Zach Braff’s Film Receives $2 million on Kickstarter


The hilarious Zach Braff has successfully reached his $2 million funding goal for his new film project ‘Wish I Was Here’, a follow up to the magnificent Garden State, which was also written and directed by the Scrubs actor. Braff launched the project on Kickstarter, after seeing how successful the Veronica Mars movie project became earlier this year.

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Projecteo: The Tiny Instagram Projector

Like it or not, Instagram is one of the biggest mobile crazes around at the moment. If you see somebody under the age of 35 with an iPhone, the chances are that they have used Instagram at some point. People are amazed at how easy it is to add an effect to a photo and then share it with their friends, that they choose to do it through this social network rather than printing off the photos to share the hard copy.

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War is Helvetica, A Battle of Typefaces

War is Helvetica is a series of animated shorts pitched by Dan Schreiner, which sees the two fonts, Helvetica and Arial, engage in battles during the night time.

Like all good projects, War is Helvetica is currently up for funding on Kickstarter.  The project needs financial help, as well as help looking for animators and people to help bring the project together in general.

War of Helvetica: The Reason


Helvetica is a favourite of many designers out there. It’s a very stylish font which is simple enough to make sure it doesn’t disrupt the image it is layered on. Helvetica was created in the 1950’s and remained the go-to font until Microsoft released Arial as it’s default typeface on their Windows operating system, leading many people to forget completely about Helvetica. The two fonts look almost exactly the same but sure enough, the hardcore designers remain true to their Helvetica roots.

With a rivalry in a subject where you really wouldn’t expect it, it makes. It sets the perfect scene for a humorous battle to take place. Enter Dan Schreiner and his idea of bringing the two fonts together in a blood-thirsty battle in a design studio…at night.

With $10,000 to go and only 20 days to gain it in, it’s going to be a very close call for the future of this animated series. Head over to the Kickstarter page where you can find more information about War is Helvetica.