Samsung Attack The iPhone 5

Samsung have spent the past year or so entangled in a raging legal battle with Apple, which resulted in a huge loss for the Korean company which was found to have infringed on many of patented designs of the iPhone and iPad. Despite losing this battle, Samsung aren’t done with their grudge against Apple, today launching a new advert which detail the details of both the iPhone and Galaxy S3 which lists a number of extra features. Samsung tells their readers, ‘It doesn’t take a genius’.

Freddie Wong Uses Galaxy S3 To Film Latest Video

YouTube celebrity Freddie Wong is known for his videos which use special FX and action sequences which match that of those in the latest Hollywood blockbusters. His latest work includes helping out DICE in promoting Battlefield 3, as well as taking responsibility for the recent leak of Battlefield 4. Freddie’s latest video is very simple, a fight on a beach, but it was filmed completely with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

There isn’t anything special about the video itself when you compare it to the rest of his videos, but the Galaxy S3 has done extremely well in filming this. It performs extremely well when zoomed in on the sand as well.

Source: Phandroid