Spotify Needs A New Design

Spotify is by far my favourite music streaming application, mainly due to the fact that it is so easy to sync through my devices. It has it’s share of mistakes such as the heavy Facebook integration, however it still remains the best web music service in my eyes. Earlier this year, Spotify for iPad was finally released, shortly followed by the new Android update. Both of the applications had a beautiful user interface which begs the question….Why are we still using the boring old Spotify desktop application?

Here’s the new Spotify app for Android and iPad. Both of the applications are in keeping with device’s design template. The dark shaded background we are use to seeing in some of Apple’s products has been heavily used on the iPad, while the Android version is based around the Ice Cream Sandwich Holo theme.

And here’s the Spotify desktop application. It hasn’t received a significant UI update in some time. The design is cluttered and unappealing and would have looked at home on a very old operating system. Spotify have began to look towards the future for their mobile devices and need to do the same for the desktop client.

A quick search around the internet has given me an assortment of opinions from all types of people, but the main feeling seems to be that people are desperate for a Spotify desktop client which uses the same minimality and simplicity to use as the iPad and Android counterpart. Nobody likes a UI which has hundreds of buttons and links to click on in one screen, it may have been cool a few years ago but now it’s all about simplicity. It’s for this reason that Microsoft have changed their entire operating system ideas to reflect a simple design which simply uses tiles to navigate.

Of course, I’m talking about Windows 8. It’s an operating system which I have been using an early build of since September 2011. While I have mixed opinions on having an entire operating system built around minimalism, I love the simple applications available for Windows 8. A user DeviantArt even created a concept log-in screen for his Spotify for Windows 8 concept.

~LuunArt created this little concept a while back. It’s just an idea. A teaser as to what could happen if Spotify decides to opt-in on the upcoming Metro experience.

Below is another concept idea, this time found on the Behance Network. This user feels that while Spotify needs to change it’s design, it also needs to change it’s features. As of writing this, Spotify is lacking a small desktop widget, one that can be compacted from the large desktop view and can be easily opened on top of a video or web page.

Again, this designer has decided that a minimal UI is the best choice for a music player.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Spotify’s green house-style. It looks absolutely great on white and textured backgrounds but it looks boring on the design of the desktop application which is currently used. One Behance Network user obviously feels that Spotify needs an overhaul rather than a minor change, and has changed the entire client right down to the icon.

This isn’t the best idea in my opinion. The green house-style can now be easily recognised as Spotify and changing it to blue now would be silly. I’m not crazy about changing the UI to be heavily Apple based, but the rest of the design looks like a very solid and easy to use experience.

To conclude, I want to make it clear once again that I am a big fan of Spotify and everything it offers. I love the applications on both Android and iOS and think that they are easily contenders for my most used apps. Having a poor UI isn’t a deal-breaker for me, it’s just an annoyance. But I fail to see how a company with a design team capable of created amazing applications and a marketing team who can create simple but attractive adverts like this, can be happy allowing their valuable customers to use a very outdated client.

MIcons: 300+ Icons For MIUI

If you are familiar with Android themes and design, you are probably no stranger to MIUI. A brilliant ROM which customizes just about every single aspect of the default UI, and allows you to tinker with it to how you desire. MIcons Project is a pack consisting of over 300 icons, which can be downloaded and used in MIUI.

The MIcons combine simplicity and style to create some absolutely amazing icons for your Android home screen.

“Our main idea was to bring a new icon-set to MIUI which combines classic-style and a dynamic design”

Download Link: Xda Developers

Versus/Hearts, Artwork Based On Rivalries

Check out these very cool and simple designs based on famous rivalries, designed by Dan Matutina.


What is this silly project?

Versus/Hearts is about rivals. 
Rivals hate each other, but deep inside they know they couldn’t exist without the other. 

This started 2 years ago with the the Ninja <3 Pirate sticker I made for my laptop and background pattern for Repeat-X Repeat-Y. I just revived it. 🙂

Fonts & Web Designing – How To Leave An Impression On Viewers

Fonts are considered an important element of any website graphic look and feel. The color, style and size of any font can be customized according to your varying website designs. However, before using any font in your web page design, it is important to understand its impact over the readers with typography and fonts. Fonts contribute an important element of any design layout, using them effectively improves the quality of your website design. The below mentioned are some basic ideas of font types and styles which can help you to embark with impressive website designs.

Understanding the basics.

The best way to work with fonts or typography over the web medium is to understand whether the font is safe for the web page use. There are countless fonts seen in the arsenal for your web design projects; however, if the users do not have these at their systems, they are bound to see nothing at their end.

Hence a majority of designers generally choose web safe fonts which they known that it will show up to the users. Besides, you need to understand the basics of spacing and alignment while using various safe fonts over the web design. Even though you are a seasoned designer, it is important to brush up these basics.

This will remind you these font usage golden rules which you practice in your various web design projects. Moreover, the fonts used in your web design should always be licensed especially for @font-face use. Just because you get fonts for free doesn’t mean that you have the right to use them publically.

Font Styles

The most common font types include sans serif, serif, fancy, monospace and cursive. Among these the options of serif and sans serif are considered to be the most popular used font styles. The serif letters generally ends with a slight extension which appears like a small feet, for instance Courier and Times are serif styles. However, the sans serif are crystal clear and are not seen any feet in it, the best example of this style is Helvetica and Arial. You can further find a couple of typefaces including normal, italic, bold and bold italic along with other extensions. The font – Verdana is considered to be a popular choice and looks cool on PCs and Macs. The other common fonts which are used include Arial, Trebuchet, Lucida Grande and Georgia. Each of these fonts have their own specific character and style, you have to use them accordingly in your web design.

Font Size

The font size used in main contents, headings and subheadings are very critical as it plays a role in controlling the emphasis factor. In your main content, the popular size is 10 or 12 pixel, whereas in heading and subheading, you can use one size bigger in order to build proper hierarchy. The factor of font hierarchy is an important element which is actually your information design and type design.

A visitor coming at your website gets visual cues when it glances over your headings and the fonts used in it. Using bold option in any font size can help your website design to appear neat and organized. The more uniform your typefaces and font sizes the improved the overall look and appeal of your website design.

Adding the elements of Style and Emphasis

By emphasizing your content, you actually give a new life to your text in your web design. You can find a number of choices which works along with your eye movement in any specific direction. The factor emphasis is relevant in advertising any product on the web. There are number of customizations available including normal, italic, bold and bold italic along with other extensions which can be used as per your requirements.

Moreover, you can also use capital letters or simply underline any word or sentence to emphasize the text. By using colors you can get rid of the monotony in your content. However, it should be used with proper care as trying some wrong colors can make your text difficult to read. The line spacing and the intra letter spacing or kerning is also an important element of effective web design. If you use spacing wisely you embark with a perfect finishing quality in your content. Maintaining a proper balance is important while working with spacing. It helps to make your content readable and accessible to your visitors.

Though the fonts may not seem to be as important as the graphics of a website for any novice website designer, however, their significance cannot be underestimated. Using different style fonts in a right way play a key role in imparting information about your products and services. By engaging competent fonts, you embark effective web design, thus attracting a number of visitors towards your website.



About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She is always on a look out for latest tech stuff and is currently hunting for wireless speakers. She is always on a look out for concept gadgets and vehicles and her recent favorite is the Parker brothers choppers.

Edible Elevator Is Completely Disgusting

Everything in the original Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory was amazing, especially the edible room. It’s a magical idea which would brighten everyone’s day, at least that’s what biscuit maker McVitie thinks.

The company recently created the world’s first ‘lickable elevator’, complete with jaffa cakes to lick during the day. The creation was made by McVitie with the help of ‘Mischief’ for the company’s London office. We are all about bringing a bit more fun to life and this was the perfect way to get a little joy straight to stressed out office workers.

“We are all about bringing a bit more fun to life and this was the perfect way to get a little joy straight to stressed out office workers.” Phillipa Tilley, Senior Brand Manager of McVities. (Interview with The Drum)