Why Viral Facebook Posts are So Annoying

I’m growing tired of Facebook. Mainly because the younger version of myself thought it would be a good idea to add as many ‘friends’ as possible, even if those ‘friends’ were in fact people I had only met once, were in a similar circle of friends to my own, or were completely random foreigners who were kind enough to take time out of their day to send me a friend request. Now, I regret adding many of those people, which is why I am extremely careful who I follow on my most used social network, Twitter.*

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Barack Obama Sets Twitter Record

obama 2012 twitter

After a long campaign, Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney to be re-elected as President of the United States. As a lot of media coverage pointed out, this year’s election was the first true test of the power of social networks, mostly Twitter. After successfully winning the election, Obama’s campaign team made the tweet below, celebrating ‘Four more years’.

After only a couple of days, the tweet has reached over 800,000 retweets, making it the most popular tweet of all time, hardly surprising when you consider he has 23 million followers.

Source: Design Taxi

New eBay Design is the ‘Future of eCommerce’

Today eBay has announced a completely new design overhaul to create the ‘Future of eCommerce’, according to eBay president Devin Wenig. The new design looks to be modeled on the style of Pinterest, whose downward scrolling tiles seem to be the trend with designers at the moment. One of the new features in the design is ‘My Feed’, which displays items it knows you are interested in so that you can browse what you like without having to go through the standard searching process. The new features also implement the logo change we wrote about a few weeks back.

To get a closer look at what to expect in the new design, head over to eBay.com/new for a preview. Shoppers in the US can opt into the new features right now, however international countries will have to wait for further information.

new ebay design

ebay 2012 design

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