Why You Should Never Show Your iPhone To a Nokia Exec



Nokia’s Stephen Elop appeared on a TV show in Finland this morning to promote the Lumia phone line-up, but things took a turn for the worse when the presenter admitted that he owns an iPhone, and proceeded to show it to Elop.

The presenter of the show continuously asked about the Nokia Lumia 928, a device which is yet to be announced by Nokia themselves. Stephen Elop was keen to keep bouncing around the question, until the host revealed that he owns an iPhone. At this point, Elop exclaims “How embarrassing!’, before grabbing the device and (softly) throwing it to the ground. It was really more of a drop than a throw.

The Nokia exec immediately promised the presenter that he would replace the iPhone with a Nokia device, though I’m doubting the iPhone had enough damage to warrant being replaced.

Rob Boyle

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