Simple Paypal Android App Concept

simple paypal app concept

Personally, I think that the Paypal application for Android is currently one of the best designs available on the platform, however that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. The current design is clearly designed with iOS in mind, using old-fashioned textures and brown shades to look classy. Moe Slah has created this concept, which uses simple colours to make an extremely simple and easy-to-use looking application.

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B1 Phone Concept Embraces Rectangular Design

If you were to walk into your local phone retailer right now, you’ll probably notice that, with the exception of only a few devices, most smartphones follow the same design trend of a slightly curved body. It’s a great design idea which means people can hold it very easily and comfortably, but it’s beginning to get old.

This B1 Phone is a concept created by Philip de los Reyes, which ‘takes advantage of the rectangular nature of phones instead of fighting it’.

b1 3 b1

Stunning Redesign of Google Services


In the past, I’ve covered Facebook and Twitter concepts, but never Google. I’m already a huge fan of just about every Google product, as I’m an avid Chromebook and Android user, however I’m always interested to see how people thing Google could edit their design.

This concept, created by Burak Turfanda, imagines a completely new Google experience.

He begins by editing the Chrome browser, which at the moment has arguably the best design of any web browser. He’s edited it to that it has a very flat look, which fits in with what Google have been doing with Google Play recently and Google Plus recently.

It’s hard to tell from the images, but it would appear that there is a right sidebar at all times on the browser, which is where the user can sign into their Google profile. Then, when visiting other sites, it looks as if the links in the sidebar change, according to what site is being looked at. All the websites in the images are Google services, but the idea of the sidebar changing for all the most popular websites, like Facebook and Twitter, is an extremely interesting idea.

He has also edited a significant amount of Google’s web services, including Gmail, which has a slightly altered colour scheme to the one which is live at the moment, and it looks very similar to the browser. He has also redesigned the Google Ventures website.

Possibly my favourite part of the concept, is the redesign of the Chrome Web Store, where Chrome users can download apps and extensions. Again, the current design by Google isn’t exactly shabby, however this version looks simply incredible. All the images of each app has been merged together, creating a seamless tiled interface. The page is full, from edge to edge, with images of each app, with the Chrome sidebar navigating the categories.


Facebook on Windows 8 – Concept

This Windows 8 Facebook application concept, created by Shalva Bukia, looks good enough to be the real deal. He has used the social network’s blue colours to make a really incredible looking application for Microsoft’s tiled interface. Unfortunately, Facebook aren’t planning to release a Windows 8 application any time soon if at all, so until then all we can do is look at amazing concepts like this, and hope that this is what an official version may look like someday.

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Spotify Needs A New Design

Spotify is by far my favourite music streaming application, mainly due to the fact that it is so easy to sync through my devices. It has it’s share of mistakes such as the heavy Facebook integration, however it still remains the best web music service in my eyes. Earlier this year, Spotify for iPad was finally released, shortly followed by the new Android update. Both of the applications had a beautiful user interface which begs the question….Why are we still using the boring old Spotify desktop application?

Here’s the new Spotify app for Android and iPad. Both of the applications are in keeping with device’s design template. The dark shaded background we are use to seeing in some of Apple’s products has been heavily used on the iPad, while the Android version is based around the Ice Cream Sandwich Holo theme.

And here’s the Spotify desktop application. It hasn’t received a significant UI update in some time. The design is cluttered and unappealing and would have looked at home on a very old operating system. Spotify have began to look towards the future for their mobile devices and need to do the same for the desktop client.

A quick search around the internet has given me an assortment of opinions from all types of people, but the main feeling seems to be that people are desperate for a Spotify desktop client which uses the same minimality and simplicity to use as the iPad and Android counterpart. Nobody likes a UI which has hundreds of buttons and links to click on in one screen, it may have been cool a few years ago but now it’s all about simplicity. It’s for this reason that Microsoft have changed their entire operating system ideas to reflect a simple design which simply uses tiles to navigate.

Of course, I’m talking about Windows 8. It’s an operating system which I have been using an early build of since September 2011. While I have mixed opinions on having an entire operating system built around minimalism, I love the simple applications available for Windows 8. A user DeviantArt even created a concept log-in screen for his Spotify for Windows 8 concept.

~LuunArt created this little concept a while back. It’s just an idea. A teaser as to what could happen if Spotify decides to opt-in on the upcoming Metro experience.

Below is another concept idea, this time found on the Behance Network. This user feels that while Spotify needs to change it’s design, it also needs to change it’s features. As of writing this, Spotify is lacking a small desktop widget, one that can be compacted from the large desktop view and can be easily opened on top of a video or web page.

Again, this designer has decided that a minimal UI is the best choice for a music player.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Spotify’s green house-style. It looks absolutely great on white and textured backgrounds but it looks boring on the design of the desktop application which is currently used. One Behance Network user obviously feels that Spotify needs an overhaul rather than a minor change, and has changed the entire client right down to the icon.

This isn’t the best idea in my opinion. The green house-style can now be easily recognised as Spotify and changing it to blue now would be silly. I’m not crazy about changing the UI to be heavily Apple based, but the rest of the design looks like a very solid and easy to use experience.

To conclude, I want to make it clear once again that I am a big fan of Spotify and everything it offers. I love the applications on both Android and iOS and think that they are easily contenders for my most used apps. Having a poor UI isn’t a deal-breaker for me, it’s just an annoyance. But I fail to see how a company with a design team capable of created amazing applications and a marketing team who can create simple but attractive adverts like this, can be happy allowing their valuable customers to use a very outdated client.

Fantastic iPhone 5 Concept

The new iPad has been released and iOS 6 and Mountain Lion have been revealed to the public, which means one thing. We can now focus our entire attention to the next iPhone, which is rumoured for release, as always, in October this year. There has been no shortage of ideas and opinions thrown around the web as to what the new iDevice could feature, but this iPhone 5 concept looks to hit the mark pretty well.

Rendered using a piece of software called Rhinoceros 3D by Martin Utrecht, the iPhone 5 concept is very realistic for the main reason that it remains within the boundaries of what we know Apple are comfortable with.


Proxima Watch By Samsung

Relax. It’s only a concept.

The Samsung Proxima is a futuristic take on the interactive watch we saw released by Sony earlier this year. A key difference between the two gadgets being that the Proxima is an actual phone, whereas the Smart View is simply a bluetooth extention to a smart phone.

Designed by Johan Loekito, the premise of the Proxima is simple; “Never Lose Your Phone Again”.

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