Windows 8 Mock-Ups From 2010

The design of Windows 8 has been received both very well, and very poorly. Microsoft’s complete redesign of the Windows […]

Here’s Firefox for Windows 8

Windows 8 is only a few weeks away from launch, but a lot of companies are still struggling to release […]

Windows Phone 8 Start Screen

Windows Phone 8 has been announced, sporting a new Windows Phone 8 start screen which displays a lot more information […]

First Image of Chrome on Windows 8

Google have given the public the first bits of information on the Windows 8 version of Google Chrome, since announcing […]

Windows 8 Release Preview, A Review

I still won’t be buying Windows 8. Microsoft have suddenly released the third and probably final test build of the […]

Metro Blocks are Nano-Style Gadgets By Nokia

Here is a concept created by one of the actual designers at Nokia, who describes the idea as ‘Rectangles galore!’. […]

Windows 8, Goodbye Aero

Microsoft have revealed that the latest edition of Windows will not come with the Aero Glass feature which was first […]