The Amazing iOS 6 Maps

The full version of iOS 6 was released to the general public yesterday, and has been far from well received. Despite the removal of the YouTube application, one of the biggest complaints is the introduction of the new Apple Maps, which have replaced the customer favourite alternative by Google.

The new map application has been a big talking point as many locations are vague when compared with Google Maps. One of the exclusive features in iOS 6 Maps is 3D view which allows you to see certain cities and landmarks in 3D, however many of the places are distorted and don’t make a whole lot of sense.

A new Tumblr blog has been set up to highlight some of the stupid things seen in the Apple’s Map application in iOS 6. Head to the link below for the full blog!

The Amazing iOS 6 Maps (Tumblr)


iOS 6, Download Now!

Apple’s sixth generation of mobile software is finally available to download, but hasn’t had the best reception so far.

Each and every review acknowledges that the update is a worthy one, as it adds a few nice features to one of the most stable operating systems available. However the introduction of Apple’s Maps to replace Google Maps has been very poorly received, with both of the applications being trending topics on Twitter since the update rolled out.

I have been using iOS 6 since it was announced a few months back, and I agree that some things, like Facebook integration, are nice to have. However Apple Maps isn’t nearly as Google Maps, meaning if you rely on your phone for navigation, you might want to think twice about updating.

iOS 6 can be downloaded from iTunes, or can be installed over the air by checking for a software update on your iDevice.

This is My Favourite iPhone 5 Concept So Far

This is by far the best iPhone concept we have seen to date, with exception to the extremely unrealistic devices featuring liquid metal, 3D and Android Dual-Booting features.

The best thing about this concept is how the phone looks similar to the iPhone 4 and 4s, but has enough new features to rightfully be the iPhone 5, and not the iPhone 4S…..S.

The screen is bigger, and the phone is slimmer, but what I really like is the new operating system, probably iOS 6. The creator of this must be an admirer of Android, as he has introduced what looks like a Facebook widget onto the homescreen. I personally hope that Apple bring widgets to the iPhone, as in my opinion it’s one of the things that makes Android superior.

Source: Eckspeck