Black Friday Fun at Phones 4u

In case you were unaware, today is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the US where shoppers go mad for one-day-only discounts on the most popular of products.

Phones 4u have joined in on the fun of Black Friday by offering some handsets on reduced pay monthly plans, as well as reducing the purchase cost of some devices on Pay as you Go.

Pay as you Go (Each require £10 top-up)

LG Optimus 3 – £44.95

Nokia Lumia 800 – £143.96

Samsung Galaxy Ace II – £143.96

Sony Xperia Tipo – £76.46

Blackberry Curve 9320 – £107.96

Huawei Blaze – £39.95

Pay Monthly

Nokia Lumia 800 – £13.00 monthly

  • 100 Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • 100MB data allowance
  1. Samsung Galaxy SII monthly
  • FREE Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
  • 600 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 500MB data allowance

iPhone 4 – £25 monthly

  • £150 Auto Cashback
  • 100 Minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 100MB data allowance



EE Customers To Get Free Wi-Fi on the Tube

EE offering Free Wi-Fi To Customers on London Underground

As if being the first and only network in the UK wasn’t enough to win people over, EE customers will now receive free Wi-Fi in the London Underground, courtesy of a partnership with Virgin Media.

According to Engadget, Virgin Media have been providing Londoners with free Wi-Fi on the tube to help support the Olympics, which took place earlier this year. The initial plan was for the Wi-Fi to stop at the end of this year, but reports are coming through that EE have reached an agreement which will see them use the same Wi-Fi network to provide internet access to their customers, starting sometime in 2013.

The news was broken a little earlier than EE had hoped, as whoever was in charge of the network’s Twitter account couldn’t hold their excitement any more and took to breaking the news themselves, however this tweet has since been removed.

Source: Engadget