This Video Was Filmed With Google Glasses

Google have released the first video ever to be filmed with ‘Project Glass’, the concept eye wear revealed back in April.

The 15 second video follows a person bouncing on a trampoline from their perspective, and seems to cope well when the person wearing the glasses do flips.

There is no audio quality, and the video quality is quite poor, but it’s a very good start. And it’s a sign that Google are very serious about releasing this product.

Google: The Story Of Send

Google has launched a live page today which guides you around the process of sending e-mails through Gmail. The website shows you how they go about making sure your e-mails are never read by anybody else, how they are backed up and virus scanned for safety, and how Google uses connects Gmail database with other Google products like Maps and Products, to ensure you have the best user experience around.

Google have opted for the now famous minimal and cartoony animations we expect to see from them. If you can’t view the live page, watch the video above to see how it’s done.


Google Drive Launches To Public

Google Drive has just been released to the public, promising a tough competitor to Dropbox and the rest of the cloud storage gang.

I’ve just received my e-mail and am setting it up as I write this. So far it works in pretty much the same way as Dropbox, in that it creates a folder on your computer, however it also syncs well with just about every Google service.

For some reason I am yet to really get into cloud storage. I’ve never really felt the need to use it except for the occasional time when I need a way to send bigger files, in which case I usually opt for Evernote. However, I’m going to give this one a go. There’s not much telling me it’s going to be any different from the current offering, but my eagerness to use every Google service available at one given time, and use them to organize my life perfectly so I live a life like that of Tom, means that I’m definitely going to be giving Google Drive a go.

It’s free for now, but if you want to expand beyond 5GB of storage, it’s going to cost you extra. This gives Dropbox the edge, as extra space can be gained just by inviting other members.


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