When Does Minimal Become Lazy?

You don’t have to have been reading Geeks Have Landed for very long to know that I’m a huge fan of applications which use a very minimal design. I’m a firm believer that operating systems and designs that are packed with buttons and images look very messy and are a nightmare to use. However, there is such a thing as ‘too minimal’. Where an application has such little design that it simply looks lazy. Let me explain.

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Wake Up, Be Bold…..yawn

Research In Motion have launched WakeUpBeBold.com, a follow up to the ‘Wake Up’ campaign targeted towards Apple and their users.

Whereas other attacks at Apple are somewhat amusing, like Samsung’s videos which saw iUsers become jealous when seeing an SII in action, or Amazon’s advert in which a Kindle user pokes fun at an unnamed popular tablet’s reflective screen. However, RIM have completely missed the mark on this campaign.

When visiting the new website, a voice will emerge along with a scrolling script, which discusses the current state of business. The combination of a boring topic and a very demotivating narrator makes this one of the most boring attempt at a viral campaign in recent years.

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