Google Now Widget Spotted in Documentation

nexus tablet google now

nexus tablet google now

Here’s a neat little feature which could be making an appearance on Android in the near future. A widget version of Google Now, which displays a round-up of your cards, has been spotted on Google’s support pages, which has since been removed.

google now widget

Personally, I really like the current method of accessing the entire app from the lockscreen, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a widget summarising the day.

It’s hard to know when we can expect to see this widget released, but now that it’s been leaked I doubt Google will keep it in the dark for much longer.

Source: Android Central

Nexus 7 Tip: Sending SMS Messages

Tablets are great for productivity, it’s so much easier to use them to complete everyday tasks when compared to using your smartphone, no matter what brand. But one thing which is always missing from tablets is being able to send SMS text messages, meaning you always need to have your phone close.


DeskSMS is a very popular application with Android users. It allows people to send text messages using the application, however it can also be set up on a number of other platforms including PC, meaning you can actually send texts from your computer.

DeskSMS works on tablets, but it’s ugly and isn’t without it’s bugs. However the developers have just released an extension to the app named TabletSMS, which brings a whole new tablet user interface to make it so much easier to use on the larger screens.

Obviously, the big tablet for Android at the moment is the Nexus 7, which is why I have titled the article as I have. However as far as I know, this should work with every Android tablet out there.

To get set up, simply install DeskSMS if you don’t already have it installed, then proceed to install the extension. The rest of the process should be pretty self explanatory.

I’m yet to try out the application on tablets as I own an iPad, but please let me know how it works!

Download – TabletSMS | DeskSMS

Belkin Verve Folio Case, Review

After purchasing my Nexus 7, I wanted a case to keep it brand new and shiny. I often buy cases for my electronics; I use them for a few weeks, then get bored and decide that the case acted only as a hindrance. I do this quite a lot.

There are 1000’s of cases on the market of different shapes and sizes, all claiming to do different things. For me, the main thing is protection. When looking for a case, I was looking for something perfect for use when travelling. To be honest, when I’m just using the device in my house, I don’t really want a case, and I dislike that most of the time, it seems that to protect any electronic device, you end up sacrificing the aesthetics of the product. I’ve messed about with various types of cases that aim to protect the product with minimal aesthetic interference, but these often only protect the rear of the device, when in reality the most delicate part of any tablet or phone is the screen.

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Nexus 7 Gets A Smart Cover

A while back we posted a video which revealed a magnet within the Nexus 7, similar to that seen on the iPad 2 and 3. It seemed logical that this magnet could be used for a Smart Cover-type case, and two weeks later, the first case has been outed.

The case was outed by our good friends MobileFun, who regularly send us products to review. A new video uploaded by the UK retailer shows off two cases which have the smart cover functionality we predicted not long ago.

There are some slight differences between the way the sleep function works on the Nexus 7 compared to the iPad. Apple’s tablet opens right on the last thing you were doing when opening the smart cover, however Google’s tablet opens on the lock screen. However, you can disable the lock screen from the settings menu on Android.

Source: Redmond Pie

The Nexus 7 Screen Fault

With the extraordinary price of the Nexus 7 and the rave reviews that Jelly Bean is getting, it seems like there is no reason to not go out and order one. However what you may not know is that a number of users have reported problems with the touch screen, claiming that it often fails to pick up on their gestures.

Ryan from has uploaded a video of himself testing out this bug and sure enough, it happens just as people describe. The issue usually begins during or after playing a high performance game. Eventually, the left hand side of the screen (portrait) begins to fail to recognise touches.

Ryan tested this using a touch recognition application and although the touches were still fine on the other side of the screen, it still failed to recognise the other side. As shown in the video, more often than not you can fix the issue by turning the screen on and off again.

Source: | Image: MinimallyMinimal

You Can’t Break The Nexus 7

Costing only £150, if you were to break the Nexus 7 it isn’t too pricey to replace, but the last thing you want is for that to happen. Luckily it would seem the Nexus 7 is rather difficult to break and can withstand drops and even being submerged in water. Not bad for the price!

A new video by SquareTrade puts the Nexus 7 against the iPad 2 in a battle over who can take the biggest beating. I shouldn’t have to tell you that, due to the huge glass screen which goes right to the edges on the iPad 2, it loses by a mile.

Remember, these guys can afford to do these drop tests. Just because a Nexus 7 can survive under water, doesn’t mean that you should try it!

Don’t Do A Nexus 7 Unboxing

The Nexus 7 is the most talked about tablet since the launch of the iPad in March each year. It has Android fans drooling over the new Jelly Bean features, and everybody else drooling over the price tag. As it turns out, after the long wait of ordering online and waiting for delivery, customers have to wait a little bit longer before they can actually use the Nexus 7, due to the box being next-to-impossible to open.

Yesterday a video emerged around the web of a montage of several different unboxings of the Nexus 7. Each of the commentators had the same problem, the box was so tightly sealed that it took them a number of minutes before they actually reached the device itself.

The main problem people seem to have with opening the box is that it’s sealed with tape which is extremely difficult to cut, and there’s a lot of it. Once you cut one piece and get to the next layer, there is yet difficult task to be completed.

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