Dependable Services Providing Creative Magento Designing Solutions


Magento studio has come up with a whole new concept and innovative designing in doing the right thing in an effective way through simple and result oriented strategies. Searching the internet you will find quite a number of Magento design services who thoroughly understand that their success totally relies on customer satisfaction and for that reason they always deliver the best. They have a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts who specialize in Magento designing and have vast knowledge of some of the latest and innovative techniques that help in setting high standards in Magento designing.

Benefits of Magento designing

The services in Magento designing provided by these web developers are aimed at helping their clients by:

  • Providing outstanding designs to strengthen the brand identity
  • Providing services of highly qualified and experienced magento designers
  • Helping to build up confidence of consumers through stunning web designs
  • Helping to make an impressive online presence and enhance the ROI
  • Providing services that are cost effective.

Innovative solutions

The key attributes that are leveraged by these service providers include flexibility, experience, reliability and creativity. In order to help their clients reach the global market and to new horizons to market their products in an effective manner, they offer:

  • Integration and designing of Magento templates
  • Designing of landing page through Magento
  • Integration and designing of Magento themes
  • Magento customization
  • Magento skinning
  • Editing of pictures of various products
  • Designing of Newsletters
  • Creating absorbing effects, buttons and logos

What they do

They have a team of qualified and experienced Magento developers who will provide you with programming services for your website through magento designing to:

  •         Make your website featured with flexible options and provide solutions that are ideal for online store management.
  •         Enable you to manage, publish and update the web contents without the help of a developer.
  •         Help to create an ecommerce website that will be incorporated with excellent features like updating the catalogue, check out, managing the shopping cart and quality content management.
  •         Create stunning Magento themes that will make your website an absorbing and attractive one.

For e commerce websites

These Magento design development services are the right ones for building effective and result oriented ecommerce websites. You will be able to manage multiple stores under a single panel for administration and to ensure that visitors have a unique shopping experience. The reasons why these web development services are preferred over others are:

  • Give your website the right feel and look where users will find a great experience in online shopping
  • Provide you with the benefit of managing your ecommerce website efficiently in this age of online competition.
  • Manage several shopping carts where each product is displayed in different languages and at different locations and prices.
  • To help in the reduction of the acquisition cost of your business by having your old customers retained through providing them to reorder.

These expert service providers can be your perfect web development partner through magento designing that can place your brand soundly established in  the global market.

There are high profile magento design development services who are experts in the field of building websites that are stunning and result oriented for establishing a brand identity in around way.

Personalise Your Home With Posters


Other ways to bring your favourite films and TV shows into your home

Who says your favourite films or TV series are limited to your screen? How a home is decorated says a lot about the person who lives there and there are plenty of reasons to embellish your home with all the good visual memories and scenes that pop culture has given us over the years. Ideally, production companies would love fans to decorate their homes with movie merchandise as they generate marketing and royalty potential. But if you are not too keen on saving up for expensive collectable items, purchasing posters can be an inexpensive alternative. There are a number of ways to personalise your home with them and only cost a couple of £’s, whether you buy them at a video store, second hand or online.


Personalising your home with movie posters

Take the opportunity to really let your personality shine through; add some life to those boring white walls with the face of your idolised movie character or film poster. Thankfully for those with no clue on interior design, a simple poster (or posters), can do wonders in livening up a room. The combinations really are endless with Homedit providing a few pointers on making the most out of setting them up in your house. Having a theme, even spacing layout or having them framed are ways to have them pop out and make them a centerpiece of a particular space.


TV series taking the limelight

Funnily enough, it is not just movies and movie posters that are in demand. TV series as well have really made a comeback over the years with well-written and produced shows making its mark on news platforms and internet forums. Channels like HBO, and the UK’s Channel 4 and BBC One are living proof of this with series like Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Wire engaging millions of fans from all over the world with their high production and interest in breaking down the boundaries of TV show conformities. An example of its popularity? The Guardian reports BBC making £181.6m alone from merchandise.

With winter coming up, now is definitely the time to make a list of favourite series to watch. If you haven’t managed to see these series out yet, we highly recommend you to as they make a delightful chance to the same-old reality TV show. Who knows? You might even find yourself becoming a fan and splashing out on a TV show poster or figurine?

Competition Time – Win a 12.0 MP HD Digital Video Camcorder


One Lucky reader of Geeks Have Landed will win a 12.0 MP HD Digital Video Camcorder worth £80. (Courtesy of Ladbrokes)

Ladbrokes are launching a new TV advertisement called ‘Oddsfather Multisport’ as a play on the Godfather movies.  The TV advert shows ‘The Oddsfather’ inspired by Don Vito Corleone ‘The Godfather’ sitting in an armchair wearing a Ladbrokes pinky ring and moodily stroking a pet hedgehog, granting punters great odds and offers for their favourite sporting events.

To support this new campaign we would like to arrange a competition on called ‘Make a scene’, where you will use your talent to create your favourite movie scene with the help of photos or video.

You can use your mobile a camera or a video camera to take a picture/film of you and your friends or family recreating a scene from your favourite film, and one of these entries will definitely win a 12.0 MP Digital Video Camcorder worth £80. (See full details of the prize)

HD Camcorder


The winner will have their winning picture/movie featured on the website our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed with a link back to your Twitter/Facebook Page or Website if you have one and want us to do that as an extra bonus. (great if you want an extra boost for your profile)

To make this as easy as possible to enter you can send your photo/film to us via Twitter, Facebook or Email using the following links:

Email :

Twitter: @Geekshavelanded


Ladbrokes have launched a platform called The Ladbrokes Vegas Platform (Launched in partnership with leading games developer Playtech), this platform will initially host over 70 online games, with more to follow, suitable for either desktop or mobile device to accommodate gamers on the go.

The most appealing aspect of the new Ladbrokes Vegas suite is that its games can all be played for free so that prospective players can try before they buy into the action.

One of the major tie-ins of the Ladbrokes Suite comes courtesy of Marvel Comics, who have supplied many of the site’s most-played games to date. With games featuring the likes of Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, fans of the recent comic book boom are very much catered for.

Other big names to make an appearance include Frankie Dettori, who lends his likeness to a horse-racing game called Magic Seven, while hit TV series The Sopranos also contributes their tough-talking atmosphere to provide an edge for those players who like to play gritty.

So get thinking about your favourite film, a scene you can re-create and send them to us on one of the links above.

Good Luck.



Competition: Win A 12 Months Subscription To LOVEFiLM


Geeks Have Landed have teamed up with LOVEFiLM for an awesome competition for you lucky readers.

To celebrate the release of the upcoming superman film ‘Man Of Steel’ this June, LOVEFiLM wanted to find a superhero of their own so left it down to us to find out which of our readers could hold the mighty powers to battle evil on their behalf! They need someone with some awesome super power. Maybe they have laser eyes that can cut through steel, maybe they can lift buildings and throw them at their enemies or maybe they just have the ability to cook an entire roast dinner in under 20 minutes. Either way it has been bestowed upon us the task to find the ultimate hero! It could be you!

As a prize they are giving us a 12 months subscription to LOVEFiLM to give to the chosen one so you have 24/7, 365 days of access to literally thousands of the hottest films, TV Series’ and games online or sent direct to your home! Sounds pretty sweet right?

To win this fantastic prize all you need to do is answer the question ‘If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?’

Let us know and we will pick who we think has the best super power to be the the ultimate winner and LOVEFiLM’s hero!

Comment below with your answer, then share on Twitter and Facebook. Good luck! Check out more info on LOVEFiLM at –

Nokia Lumia 820: Another LTE Windows Device


Nokia Lumia 820 is another smartphone under the umbrella of Nokia’s Lumia Family that runs the latest software from Microsoft: Windows Phone 8. Two years ago, Nokia ranked first in European countries like Denmark with a 37% mobile market share according to a figure by
Euromonitor International report on consumer electronics. Nowadays, Android smartphones dominates the entire European mobile market leaving iPhone and Nokia behind. Nokia Lumia devices are relatively new to the Danish mobile market since its global release last year. It brought the Windows Operating System to a compact mobile device. Will this change the Danish mobile market considering that Denmark was once a Nokia country?

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Instagram Printing from Inkifi


Since its inception in October 2010, Instagram has become the premier photo-sharing program on the market, creating an enormous social networking platform that allows its 100 million users to take photographs, apply a digital filter to it and then share it with other users, be it through Instagram itself or other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The fact that Facebook offered to purchase the company for $1 billion in cash and stock after just 18 months of its program going live speaks for itself (with just 13 employees at the time, one can only imagine the staff party that Instagram had that Christmas). Instagram’s success lies in its simplicity, as well as the impressive filters that users can apply to their photographs; in just a matter of seconds, one can make a seemingly prosaic photograph appear illuminating and a good snap, well, outstanding.

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Cleartones Offers a Solution To Annoying Ringtones

cleartones organic

cleartones organic

Mobile phones have come a long way in the past few years, making the jump from large bricks which could call, text and play the occasional game of Snake, to mini computers which can connect with friends and organise your work life. However, I still find myself obsessing over a feature which has been available since some of the earliest mobile phones were released, personalised ringtones.

I’ve always been a big fan of ringtones. One of the strongest memories I have of using my Nokia 3310 is spending my day browsing the internet, trying to find the codes to my favourite songs, so that I could ‘compose’ them in monotone through a combination of number presses. At the time, it seemed like the best thing ever, and looking back I slightly envy those days. Sure, phones have come a long way, but in terms of ringtones, it’s gone downhill.

Nowadays, the ability to play a real song as a ringtone is one of the things I hate about public travel. I’m usually tolerant of the most annoying people on a bus, even if they play their music loudly through their earphones. However, when Nicki Minaj’s latest attempt at music suddenly blasts from somebody’s pocket, I feel that I did well to not show my annoyance in public.

I appreciate that there are some people, probably the majority of adults, who prefer to have the default ringtones set in place by Apple, Samsung and Blackberry as their default notification. However, most of these tones are extremely unimaginative and the sheer quantity of these phones has led to a huge amount of people having the same tune. I’m sure you’ll have noticed by now that, in a public place when an iPhone ringtone goes off, at least 50% of the people in that room move their hands towards their pocket.

By now, I feel like I’ve made clear to you how much I dislike the current generation of ringtones, and can now tell you why all that has just changed.

I came across Cleartones while doing random Google searches earlier this week, and I’m extremely glad that I did. Cleartones, advertised as ‘minimalistic’, are simple ringtones and notifications which easily gain your attention when your phone has activity, without annoying people around you, or mistaking it for a phone belonging to somebody else.

The Organic pack is clearly the best set of tones available from Cleartone. Each pack was created in a professional studio using bells, chimes, woodblocks, vibraphone and marimbas to create sounds which could be described as ‘clear, elegant, simple, pleasant’.

50 Cleartones costs $10, and you can buy all 200 sounds for $30. To be completely honest, I was sceptical about paying for ringtones. I mean, I’ve made clear my hatred of current ringtones and notifications, but I’ve never really given any thought into buying them. However, Cleartones have helped me to enjoy the thing that I’ve hated for the past few years, but loved playing with on my very first Nokia. The pack of 200 tones means that you never get bored and can constantly change it up, as each sound is as elegant and beautiful as the last.


What Font Is? An Easy and Quick Way To Identify A Font

Whether it’s in a school project or in a task at work, most people have been put in the position where they are forced to use their creative side, but struggle to find the right font for their project. Many people, myself included, browse the internet for websites that are already very well designed, in an attempt to find some inspiration. The trouble is that very few websites label their text with the font it was created in, leaving people who aren’t fluent in design extremely lost.

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