Social Networks

Facebook To Reveal Redesigned News Feed This Week

Facebook are getting ready to reveal a newly designed news feed this Friday. Other than the date, very little is […]

Soon You’ll Be Able To Sign In To Websites with Google+

On most websites, you can log in using either Twitter or Facebook. Soon, Google+ will be added to that list, […]

Guy Pranks Facebook Users By Replicating Their Profile Pictures

Well, here’s a unique use of Facebook. Reddit user ‘CasinoRoy’ decided to search the site for people with the same […]

Instagram launched Web Feed

Instagram Launches Web Feed

Your Instagram feed is now available on desktop, through the official website. The new release means that the start-up, which […]

carbon for twitter

Carbon Twitter Client for Android

It’s been a long wait for those who have been following the release schedule of Carbon, but finally the wait […]

twitter activity in realtime

Check Out Twitter Activity in Realtime

Twitter is the second most popular social network in the world, which means people are tweeting every second of every […]

How Great Britain Spends Time on Facebook

A whopping 71% of UK residents access Facebook each day. That’s just a ridiculous figure, as it doesn’t even count […]

facebook update for ios

Facebook for iOS Updated With Voice Messaging

A new update has just rolled out to Facebook for iOS. The main change is that users can now send […]

pinterest new design

New Pinterest Design Coming Soon

Pinterest are currently in the process of testing out a new user interface, designed to help users navigate to specific […]

The Lonely Island Returns With YOLO

If you don’t watch Saturday Night Live (UK readers can watch it on Netflix), then there is quite a good […]