Snapstagram, An Instagram Printing Service

A recently funded Kickstarter project aims to make printing your Instagram snaps an easy experience.

‘Snapstagram’ is a web service which logs into your Instagram account and displays your photos ready for selection. You then select a roll of photos you wish to see in reality, which is then printed off as high quality 4″ x 4″ prints.

A roll of photos is 12 images, which costs just $6 with free packaging and postage.

Part of what draws me to this service is that if feels like a very friendly and welcoming service. It’s not a corporate giant or new owners Facebook who are offering the service, it’s a few guys from Ohio, who have an excellent vision, and an eye when it comes to packaging.

It’s already been funded, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contribute to make the service even better. Head over to the Kickstarter funding page to pledge your donation.

Rob Boyle

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