Exploding Galaxy SIII Was Microwaved

A story has been emerging over the last couple of weeks about a man who was unfortunate enough to be in possession of an exploding Galaxy SIII. After a long investigation by Samsung, it turns that he actually microwaved the Samsung to fix some water damage he had caused the device, resulting in the fire damage.

The story began last month, where Boards.IE member dillo2k10 reported that he had been driving in his car, when out of nowhere the Galaxy SIII caught fire from the inside and as a result, the bottom exploded.

Samsung, quick on the case of concerned customers, were quick to issue a statement regarding the issue;

“There have been recent online posts displaying pictures of a Samsung GALAXY SIII that appears to have heat-related damage at the bottom of the device. Samsung is aware of this issue and will begin investigating as soon as we receive the specific product in question.

Once the investigation is complete, we will be able to provide further details on the situation. We are committed to providing our customers with the safest products possible and are looking at this seriously.”

Result of the Investigation: Microwaved

Today Samsung returned their focus to the matter, following the return of the investigation results. Fire Investigations UK, the company hired by Samsung to carry out the investigation, found the following;

“The energy source responsible for generating the heat has been determined as external to the device. The device was not responsible for the cause of the fire.”

But possibly the most interesting results concluded by the FIUK is this;

“The only way it was possible to produce damage similar to the damage recorded within the owner’s damaged device was to place the devices or component parts within a domestic microwave.” (source)

That’s right, a microwave. He’d microwaved his Galaxy S3.

Realising he was busted, dillo2k10 has issued commented on the matter, admitting full responsibility for what happened to the phone and retracting his previous comment.

“I would like to retract my original statement. The damage to the phone was caused by another person, although they were attempting to recover the phone from water this later caused the damage shown on the phone. It occurred due to a large amount of external energy and there was no fault with the phone. This was not a deliberate act but a stupid mistake.

I am unable to comment any further.” (source)

So, the Galaxy SIII does not explode and the only risk to purchasing it remains to be the large hole left in your wallet.

Image: John Biehler

Samsung Galaxy SIII Launching on May 29th

Following months of leaked images, details and speculation, the Samsung Galaxy SIII has finally been annonced at Samsung Unpacked 2012.

It Looks Amazing!

The design looks like a cross between the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note. Packing the beautiful shape of the Nexus, with the huge screen of the Note. I’m not sure why, but it reminds me of this Mozilla Seabird concept

The Galaxy SIII ‘predicts intelligence’. One of the ways it does this is with something called ‘Smart Stay’.

Smart Stay is almost creepy. The phone watches you using the front facing camera to identify whether you are looking at it or not. if you aren’t looking at it, the screen goes off, if you look at it…you get it.

The SIII comes with a voice feature, which lets you say ‘Hi Galaxy’ to turn the phone on. Then it becomes similar to Siri, in that you can ask it questions such as the weather. The voice recognition can also launch applications, such as the camera which was used in the demo.

Also new is Direct Call. ‘The instant you raise your Galaxy to your ear, it knows you want to call the person you are texting’. This is done with proximity sensors.

Smart Alert is a new feature which will alert you to any missed calls or texts you have as soon as you pick up your phone.

Social Tag is an addition to the Gallery which automatically finds your the people from your photos with their social network accounts, so you can tag them quickly.

S Beam is the new version of Android Beam we first saw with the Galaxy Nexus last year. Using a new Wi-Fi direct system, you can hold two phones together and tap the item you wish to transfer, which is apparently very fast.

Using, the SIII can recognize any of your contacts in any photo you take, and give you the option of sending them the photo as soon as you have taken it.

The Galaxy SIII is measures in at 8.6mm thick, and comes in blue or white (surprisingly no black). The new TouchWiz 4.0 interface is inspired by ‘nature and human emotion’. Nature UX uses natural sounds and live wallpapers to bring you a very relaxing experience. It also comes with an information lockscreen, which displays the weather and news before you unlock it.

One of my favourite features from the announcement is Pop Up Play. In the last few weeks we have seen true multi-tasking come to the iPad in an application which allows you to have more than one window open on the screen. A feature like this is going to be available on the new Galaxy, and will allow you to have a video playing while you search the web or text. Pretty amazing.

Samsung have introduced an ‘intelligent camera’ which has zero shutter lag, and takes less than a second to load up. The camera can take up to 20 images in a burst shot, and uses a new service which finds the best photo out of a burst of 8. I wonder how well this will work.

The camera also has an 8MP camera. Not as ground breaking as some of us may have hoped, but pretty good. It also comes packed with a HD front facing camera for brilliant quality video calling. Yet another feature of the camera is a feature which allows you to take a still image while you are videoing.

The super HD AMOLED 4.8inch screen is a lot bigger than the SII. They’ve done this by only expanding the size of the actual device a little bit, and greatly reducing the bezels.

Please note that I have written this article whilst watching a live stream, and will tweak it when I can.

My Opinion

Samsung have really outdone themselves. Earlier this year Samsung took part in an ad campaign which saw them basically make fun of Apple users as the waited outside an Apple store. I thought they were sort of clutching at straws, as they both had good features and the SII wasn’t so superior that it could be held high above the iPhone. However now, they can do that advert campaign and it would work.

The SIII has some ground breaking features, provided they work. I can’t wait to get my hands on one to try, the amazing design of both the user interface and the actual phone makes this one of the best sounding phones of all time.


Samsung Galaxy SII – What We Know and What We Don’t

With the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy S III just around the corner on May 3rd, the rumor mill is going like crazy. The videos of the leaked phone that are going around youtube.com have just made everything more confusing. Will it have a 3D screen? How large will the screen be? Will it be faster than a unicorn at a full gallop? These are all questions that need answering. Hopefully, I’ll be able to clear things up for you.

What We Know

Samsung is being very secretive about the Galaxy S III. We can’t even be certain that it will be called the S III. There are, however, a few things that we do know for sure.

1.4GHz Exynos Quad-Core Processor
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
4.7” 720×1184 Display
1080p video recording
12MP Rear facing camera
8MP Front facing camera

There is a lot of good to be seen in the specs above. It will be very fast. 1GB is nearly twice as much RAM as the IPhone 4S, which is very fast. The OS will be absolutely beautiful and user friendly. The cameras will both be very good, although the rear facing camera will be better than the front facing camera. With a 4.8 inch HD display, you’ll have plenty of screen to see the photos and videos you take with those cameras.

The Rumors

There were a lot of rumors a while ago that there would be a 3D screen. I am glad so say that it looks as though there will not be. 3D is very nice when you go to a movie, but when dealing with something that you touch it will only give you a headache.
Will it have a curved back so that it will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand? While it would be nice, I don’t know if I would give this one too much credence, if only because the same rumors were flying around with the IPhone 4S.

Is the phone shown in the leaked video what we should expect to see on May 3rd? No, probably not. The phone shown in the video is a disguised prototype. It had all of the internal hardware that we should expect to see, but the phone itself will look different.

Will it even be called the Galaxy S III? We can’t be sure. There is a rumor floating around that it will be called “The New Galaxy.” I doubt that Samsung would so clearly follow in the steps of Apple with “The New IPad.”

Will it be faster than a unicorn at a full gallop? Unfortunately, no. It will be very fast, though.

To round everything up, I would give the Samsung Galaxy S III a “buy.”