Samsung Do Their Best To Murder Gangnam Style at Indian S4 Launch

Now that it’s been a while since it was released, and PSY has released a new song since then, Gangnam Style is slowly becoming less and less involved in our lives. So already, the idea that Samsung would choose to perform this song at their Galaxy S4 launch would raise some eyebrows, even more so when you find that they have reworded the lyrics to promote the S4’s key features. The finished product is exactly as you can imaging, two minutes of unbearable torture.

You might remember that at the New York launch last month, Samsung were criticized for several reasons, and while this probably isn’t as controversial, it certainly hasn’t made me want a Galaxy S4 any more than I did already.

Watch if you dare:

Official Galaxy Note II Flip Cover – Review

Screenshot 2013-04-18 at 11.50.37

I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for almost three months now, and in that time I’ve noticed (the hard way), that the massive size of the handset makes it very easy to drop. To protect that huge 5.5″ display, I’ve been using the official Samsung flip cover for the past 2-3 weeks, which protects the screen without adding a lot of bulk.

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Zenus Minimal Diary Case for Galaxy Note 2 – Review

zenus diary galaxy note 2

zenus diary galaxy note 2

Late last month, my HTC Desire S finally gave in and broke beyond repair. On the bright side, as the contract was almost up anyway, it meant I could go and choose a brand new phone to use as my daily device for the next 2 years. I opted for the Galaxy Note 2 by Samsung, as I wanted an extremely fast phone with a good camera, and I’m a sucker for big screens.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 To Be Announced March 14th


Samsung have sent out invites to an event taking place on March 14th, with the tagline ‘get ready 4 the show’. You guessed it, this is the event where we will finally see the Samsung Galaxy S4. The features of the company’s next flagship device are still unknown, but no doubt there will be lots of minor software and hardware upgrades to keep the phone at the top of the competition throughout this year.


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