Facebook: Come See Our New Home on Android

Facebook have sent out invites to another event, this time teasing a ‘new home on Android’. This has once again sparked speculation that we’ll soon have a Facebook phone in our hands, even though the last attempt at a Facebook phone didn’t work so well.

Nobody really knows what to expect at with the new Facebook phone, other than it’s thought it will be made with HTC again.

The event might not be to announce a new phone at all. Personally, I’m rooting for a new Android application, although it seems unlikely that the company would release an updated app for Android and leave the iOS crowd out of the loop.



Facebook To Reveal Redesigned News Feed This Week


Facebook are getting ready to reveal a newly designed news feed this Friday. Other than the date, very little is known about the new design. Some people think that it could be a newly designed mobile app, whereas others are counting on a new desktop site design. Either way, like most Facebook design changes, it will probably be met with an angry response, because people hate change.

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How Facebook Comes Up With Awful Ideas

It seems that each new feature released by Facebook is met with a negative response. Most of the time, the user is right to get annoyed with the features brought out by the company. In the past few years, updates have brought adverts which distract you from the news feed, which is filled up with information about people you barely know, who then find out what you have read online in the past few days. Oh, and while all that’s happening, you’ll have been invited to a thousand events which you either can’t attend because it’s in a different region, or you simply don’t know the person inviting you.

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