Epic Citadel Launches on Android

epic citadel for android

epic citadel for android

Epic Citadel has launched on Android, and is now available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The app is more of a demonstration of the Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, which has created a simply stunning medieval kingdom for you to walk around in first person. Previously, Epic Citadel was only available on iOS, however now that it’s made the jump it can be viewed on the latest popular Android tablets, such as the Nexus 10, which has an incredible screen for viewing applications like this.

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Images Of The Upcoming Google Play Store Gift Cards

Android Central has managed to get hold of pictures to suggest that gift cards for the Android platform will soon sit on the shelf alongside those for iOS.

The images are very believable, fuelling the rumours that there are about to be Google Play Store gift cards released. Although we can’t actually see the card inside, the packaging seems to be very legit, sporting that undeniable Google sense of design.

No further information has been gathered, so it’s still unknown  whether these cards will actually be available in the UK, or whether they will be a U.S only product for the time being.