Minecraft Pocket Edition | Review

With all the hype towards graphically superior first person shooter such as Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 being released this year, the biggest attention has been towards the online PC game Minecraft. Minecraft, developed in Sweden by Markus Persson and his company Mojang, is the online phenomenon that has been bought by over 4 million people worldwide. In essence it is a first-person sandbox game in which you are free to build whatever you want in a randomly generated world. They can be basic such as a hut or something extraordinary like a castle. With the popularity of this new franchise, Minecraft is now available for 10p/C (limited offer) on Android and £4.99 in the App store.

Pocket edition is almost an exact clone as the PC version but is just as enjoyable on a smaller screen. The controls are as fluent by using a D-pad to move in different directions, flicking the screen changes where you look and touching down on certain blocks makes you place down or mine blocks. You are able to mine and build various structures just like the PC version however there are some limitations.

The controls on the Pocket Edition are just as fluent as it's PC counterpart.

With the original Minecraft, there are two different modes that you can choose from. The first being creative mode. This is where you all the different blocks like wood, glass and bricks are available from the start so you are able to create anything you want straight away.

The second more popular mode is Survival. This mode gives you a health bar, no resources and living creatures and enemies that affect your experience. The Survival mode gives you more of objective to survive the world especially at night when you can be become defenceless against the enemies that appear. The way you gain resources is by mining different blocks and crafting them together to make new materials that can be used within the game.

This is the more popular mode in Minecraft and is what draws people to continue making new creations. However the pocket edition does not include the Survival mode yet and leaves you with the creation mode. This may be put-off for fans of Minecraft especially if they are not getting the full content that is found on the PC. Since the release Mojang have confirmed that the survival mode will appear on the pocket edition soon. Also the price of the game is pretty steep especially as other popular apps like Angrybirds and Fruit Ninja are 69p.

However there is free version of the Pocket Edition available which lets you create things in the randomly generated landscape but gives you less blocks to use and does not allow any online multiplayer world or save your world. The free version is still useful to get used to the controls and shows what the game is about, especially if you are new to Minecraft.

Overall the pocket edition is a good addition if you want to be mining on the go. However it is not the revolutionary change from the pc version

Battlefield 3: Wake Island Gameplay | Trailer

EA have uploaded another trailer to the official Battlefield YouTube channel, adding to the pile of magnificent advertisements used to promote recently released Battlefield 3.

Today, viewers have been given a glimpse of gameplay of the beautifully re-created classic Battlefield map, Wake Island. The gameplay comes from a PS3, one of the few console videos which have made the YouTube channel, over the superior PC graphics.

Check out the video below.

Jonah Hill, Sam Worthington & Dwight Howard in MW3 Trailer

Up until now, many would agree that the trailers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have been dull, and overshadowed by the extremely exciting Battlefield 3 trailers.

Last Friday, the video below was uploaded to the official Call of Duty YouTube account. It is a live action trailer starring actor Sam Worthington as a well trained soldier, and fellow actor Jonah Hill playing a ‘n00b’ who he has to train. Towards the end of the video, Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard makes an appearance.

Check it out below!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Amazon

Best Place to Buy | The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

We are currently smack in the middle of the gaming surge I have spoken about in previous ‘best places to buy’ articles. Battlefield 3 is out, Fifa is out, Goldeneye Reloaded has just been released, and Skyrim and MW3 are just around the corner.

In this article, I have compiled the best deals I can find for Skyrim in local supermarkets and gaming retailers. Please add more in the comment section below.

Note, These Are UK Deals only. If you are interested in writing a U.S version, please visit ‘Write For Us‘.

Consoles, Standard Edition

Game & Gamestation offer the game at the standard price of £39.99, but offer to bundle the strategy guide for an extra £10.

Grainger Games beats the two above by selling the game for slightly cheaper, at £38.99

Best – Asda are selling the game at an already reasonable £37.97, however you can take it down to an amazing £30.38! Simply type ‘MVG311020’ at checkout.



PC, Standard Edition

It seems that unless you purchase from an online auction, most places seem to sell the game at £29.99 for PC.

Best – Asda are selling the game at an already reasonable £27.87, however you can take it down to an amazing £22.30! Simply type ‘MVG311020’ at checkout. 


There is no competition, ASDA are offering the best deals that I could find for this extremely high demand game. The price they are selling it at is already cheap, but to get the game for £30 for consoles and £22 for PC is just a steal!



Batman: Arkham City | Review

Batman: Arkham City will feel very familiar to those who played the prequel, and injects just enough new features, gadgets and missions to keep the idea fresh and exciting.


Not long has passed since the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Batman….or Bruce Wayne has been taken into a new prison the size of an entire city, along with a number of classic villains from the comic book series.

The first villain Batman meets is Hugo Strange, a deep voiced Dr, who is in charge of Arkham City. He is obsessed with the idea of launching a mysterious plan named ‘Protocol 10’. His very un-warming welcome soon leads to Batman’s escape to the city of Arkham City, where you are able to roam as the Dark Knight himself.

Of course, this game would not be complete without the Joker. Introduced with in minutes of the campaign, the Joker appears to be seriously Ill. Using a ‘Bargaining Chip’, he sends you off to get the cure. Unlike the previous game, the Joker doesn’t steal the entire plot. His missions are shared with the Hugo Strange missions to create the main plot. Enemies like Penguin, Dr Freeze, Poison Ivy all add something to the storyline which the original game was missing, – option.

While a big fan of the original game, I always felt that there was little chance to do anything else other than follow the main plot, solving riddles as you go. Arkham City fixes this issue, offering several story lines, characters and items to collect.

The combat has remained, for the most part, exactly the same. There are some extra moves for Batman to perform, and the ability to counter multiple enemies certainly is nice, however the controls and strategy to the combat system remains identical to Arkham Asylum. If it’s not broke, why fix it? The enemies remain the same as previously, thugs that have no idea how to fight, however when caught in groups can be a tough combat challenge.

Arkham City also introduces some new playable characters, depending on which edition of the game you have. I was able to play as both Catwoman and Robin, however Robin was limited to the combat challenges. I was extremely glad to see, that each character was given their own personality, and in the case of Catwoman, a different way of moving around.

As Catwoman, instead of using a cape to dive and glide to move like Batman, you were given the trademark whip to sling to each building. I can not stress how much Catwoman felt like a different character. She is faster in movement and combat, and forces you to change the way you go about stealth missions. The missions in which you play as Catwoman are spread out across Batman’s campaign, often cutting to the Catwoman missions leaving the batman story at a cliffhanger.

Something that disappointing, was that the game did not allow me to play as Robin at any point in the campaign, not even after i had completed the game. The reason that this was such a shame, is that Robin had possibly the best combat out of every playable character, combining the toughness of Batman with the agility of Catwoman.


Arkham City is no better than its predecessor, but it is also no worse. The city to explore, whilst fun at first often left me wondering where to go next, causing me to miss the nicely restricted corridors of Arkham Asylum. The campaign will be emotional to many die-hard fans of the comic book, and the different easter eggs, mysteries and riddles will mean a little something extra to you.

If you were a fan of Arkham Asylum, you should go out and buy this game. It is certainly a worth successor.

Batman: Arkham City on Amazon

History of the Battlefield Series | Video

If you are a fan of Battlefield, you will no doubt have watched some videos uploaded on GamerSpawn. Their videos on the destructive first person shooters are extremely popular, made even more so by the slow-motion analysis of the Battlefield 3 trailers.

Below is a video recently released by GamerSpawn, which details the highs and lows of each game in the series.

ORB GX1 Gaming Headset | Review

Thanks to Gaming Zap for the product to review.

Headsets for console gaming begin at a very cheap price, for a reason. These headsets almost always produce a very tinny noise, and poor chat input & output. The ‘hardcore’ gamer will spend hundreds on a good headsets, which never fail to manage your speech whilst giving you the best surround sound gaming effects money can buy.

The ORB GX1 costs just under £25, which is a little more than a ‘budget’ headset, but a lot cheaper than those usually considered for the serious gamer. But how do they perform?

Design & Comfort

The GX1 is nothing extravagant in design to stand out alongside competitors, but keeps it simple by offering a very bold, black & white design. The volume control options on the wire look plain at first, however when turned on lights up – blue when the microphone is un-muted, red when it is muted. Whilst very useful, the bright LED may distract you when playing in a dark room.

I wasn’t at all surprised by how comfy the headset was when gave them the first try. I could see taking them out of the box that they would be very comfy, thanks to the extremely padded headband. The padded earcups can be extended to fit to your liking, and the surprisingly light weight provides a very comfy gaming experience. Whilst very comfy in short periods, the headset begins to cause discomfort when used for more than a few hours, however this was resolved by taking a 5 minute break without the headset.

Chat & In-Game Audio

The audio is where the GX1 really shines. Speech was very easy to hear when playing in an Xbox Party, or in a game lobby. I was pleased to be using the headset as the main audio source of ‘Battlefield 3’, a game which has received critical acclaim for it’s brilliant sound effects. The base boost system created great surround sound and aided in identifying my enemies, their location, and bullets that were coming my way. The sound maintained it’s consistency from beginning to end, without a single slip up. No matter how loud or quiet, the headset was able to give me a great audio experience.

Both the chat and main game audio were able to play hand in hand, and the volume control buttons on the wire allow you to adjust to your liking.


Summary, Pros & Cons


Brilliant bass boosting sound.

Creates great surround sound.

Microphone never fails record your full message, sentence or taunt.

Volume control allows you to adjust chat and game volume to your preference.

Very light weight.


Design isn’t anything special.

Bright LED can be annoying in low light.

Can cause discomfort after several hours of use.


What the headset lacks in design, makes up for by offering a great customizable audio gaming experience that comes very close to matching that of mainstream headsets like ‘TurtleBeach’. The bass boost system makes it a very good option for competition gamers, who need to know the location of others and events at all time. The trouble-less set up and simplicity of controls means that the Orb GX1 can be used by any form of gamer, both serious and relaxed.


Just Cause 3 is ‘Just a Rumour’

Yesterday, a frenzy sparked when sources claimed that Just Cause 3 was in development and was set for a 2012 release. Today, that rumour has been crushed, along with the hopes of many fans.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Just Cause creator Christofer Sundberg claimed that the sequel is just a rumour.

 “It’s just a rumour and we’re not releasing any game in 2012,”

However, he did not deny the development of Just Cause 3, and Avalanche revealed earlier this year that they were scheduling two huge titles for 2013.


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