Samsung Reveal ‘Pebble’ MP3 Player

Who said the MP3 player was dead?

Submerged inthe announcement of the Galaxy SIII, is the announcement of the S Pebble, a new MP3 player which good rival the iPod Nano.

The Pebble looks like it was designed by the same team as the Samsung Galaxy SIII, as it has the same curved casing. The MP3 player comes with just 4GB of storage and 17  hours of playback battery life.

You can put music onto the new MP3 player by simply plugging in your Galaxy phone charger and using the drag and drop feature we all love.

What do you think of the Pebble? It seems a bit odd that Samsung would announce a product like this on a day that they announce a phone that can no doubt do what the pebble can do and more. That’s the problem which may lead to the MP3 player’s failure as a whole – just about every phone has an in-built mp3 player anyway.

Rob Boyle

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  • My first MP3 player was a Samsung and I still have it (it doubles as a flash drive). This one looks more like a 3D mouse than an MP3 player, though.

  • Skater

    The idea Is to use this tiny player for activities like running, when it is not very practical to carry your phone. That is why apple sell shuffle players! Not a brakthrough product though

  • Andy

    Well despite its practical use and aesthetic value, I am very disappointed because my one acts funny after about 35-40 minutes of music. Songs began to restart and play for few seconds and then repeat again!! Also the battery dies quickly even after full charge. My whole jogging programme gets disrupted and I cannot see anyone talking about this on the websites. Grrr