Dolphin Engine Beta, The Fastest HTML 5 Browser For Android

If you’ve been using the Android operating system for some time, you’ll be no stranger to Dolphin Browser. The mobile web surfing application boasts a user interface similar to the desktop version of Google Chrome, and uses drawing gestures to load web pages and perform tasks. But today, Dolphin has a new claim to fame as the Fasts HTML 5 Browser currently available for Android.

Dolphin Engine Beta is the version of the web browser, and is currently only available through the direct link on their website (and below). So what does this version do that’s different?

“Dolphin Engine (in Beta) is an improved webkit version with extensive canvas enhancement and behind-the-scenes technology that makes it the highest performing HTML5 browser available today.”

How fast? Dolphin Engine’s HTML-5 Rendering is:

5-10X faster than the default Android browser
100% faster than Chrome (at times)
Scored over a 450 when tested on

If you are new to Android, or just haven’t had the opportunity to try out Dolphin yet, you should definitely give it a go. If not for the amazing user-friendly interface, the gesture control or the extremely fast speed, then how about Sonar? A voice controlled way of searching demonstrated in the video below.

Link: Dolphin Engine Beta APK

Fantastic iPhone 5 Concept

The new iPad has been released and iOS 6 and Mountain Lion have been revealed to the public, which means one thing. We can now focus our entire attention to the next iPhone, which is rumoured for release, as always, in October this year. There has been no shortage of ideas and opinions thrown around the web as to what the new iDevice could feature, but this iPhone 5 concept looks to hit the mark pretty well.

Rendered using a piece of software called Rhinoceros 3D by Martin Utrecht, the iPhone 5 concept is very realistic for the main reason that it remains within the boundaries of what we know Apple are comfortable with.