This Video Was Filmed With Google Glasses

Google have released the first video ever to be filmed with ‘Project Glass’, the concept eye wear revealed back in April.

The 15 second video follows a person bouncing on a trampoline from their perspective, and seems to cope well when the person wearing the glasses do flips.

There is no audio quality, and the video quality is quite poor, but it’s a very good start. And it’s a sign that Google are very serious about releasing this product.

iPad Keyboard Concept, Simple But Effective.

The default on-screen keyboard on the iPad serves it’s purpose well. It’s big enough to be able to see the keys clearly, and small enough that it doesn’t take up too much of the screen. It’s responsive, and all the keys are in a familiar qwerty layout for ease of use. But it could be better.

This video appeared on YouTube earlier this week, and it demonstrates a very simple tweak that could be made to the iPad keyboard which would greatly improve it.

The concept is that the user is able to control the cursor by simply dragging fingers across the keyboard. And then you can simply highlight and delete text quickly by holding shift and dragging the finger across the screen to highlight, then tapping the back button to delete it all.

This is still just a concept, and the video tells us that if we want to see this become a reality, tell Apple. I hope they see this, but I also hope that the Jailbreaking community is already creating a keyboard tweak which imitates the vision.


Just as I said just hours ago, an imitation of the keyboard concept we see in the video has arrived on Cydia, available to download to anybody with a jailbroken device, for free. Search ‘SwipeSelection’ in Cydia to download!

iMac Touchscreen Concept

Apple’s Tim Cook has openly admitted that he, and Apple has no plans to produce a touchscreen computer, but that doesn’t mean people can’t dream.

This iMac concept almost perfectly blends the line between iPad and Mac. The monitor, which can be folded down to use for drawings, features a slide-to-unlock log in screen, and uses a slightly edited version of the current OSX’s Launchpad user interface.

The long-awaited Siri for OSX is also a feature which would be very welcome if it were to be real.

All in all it’s a very good concept, even if it is a long shot.

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