Social Networks

Concept – Twitter Redesign

I’m a huge fan of Twitter. I probably use it more than any other social network because the 140-character limit […]

Twitter Releases Vine, Video Sharing 6 Seconds at a time

Earlier today we reported on Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s tweet, which included a 6 second ‘vine’ video embedded into it. […]

How Facebook Comes Up With Awful Ideas

It seems that each new feature released by Facebook is met with a negative response. Most of the time, the […]

Auto-Playing Videos, Coming Soon To Twitter

In October of last year, Twitter bought out ‘Vine’, a video clip company that hadn’t even launched at the time […]

Facebook Graph Search, Creepy or Genius?

The main excitement around Facebook’s announcement yesterday was due to the rumours that there would be a Facebook phone making […]

Facebook messenger ios update

Facebook Messenger Lets You Call Your Friends Now (U.S Only)

Facebook has rolled out an update to the iOS version of Facebook Messenger which has enabled the ability to call […]

Facebook on Windows 8 – Concept

This Windows 8 Facebook application concept, created by Shalva Bukia, looks good enough to be the real deal. He has […]

Facebook Timeline is Changing Again

When Facebook announced timeline profiles last year, it was met with a very mixed response. Many people, myself included, liked […]

Facebook Pages for Android

After  launching on iOS months ago, Facebook have launched ‘Pages Manager’ for Android. As the name would suggest, Pages Manager […]

YuleTube Christmas Browser Extension

Add Festive Cheer To Offensive Comments on YouTube

YuleTube is a new browser extension which replaces any profanities in the comment section of YouTube with festive words, like […]