GIVEAWAY: Moleskine Evernote Notebook + 3 Months Premium

Moleskine Evernote Giveaway

Moleskine Evernote Giveaway

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Moleskine have been nice enough to send us an Evernote notebook, which we covered in an article last year. The notebook is of extremely high quality, and is specifically designed so that you can easily snap a picture of your sketches and send them straight to your Evernote account. The notebook also comes with a 3 month premium subscription to Evernote.

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Ubuntu Theme for Android – How To

ubuntu os theme for android

Ubuntu OS has caused quite a fuss since being shown off officially earlier this month. Many people don’t have to wait much longer before being able to try out the new operating system as it launches on the Galaxy Nexus in February. However, that leaves many people not knowing how long they’ll have to wait before they can get their hands on it. So, because of the amazing custom optionsĀ of Android, you can now come theme out your device to look like Ubuntu.

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Siri Almost Belonged To Android, Then Apple Ruined Everything

siri steve jobs

In 2011, Apple revealed a voice assistant named ‘Siri’, which quickly became a household name due to its popularity. It was released with the iPhone 4S, and for many people was the main selling point on the device which had only been tweaked since the last generation. However, although this was Siri’s biggest stage, it wasn’t the first time it had been revealed to the public.

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Facebook Messenger Lets You Call Your Friends Now (U.S Only)

Facebook messenger ios update

Facebook has rolled out an update to the iOS version of Facebook Messenger which has enabled the ability to call your friends directly from the application. The feature currently only works iPhone-to-iPhone and has only been released in Canada and the US so far, however it hopefully won’t be long until it reaches the UK.

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Google’s Android Charging Station Is Awesome

Android Charging Station

Earlier today I was browsing the Behance network, when I stumbled across this neat little project. The Android Charging Station is basically a massive Android mascot, with lots of charging cables sticking out. After a little bit of ‘googling’, I found that they are actually being used by Google themselves at events, to help ensure the reporters always have enough juice left on their phones. Google looks like an extremely fun company to work at.

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