Advert: Chromebooks for Education

Google has released another trailer to advertise their Chromebooks, however this one is a little different to usual. The last few Chromebook ads have been a series of video clips played quickly within a short time period, with a laid over the top describing the different scenarios they can be used in. This advert takes a more serious, although equally heart-warming approach to advertise how the Chromebooks can be used in a teaching environment.

Add Festive Cheer To Offensive Comments on YouTube

YuleTube Christmas Browser Extension

YuleTube is a new browser extension which replaces any profanities in the comment section of YouTube with festive words, like Rudolph, Elves and Gift-Giving. The comments section on YouTube is rarely a place to find smart and intellectual thoughts, but many people take it to a whole new level by publish profanities based at the uploader, the video and it’s viewers.

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Access Hulu & Other Netflix Media Libraries In The UK

Media Hint, Hulu in UK

BBC iPlayer is one of the best on-demand services in the world, in that it works perfectly well and programmes are usually available to watch only a short amount of time after airing on TV. The problem is, even the most patriotic Brit would probably admit to watching a fair bit of American television, which unfortunately is quite hard to access in the UK. British people can either wait for US programmes to make their way over to this side of the pond, which is usually a few series behind, or they can be naughty and download them from the web.

Those people will have no doubt searched for how to watch some programmes online, and have stumbled across websites like Hulu which look very promising…right until the region lock message appears on your screen rather than the video you were hoping to watch. Luckily, a new extension for Chrome and Firefox tweaks things in your browser’s settings, fooling US-Only websites into thinking you’re in the states.

It really couldn’t be much easier to get set up with Media-Hint, the extension offering the service. Simply visit their website and install the extension. It installs instantly and no further set up is required. As you can see from the image above, the service also allows you to access Pandora and Rdio music streaming services, as well as the American library of Netflix.

Windows 8: Get Your Google Back

Windows 8 is launching all around the world, meaning many people who have been holding out for a new laptop or computer can finally get one. The new tiled interface has been received with much confusion regarding how to use it and how it can be useful for those without a mouse, but Google want to make sure that you can still easily access their features no matter how complicated it appears.

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Google Chrome for iPad and iPhone

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular desktop web browser. It recently launched on Android tablets and phones leading iOS owners to ask the question, ‘what about us?’.

Well, Google Chrome will launch on iOS today as announced at Google I/O today. The new browser will look and work the same as the Android counterpart, including incognito mode.

Finally, I can include my iPad in the web browsing sync I have going between my phone and laptop.

Update: I type this update from Chrome on iPad, available in iTunes with a quick search for ‘chrome’. Just as expected, it’s brilliant.

Hide Being Seen on Facebook Chat

Earlier this month, Facebook updated it’s less than perfect chat service to inform it’s users when their message has been read. Not-surprisingly, this has been very poorly recieved, as it means people feel pressured to respond to messages they may want to leave till later, or even leave completely.

Luckily for you, there is now a way to hide when you have read a message on Facebook. At the moment this is only available for Google Chrome.

Simply download the extension at the link below, and enable it to make sure you can avoid even broadcasting when you have received a message.

Facebook Unseen

UPDATE: The link above now leads to a dead page, the application was removed from the Chrome Store.