Finally, a social network for your pets


With all the puppy pics and cat memes blasted over the Internet, it was a no brainer that the pet-only social network YummyPets would thrive. With over 150,000 users in France, it’s finally hit the UK so we can all be digital friends with our furry little helpers.

That’s right – you can create a profile for your pet and meet tons of other pet owners online. On a mission to take over the world with a wide community of animal lovers, YummyPets is already monetising with its own consumer magazine and pet services. There’s a clear market for pet owners and YummyPets founders Matthieu Glayrouse and Mathieu Chollon have already pooled in £1.3m in their 20-staff operation.

It’s a great upgrade from awkward pet-friendly apps like Catbook. Although I think we really need some better names here.

Instagram Updated With Photo Tagging

instagram update photos of you

instagram update photos of you

Photo tagging has finally arrived on Instagram, although the company are calling the feature ‘photos of you’. The idea is the same on most other social networks, you take a photo which includes some friends and then you tag them in it, which is much simpler than including them in a comment below the photo.


Since the update, a new tab has been included in the profile page which you can tap to see which images you have been included in. It’s awesome that these features have finally been released, but it’s really quite shocking that they weren’t already included.

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My Week With… Facebook Home

facebook home review

facebook home review

For the past seven days, I have been using Facebook Home, the social network’s home replacement for Android, which pushes people ahead of apps. So far, the only device which comes pre-installed with Facebook Home is the HTC First, which in reviews around the web has been praised for allowing the user to switch back to stock Android, which doesn’t sound too good for the launcher. After one whole week of using only Facebook Home, here are my views.

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Twitter Looking For Twitter User to Tweet for Twitter

Screenshot 2013-04-15 at 11.27.35

It’s not often we post jobs on here, but this one deserved a mention. Twitter are looking to hire a ‘social media manager’ to manage their online presence and profiles, which includes taking charge of company’s official Twitter account.

So, if you live in San Francisco, love Twitter and want to tweet for the company itself, why not apply?


  • Power user of Twitter with active knowledge of Twitter tools and services
  • Minimum of 3-5 years corporate or agency social-media-specific experience
  • Demonstrated ability to manage accounts on behalf of an entity
  • Short-order writing and editing skills
  • Demonstrated command of brand and voice
  • Demonstrated skill at communicating simply, warmly, and clearly


Facebook Home: First Impressions

facebook home


Last week Facebook finally launched their new android Launcher, Facebook home. Available at the moment only on a handful of devices, Facebook have promised that it will grow its compatibility over the coming months. Facebook home was eagerly anticipated, although many questioned why anyone would want facebook to be more than just an app. Now launched and available to download, are these beliefs ratified?

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Mark Zuckerberg Stars in Facebook Home Ad

Screenshot 2013-04-13 at 14.21.55

If the launch of Facebook Home yesterday made on thing clear, it’s that people have a very mixed view about Facebook. You either love it or hate it, and the same goes for the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who stars in this latest Facebook Home ad. During the short video, the ‘Zuck’ is seen congratulating his employees on the launch of the app. However, one of the people is using the app as he’s making the speech, and all sorts of crazy stuff starts to happen around the office, based on the activity on the screen.

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