even the most ugly of news readers superior. Fortunately, the functionality matches the user interface. It’s insanely easy to navigate. All you have to do is scroll sideways to change news sources, and scroll down to view the most recent articles available from that website. A relatively new feature on FLUD is the ‘FLUD Stream’ section, which collects and show you what your friends have been looking at. If you are into that kind of thing, that’s great…but not many of my friends are as interested in technology as I am.


As I mentioned above, FLUD is a multi-platform application. That means that I can view my news on my Wi-Fi limited iPad, and pick up from where I left off on my phone when I leave my home. Having this kind of cloud functionality really makes you feel like you will never miss a single news story again, as it can literally be taken anywhere!

Now i’m going to be honest. Up until last month, my preferred news reader of choice was Flipboard. The reason behind that being that when I was looking at purchasing my iPad, Flipboard looked like one of the most revolutionary apps ever. Even now I don’t think Flipboard is bad, it’s very very good. However if they fail to release it for Android, soon enough they will begin to lose more and more customers to FLUD, as it shares an equally amazing design, but on more platforms.

In the last couple of paragraphs, I have trailed from my main review or the Android application, and have discussed the entire news reader as a whole. And rightly so, as the application is the same on all devices. Sure, it is a bit smaller, but that is in screen size only. It still packs just as many features on all platforms and devices, has a simply gorgeous design, and is a must have for any Android, iPhone and iPad user.

Download:  iOS | Android


You can now find Geeks Have Landed on FLUD! Simply go to the Technology section and tap our name!


Instagram Lands On Android, Finally


Android can finally say goodbye to ‘InstaTag‘ and ‘Catagram‘ today, as the hugely popular iOS application Instagram has officially been released onto the Google Play Store today.

The UI user interface sports the same layout as the iPhone version, however has slightly more polished icons and buttons.

It’s available for free on the Google Play Store, so if you have an Android phone running 2.2 and up, get downloading it now!

Instagram on Google Play Store

Angry Birds Space, A Review


The Birds are back in town, looking better than ever.

The first Angry Birds became a worldwide sensation, with a combined 500 million downloads across the globe. With both critical and user acclaim, Angry Birds is one of the hottest franchises out there. Now, with Angry Birds Space, Finnish game developer Rovio is hoping to achieve the same kind of hit. Angry Birds Space succeeds on many levels, updating the classic gameplay and still retaining the depth that makes its puzzles fast and fun.

For the most part, Angry Birds Space does not stray too far away from its roots. Puzzles still involve hunting down green pigs with birds who are quite perturbed. There are a variety of different birds and depending on the level you’ll be given a different roster. There are birds that explode, birds that freeze objects and birds that split into three, just to name a few. What’s new here is the gravity mechanic. Planets now have a center of gravity, which will cause your bird to arc around it until the bird hits an object. This can be used to appear around obstacles and try a different approach, when can be useful when trying to three star some of these levels. The levels can present quite a challenge at times.

Space comes with 60 levels in the package, and the promise of more content through future patches and in-app purchases. Speaking of in-app purchases, those helpful Eagles from the first game return as Space Eagles. You’ll get a pretty limited number throughout the game, and more can be bought through the store. It’s a little disappointing to see a gameplay element bottlenecked by in-app purchases. Aside from the Space Eagles, the content does not disappoint, and there is plenty of it. Especially if you want to perfect all of the levels. The game looks nice and runs smoothly, as should be expected. Sound effects are comical and the music complements the atmosphere nicely. Though, most of the time will probably be spent with the sound off. Classrooms and meetings have yet another foe to contend with. The Angry Birds are back, and if Space is any indication, they’ll be here to stay for a while to come.


April Fools 2012, Toshiba Reveal 3 New Tablets

Toshiba have joined the fun of April Fools day, announcing three new tablets each with it’s own unique design.

The company has released a video showing off three new designs. One, an oblong shape is seen used as a turntable in a nightclub. The second, ‘Rhombus’ shows some productivity purposes in a work environment, and the last, ‘Amore’ is shaped like a heart…

While i’m on the topic of tablet shapes, it’s worth mentioning that The Register has reported today that Apple have patented the rectangle. Unfortunately for Apple, this is one April Fools gag which wasn’t too hard to believe.

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