Just Cause 3 is ‘Just a Rumour’

Yesterday, a frenzy sparked when sources claimed that Just Cause 3 was in development and was set for a 2012 release. Today, that rumour has been crushed, along with the hopes of many fans.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Just Cause creator Christofer Sundberg claimed that the sequel is just a rumour.

 “It’s just a rumour and we’re not releasing any game in 2012,”

However, he did not deny the development of Just Cause 3, and Avalanche revealed earlier this year that they were scheduling two huge titles for 2013.


Xbox 360 and PS3 Vault | Battlefield 3

Calibur 11 have created some amazing looking cases/vaults for the Xbox 360 Slim and the Playstation 3, in the theme of Battlefield 3.


Exclusive Orange Light Claymore with 3 modes.

Exclusive DICE logo Smoke Grenade.

Limited Battlefield 3 Official Pattern.

Better Airflow for Greater Cooling.

Better Stability.

Controller or Headset Cradle

Does Not Void your Xbox or Playstation Factory Warranty.


The cases are officially licensed, and definitely makes up for the fact that there is not going to be a Battlefield 3 themed console.

They are available to pre-order now, and costs €89.99

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The Amazing Spider-man Trailer | Leaked

I was a huge fan of the 1st and 2nd movie based Spider-Man video games. The 3rd installment disappointed, leaving me to be extremely bored by the idea of Spider-Man games that followed.

Last night, TheGameRant uploaded the video below to YouTube, which shows a leaked trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, the video game version of the upcoming movie.

I will definitely give this game ago, as from the leaked video the game seems to be a lot more free roam based like the 1st and 2nd Spider-Man movie games.

Let me know your opinions!


BF3 | Tweaks since BETA & No in-game chat for PC

DICE have confirmed a number of new features and tweaks since the Beta version of the game, in an interview with GameSpy.

In the beta, PC users were left without in game chat, meaning the user had to create a party in Battlelog, and join the game with their friends. This will still be the case in the retail release, but DICE to admit that they aware that this makes users unhappy, so it remains hopeful that they may include it in an update.

When asked about the over powered guns that seemed to have a place in the BETA, DICE responded saying that they had tweaked almost everything gun related, including power and hit detection. They also said that they have dimmed down the flashlights, so less blinding teammates.

Another annoyance that was in the BETA was the inability to join a specific squad, or invite a friend to a squad once in a game. This has changed in the retail release, meaning that once a player is in a game, they will still be able to move around squads to suit their fancy.

Throughout the interview, DICE were eager to express that the BETA was an old version of the game, and to still have faith in the full release despite some bad first impressions.

Read the full interview here: Gamespy

Battlefield 3 Beta | First Impressions

The beta version of DICE’s highly anticipated FPS Battlefield 3 was released earlier this week, to mixed responses. So what is our opinion?

When i first began to play the game, i was amazed. Whist the graphics are nothing compared to the superior graphics on the PC, they are still some of the best i have ever seen on a console. They are not as crisp or shiny as one might find on games such as Crysis 2, however the frostbite 2 engine really creates an atmosphere that makes you feel like you have been dropped right in a middle of a war.

On a number of occasions, i have attemped to blow a bridge or building to smithereens using a ‘SMAW’, only to see the rocket go straight through the wall, or only chip of a small amount of the structure. Other than the few times this has happened, the destruction seems to be working very well. Bits of a wall chips off as you shoot over it, trees fall in front of you, and now falling debri can harm your character. The Frostbite 2 engine seems to be worth all the hype, and DICE assure us that the destruction has been limited for the beta, and will be better in the full game.

Glitches, there are many. Using the new prone feature, you may find yourself under the map. Following a team mate, you notice his neck extend comically. These and many other glitches should be finished by the games release later this month, and maybe even be fixed later on in the beta testing process, as they continue to release updates. In my opinion, the glitches to not really effect how much I enjoy the game. Partly as I am aware that it is the beta, and also that the glitches are mostly small, visual glitches that don’t effect the core gameplay.

The actual gameplay is very good, its fast pased and has tense moments. The only playable map, ‘Operation Metro’ is set in Paris, and begins in a park, before going underground in a subway station, and then coming up to the main streets of Paris. This was a great choice of map for the beta, it shows off some of the best lighting moments in the subway, when you turn a corner, and an enemy’s tactical light blinds you. The map allows you to play as almost every class, as the park works well with snipers, and the underground works well for close combat.

Overall i love the beta, and i will love the full game. As i fan of Bad Company 2, i am glad to see that it is still quite similar. It seems like the grabbed the best bits of BC2, such as destruction, vehicles, weapons etc, and then they combined it with the best bits of call of duty, making the game feel alot smoother.

Deus Ex Human Revolution | Review

Before I start rambling on, I should mention that, unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of playing the game’s humble predecessor Deus Ex, nor its sequel sub-titled Invisible Wars. Having not done so, others wouldn’t likely consider me to be sufficiently qualified to judge any aspects of the game. Fear not however, as I struggled to point out any downfalls. 

DEHR is heavily aimed towards those gamers that like to soak up every ounce of available information in the plot and know its goings on inside out, gamers that I like to refer to as “Sherlocks”, I am a Sherlock and I felt very much aimed at. In fact, in your first location, there are 5 items and 4 e-mails that contribute to the story, Examine them all and see be rewarded with and achievement.

The game offers a seemingly unending amount of background information throughout your adventure, so much so that committing to investigate and adopt that detective approach is hard to keep up. Let’s admit, many of us found ourselves hacking people’s computers, might I add quite easily considering the future setting , and sifting through their e-mails to see what juicy, plot relevant info we could find and more often than not, you would. Some way or another, what seemingly irrelevant and insignificant info you’d stumble across in those e-books, newspapers, e-mails and pocket secretary’s, would manage to tie into the game in more plot revealing ways than what you might have thought.

Upon beginning your journey, what are immediately apparent are the long loading screens that appear to delay it. However, after the first 20 or so you become immune to the impatience that they would first bring on. Therefore it wouldn’t really be fair to interpret this as a con, especially considering the vast and networked maps that understandably take just a little longer to construct during loading time.

A labyrinth of countless alleyways, corridors and apartments in every city gives almost too many opportunities to carry out your detective work and learn about your surroundings. By incorporating this feature, it allows missions and quests to be approached differently depending on which direction or path you follow, in doing so definitely brings about a ‘Mass Effect’ feel about it. Again, your quests are influenced by the decisions you make and what you choose to say, having to sneak into the police precinct while avoiding being caught after upsetting the receptionist in an earlier conversation may prove a lot more difficult than being allowed to freely enter the station and explore as you please after having had a more positive and successful discussion.

Augments, mechanical add-ons and adjustments, play a key part in the story. After having been severely injured, Adam Jenson (your character) is robotically reconstructed with augmentations in order to save his life. Adam, not too pleased with his recent reconstructive surgery, must learn to cope and come to terms with his new capabilities and absence of sensation, making him feel more machine than man. These views, however, are not shared with the game player as progressing through the game and earning experience means you can ‘level up’ your specific augmentations that consequently let your Deus Ex adventure become easier and more enjoyable. With upgrades such as super-human feats of strength, x-ray vision and increased cardiovascular capacity, you’ll want as many of these mechanical developments as possible so saving up for what are called ‘Praxis Kits’ (boxed augmentations) would prove to be a wise decision as they come to 5000 credits a piece. Before you try to purchase your way to augmented perfection though, Limb clinics (the places you go to purchase health related products and praxis kits) only stock a maximum of two praxis kits and will only replenish once you have exited an re-entered that city, shame…

Human revolution also comprises of boss levels which some have argued ruin the choice making theme by forcing Jensen to deal with the baddies by unleashing his torrent of weaponry to be used up against them, although personally I didn’t deem this to be such a bad thing as it kept in check and limited ammo which in turn would mean the usage and exploration of different guns, keeping the game interesting.

I conclude, you will be glad to see, by summing up Deus Ex Human Revolution in a highly spoken manner thanks to its well thought out plot that incorporates every bit of info, bountiful investigating and decision making opportunities, impressive artistic design and engulfing story line.


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