HTC-oneWith a sleek aluminum body, a live home screen that streams all of your favorite content, a photo gallery that comes to life, and dual frontal stereo speakers, the new HTC One is ready to reshape your smartphone experience.

I have had HTC phones in the past and they have always been excellent phones HTC one keeps appearing as the very best phone to have at the moment.

So lets take a look at it in more detail:

Having a large 4.7 inch, Full HD 1080p, 468 PPI screen means you can view websites and all your social media sites without straining your eyes even the online casino sites would look fantastic on the HTC one you can check here

At its heart Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600, quad-core, 1.7GHz

The battery will give you 18 hours for 3G and 500 hours on standby which is really impressive as one of the issues we all have with smart phones is the terrible battery life, as you can find your phone going flat in the afternoon with a bit of heavy use in the morning.

The full spec details can be found at Wikipedia HTC ONE


So yes I would have an HTC One but like everyone else by the time your contract runs out in about a year there will be a new kid on the block.

Yes I would be happy to test one for real if anyone is interested in sending me one info@geekshavelanded.






Musical Fidelity MF – 100 Headphones

music fidelity MF100

I have kindly been sent a pair of the brand new Musical Fidelity Headphones MF-100 for review.

Just to say this is my personal review and I am not being biased in anyway, and because of that I have kept away from any other review on these headphones because I want this to be my personal experience and not influenced by anyone elses thoughts.

The box the headphones arrived in looks everybit the £119 price tag and what you would expect for this money.  Inside the box they looked even better very well packaged with additional ear pieces a 3.5mm gold adapter for bigger devices and nice little black bag for when you are not using the headphones.

No instructions so I guess the red colour is for my right ear and blue for left !!

All my music is being streamed through spotify

To start with I thought I would use my mobile to play the music.

First track  – M people Search for a hero

One of the great features of the MF-100’s is the fact you have a little switch on the lead -One press pauses the  music and two presses changes to the next track.The only draw back is you can’t adjust the volume however I suppose with most phones having the volume as separate buttons on the device its not such a hardship.

The sound was good very clear and good upper and lower range but I just felt I wanted it a bit louder and my phone was on max and no other way to turn the headphones louder.

I decided to switch my ipad mini to see if thing would improve.


Things didn’t just improve they went atmospheric, it was like putting Formula 1 fuel into a road car wow, wow and wow sorry SONY but the difference is so great I cant believe it, so I think I need to start this review again.

Leona Lewis

What I like about Leona Lewis and testing headphones is she mostly starts quiet und builds to the end of the track.  The sound is really strange its so good you can hear sounds I have never heard on the tracks before the sounds are so clear and bass is superb without taking over the track and just becoming all base, then when she sings the higher notes the sound is so gorgeous its hard to put into words. here is one ’emotianal’.

Iron Maiden – Live After Death or maybe not

Any it was time to put Leona to bed so to speak! and bring out the big guns Iron Maiden with their live album – Live after death to see how the headphones coped with something a little more raw. This is the digitally remastered version so a fair test. mmm a bit dissapointing I thought these headphones would make me feel I was at the concert but the track feels a little 2 dimensional not what I was expecting, to give them a fair chance I swithched to Coldplay Live 2012 and the track Fix You that’s better now I am there, close my eyes and OMG I get all goose pimples the sound is amazing  these are the dogs b*llocks in headphone, apart from the smell of beer and sweat I could already be there. What  the neighbours must have thought as I was singing at the top of my voice with my arms in the air ‘I will try to fix you’ its a good job they are so good you cant hear outside sounds like my voice. The sound of Chris’s voice and the band are wonderful and my head is banging away now to Yellow, better get on.

Le Onde – Ludovico Einaudi

Time to calm down with some piano, this is a lovely track and it is the piano in its modern raw state, I love the fact you can hear the notes so clearly every little expression like when the keys are hit harder such a contrast to coldplay and so beautiful, you can hear when the pedals are pressed so stunning.

Michael Buble – Home

I love the way they bring the base into the track in a really warm way without it taking over the track but also adding so much to the sound, something I have not experienced before this is a real new eperience for me and sounds very unual in a good way it just takes a bit of getting used to, how do they make a track feel so warm with the base very clever.


In conclusion the headphone are really comfortable to wear you don’t even feel like they are on, they are not heavy and they are fully adjustable the earpieces swival to fit your head and adjusts to bigger heads than mine, there are so many other albums and artist I now need to listen to with these headphones that I dont think I will be doing much writing for a while.

The Musical Fidelity MF 100 must be shipped with Coldplay Live 2012 this is not a request but an essential !! and now back to my concert just missing my plastic beer glass to throw in the air. God help my neighbours.


Personalise Your Home With Posters


Other ways to bring your favourite films and TV shows into your home

Who says your favourite films or TV series are limited to your screen? How a home is decorated says a lot about the person who lives there and there are plenty of reasons to embellish your home with all the good visual memories and scenes that pop culture has given us over the years. Ideally, production companies would love fans to decorate their homes with movie merchandise as they generate marketing and royalty potential. But if you are not too keen on saving up for expensive collectable items, purchasing posters can be an inexpensive alternative. There are a number of ways to personalise your home with them and only cost a couple of £’s, whether you buy them at a video store, second hand or online.


Personalising your home with movie posters

Take the opportunity to really let your personality shine through; add some life to those boring white walls with the face of your idolised movie character or film poster. Thankfully for those with no clue on interior design, a simple poster (or posters), can do wonders in livening up a room. The combinations really are endless with Homedit providing a few pointers on making the most out of setting them up in your house. Having a theme, even spacing layout or having them framed are ways to have them pop out and make them a centerpiece of a particular space.


TV series taking the limelight

Funnily enough, it is not just movies and movie posters that are in demand. TV series as well have really made a comeback over the years with well-written and produced shows making its mark on news platforms and internet forums. Channels like HBO, and the UK’s Channel 4 and BBC One are living proof of this with series like Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Wire engaging millions of fans from all over the world with their high production and interest in breaking down the boundaries of TV show conformities. An example of its popularity? The Guardian reports BBC making £181.6m alone from merchandise.

With winter coming up, now is definitely the time to make a list of favourite series to watch. If you haven’t managed to see these series out yet, we highly recommend you to as they make a delightful chance to the same-old reality TV show. Who knows? You might even find yourself becoming a fan and splashing out on a TV show poster or figurine?

iPhone 5 Cases which are out of this world !


Doctor Who Police Box

iPhone 5 Cases Something Different

Don’t you just love a iPhone case that is just a little bit different to the main high street stores and this is what I have found at ‘The Dairy’

The Dairy’s (own words)

‘Slap some personality into your favourite geek device and break through the ranks of uniformity with our amazing case designs or even create your own’.

I was trying to find a new case for my iPhone 5s when I came across this fantastic iPhone store based in Australia called ‘The Dairy’  (Don’t worry they ship all over the world for free) which had an absolutely fantastic range of cases not just for the iPhone but the following devises.

Cases available for:

  • iPhone 4/4s
  • iPhone 5/5s
  • iPod Touch 4th Gen onwards
  • iPad 2 onwards
  • iPad Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S / S2 / S3 / S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note

The Dairy is a 100 % Australian company with all the designs made and printed in OZ.

The company is all about fun and bringing personality back into the mobile phone case world, after all we do carry our phones with us all the time (if you are anything like me you can’t live without it).  The Dairy’s high quality phone cases feature some of the best designs I have seen for a very long time they are stylish but also fun and very unique especially if you design your own.

The cases have been added to various collections, which is great if you want to check out a particular area which resonates with you.  Personally I just loved looking at the full range on the gallery as I wouldn’t want to overlook any designs

What I loved about this company is that the designs are absolutely fantastic like this Jelly Bean design, they also have a range called the The Candy Shop including Gummy Bears, Smarties etc.



The very best feature is the design your own case how about showing your baby pics, holiday snaps or wedding photo’s and if you have the money get a case to match your outfit for the night now that is living the high life.

matching dress

Technical Stuff

Every one of our polycarbonate cases is printed using the latest sublimation technology that allows designs to be embedded onto the casing. This is NOT your regular sticker affair but a high-tech process that ensures you get a durable, long lasting case you can use for ages (yep the image won’t fade or rub off, not like those cheap and dodgy cases). – Couldn’t have said it better myself



create a case





‘Geeks Have Landed’ would look fantastic on a case or even our logo on :

geeks have landed case









I’m liking this 

Plenty of designs available, or just create your own and free delivery although you might have to wait a couple of weeks depending on where you live, and with Christmas coming up that has to be one present in the bag.


Penguin Ahoy ! FREE App

I thought I would share this new fun Penguin game with you.

This is a FREE app (the kind I like the best) available through the Apple App store.

Penguin Ahoy! Screenshots_Page_2

The game is very simple a little Penguin has sneaked on-board a  Royal Caribbean ship, the aim is to get as far as you can without getting caught.

The user is encouraged to avoid sprinklers, dodge basketballs, and slide under inflatables to keep the penguin running for as long as possible without being caught by the crew.

Easy to play with simple touch and swipe controls, users can also invite and compete with their friends to see who can collect the most coins, cupcakes, special powers and gain extra lives. How far can you run? Are you the best?

Penguin Ahoy! Screenshots_Page_5


Here is a promotional trailer for the game.


This App is from Royal Caribbean International, in partnership with Hi Mum! Said Dad a mobile marketing agency based in London.



Grand Theft Auto Inspired Road Safety Infographic

This is RED Driving School’s Grand Theft Auto road safety graphic, This infographic has been put together using the most common road risks for young drivers.

RED have used this promotion to make young drivers aware of the accidents and fatalities which are more common to their age group. You can also take driving lessons from RED driving school.

I like the concept the research and attention to details not to mention the cool graphics, looks like a good campaign to me.

Red Driving School Road safety infographic

Launch of the New Geeks Have Landed Joystick

The wait is over as we launch the new Geeks Have Landed Joystick.

See a video of it in action

Many thanks to for this amazing Anamorphic Illusion.

If you want to see some more fantastic illusions head over to


We always like a giveaway here at Geeks Have Landed so not to disappoint suggest a create idea for an Anamorphic Illusion – there’s an amazon Voucher courtesy of Instantprint for the best idea submitted to Geeks Have Landed

Your send your idea to




The Best Children’s Apps For Your Tablet

Many thanks to Ken Embechebe, owner of UK based gadgets site Universal Gadgets, for this insightful article on Apps for Children.

Nowadays, many children grow up in a world where access to touch-screen internet connected devices is common-place. Millions of people use smartphones, tablets and computers every day.

Whereas the previous generation had Nintendo Gameboys, and handheld consoles, this generation have powerful tablet computers. As many adults will know, giving a child unmonitored access to the internet can lead to potentially dangerous situations. This is where apps come in handy. Utilising apps allow your children to enjoy their tablet experience whilst you can rest easy knowing exactly what it is they’re doing.

Understanding how to best engage, entertain and educate our children through the use of these applications is vital. The below collection of tablet apps manage to be fun and educational; a mix that’s quite often incredibly hard to master.


International Children’s Digital Library – (Free) iPad






The ICDL app puts an entire library of children’s books onto your tablet, including tales from the early 1800s right through to modern stories. This fantastic (and completely free) app gives users the ability to search, access and read thousands of child-friendly books in various different languages. Perfect for all ages, this app means you’ll never be stuck for ideas when it comes to story-time.

Meerkat Math – (Free) iPad

meerkat math

What do you get when you add mathematics to an addictive running game? Hours of educational fun, that’s what. Meerkat Math will have your kids teaching themselves by answering various maths equations in order to try and catch up with that pesky meerkat.

The game itself is built by a company run by teachers, and is a perfect example of how education can be fun. It’s even got a multiplayer mode (made safe by prohibiting communication between players) where your children can show off their maths skills by competing against others.

Barefoot World Atlas – (£2.99) iPad

barefoot world atlas

Recently voted one of the top ten best apps by Apple, this immersive tablet app is perfect for budding explorers. Let your children embark on an adventure with the Barefoot World Atlas. Journey across the sprawling 3D interactive globe and discover a world of information; from facts about the great oceans to bios of exotic animals and plants. This is the ideal digital atlas for the digital age.



Magic Piano – (Free) Android, (Free) iPad

magic piano

Kids will love this magical musical app. With new songs released for free every day, there’s plenty to play around with. Kids can tap along to the bars of light or get competitive and play the built in-game mode to level up and earn songs.

Whilst it certainly won’t teach your children how to play piano anytime soon, it’s great to see them play along to recognisable tunes and develop a sense of rhythm.

Kidomatic Camera – (Free) iPad

kidomatic camera

Social camera apps are all the rage at the moment. Whilst they do allow children to express their creativity and document important moments, they also have the potential to expose children to dangerous situations. If you’re interested in introducing your kids to photography, but don’t want them to access apps like Snapchat and Instagram, then Kidomatic Camera is the picture-perfect solution.

With over 120 icons, frames and brush types to enjoy, kids will love having the ability to snap and edit every moment.

Lego® Movie Maker – (Free) iPad

lego movie maker

A perfect combination of digital technology working seamlessly with the real world, the Lego® Movie Maker app gives children the chance to bring their Lego® sets to life. With loads of different editing tools and soundtracks to add to your homemade films, this app helps add a whole new dimension to playtime.

Android users needn’t feel left out either, as Lego® have a wide range of fun applications available on the Google Play Store as well.

Doodlecast for Kids – (£1.99) iPad

doodlecast for kids

Introduce your children to the joy of animation with this fantastically creative app. Doodlecast for Kids records your child’s drawings and captures audio at the same time, allowing children to create their own animated videos that are up to three minutes long.

It’s not just fun, it’s also great as a teaching aid, letting you and your children communicate in an incredibly creative and relatable way.



Gingers Birthday – (Free) Android, (Free) iPad

gingers birthday

This family-friendly app puts a festive birthday twist on the usual talking animal app. Invite your kids to Ginger the super-cute cat’s fun-filled birthday party, where they’ll have the chance to feed Ginger snacks, help blow out candles and play a whole range of party games.

What will adults love about this app? The parental filters, meaning that whilst in-app purchases can be made to get more items and snacks, parents can preserve their wallet’s safety and disable this feature if needs be.

Max’s Pirate Planet – (£0.62) Android, (£1.99) iPad

max's pirate planet

Fill your child’s thirst for adventure in this adventurous race across the seven seas. Join a merry mix of characters, including Finn the Shark and Emma the Pirate, in this swashbuckling digital board game.

From battling sea monsters to uncovering chests full of pirate treasure, there’s plenty here to keep kids entertained. With up to four players being able to join in at one time, the whole family can get involved, and with no in-app purchases, there’s no need to worry about your wallet.

The article was written by Ken Embechebe, owner of UK based gadgets site Universal Gadgets, which specialises in supplying accessories for all your favourite devices.


Samsung Announces Galaxy Gear Smart Watch



Samsung announces its Galaxy Gear Smart Watch.

This wearable device  (wrist-watch) that features a 1.63-inch, 320 x 320 Super AMOLED touchscreen and a flexible band. Samsung’s uses its Smart Relay feature which allows you to receive messages, while voice control lets you make and receive calls.

It is very easy to answer a call, all you have to do is hold your watch to your ear. The speakers and microphone have been positioned strategically in the band for talking.

You’ll also be able to take pictures with the 1.9-megapixel autofocus camera, which has a macro mode and Full HD video recording.

There are also dual microphones with noise cancellation and a speaker embedded into the adjustable wristband. Besides its built-in software,

The watch will run and include  apps like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Path which I think are really useful as you can buy these fitness watches already which are bulky but don’t have half the features of the Gear Smart Watch.

Samsung believe this will become the new fashion icon around the world !! – we will have to wait and see.

Geeks Have Landed told you about a concept Samsung were working on back in May 2012  Proxima Watch By Samsung



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Of course everything will still be posted on the home page first but if you need to find any historic guides you know where to go Tutorials

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