Flud 2.0, An Android Review

Last month, one of the best looking and most functional applications I have  ever used on my iPad, became available on the Google Play Store for Android users. While this excited me, I was extremely worried that they wouldn’t be able to replicate that same gorgeous design on a different operating system, and that it would become just another news reader.

However, my fears were short-lived. After logging in using the same account I use on my iPad (guest log-in is available also), the  same black and red colour scheme which has become so familiar to me recently was suddenly on my Desire S. Now, as much as I love Android, I do agree with the opinion of most in that while Android apps offer a lot of functionality, the often lack the same effort when it comes to the design department. This is where FLUD changes things. Of course, I expected this after using the iPad app and seeing the iPhone version, however it was extremely satisfying to see it on my phone.

The UI, although nice, needs to be easy to navigate to collect your daily dosage of news. Failing to do this would make even the most ugly of news readers superior. Fortunately, the functionality matches the user interface. It’s insanely easy to navigate. All you have to do is scroll sideways to change news sources, and scroll down to view the most recent articles available from that website. A relatively new feature on FLUD is the ‘FLUD Stream’ section, which collects and show you what your friends have been looking at. If you are into that kind of thing, that’s great…but not many of my friends are as interested in technology as I am.


As I mentioned above, FLUD is a multi-platform application. That means that I can view my news on my Wi-Fi limited iPad, and pick up from where I left off on my phone when I leave my home. Having this kind of cloud functionality really makes you feel like you will never miss a single news story again, as it can literally be taken anywhere!

Now i’m going to be honest. Up until last month, my preferred news reader of choice was Flipboard. The reason behind that being that when I was looking at purchasing my iPad, Flipboard looked like one of the most revolutionary apps ever. Even now I don’t think Flipboard is bad, it’s very very good. However if they fail to release it for Android, soon enough they will begin to lose more and more customers to FLUD, as it shares an equally amazing design, but on more platforms.

In the last couple of paragraphs, I have trailed from my main review or the Android application, and have discussed the entire news reader as a whole. And rightly so, as the application is the same on all devices. Sure, it is a bit smaller, but that is in screen size only. It still packs just as many features on all platforms and devices, has a simply gorgeous design, and is a must have for any Android, iPhone and iPad user.

Download:  iOS | Android


You can now find Geeks Have Landed on FLUD! Simply go to the Technology section and tap our name!


The Rise of Draw Something, Infographic

Draw Something is the latest craze which has seen an incredible amount of downloads in just a few weeks. After being downloaded almost 40 million times, it follows in the footsteps of Temple Run, which became a huge sensation at the beginning of this year. It’s even given Rovio a run for their money, challenging Angry Birds Space for the App Store top spot for a couple of weeks now.

Created by MBAOnline.com

Instagram Lands On Android, Finally


Android can finally say goodbye to ‘InstaTag‘ and ‘Catagram‘ today, as the hugely popular iOS application Instagram has officially been released onto the Google Play Store today.

The UI user interface sports the same layout as the iPhone version, however has slightly more polished icons and buttons.

It’s available for free on the Google Play Store, so if you have an Android phone running 2.2 and up, get downloading it now!

Instagram on Google Play Store

Angry Birds Space, A Review


The Birds are back in town, looking better than ever.

The first Angry Birds became a worldwide sensation, with a combined 500 million downloads across the globe. With both critical and user acclaim, Angry Birds is one of the hottest franchises out there. Now, with Angry Birds Space, Finnish game developer Rovio is hoping to achieve the same kind of hit. Angry Birds Space succeeds on many levels, updating the classic gameplay and still retaining the depth that makes its puzzles fast and fun.

For the most part, Angry Birds Space does not stray too far away from its roots. Puzzles still involve hunting down green pigs with birds who are quite perturbed. There are a variety of different birds and depending on the level you’ll be given a different roster. There are birds that explode, birds that freeze objects and birds that split into three, just to name a few. What’s new here is the gravity mechanic. Planets now have a center of gravity, which will cause your bird to arc around it until the bird hits an object. This can be used to appear around obstacles and try a different approach, when can be useful when trying to three star some of these levels. The levels can present quite a challenge at times.

Space comes with 60 levels in the package, and the promise of more content through future patches and in-app purchases. Speaking of in-app purchases, those helpful Eagles from the first game return as Space Eagles. You’ll get a pretty limited number throughout the game, and more can be bought through the store. It’s a little disappointing to see a gameplay element bottlenecked by in-app purchases. Aside from the Space Eagles, the content does not disappoint, and there is plenty of it. Especially if you want to perfect all of the levels. The game looks nice and runs smoothly, as should be expected. Sound effects are comical and the music complements the atmosphere nicely. Though, most of the time will probably be spent with the sound off. Classrooms and meetings have yet another foe to contend with. The Angry Birds are back, and if Space is any indication, they’ll be here to stay for a while to come.


April Fools 2012, Toshiba Reveal 3 New Tablets

Toshiba have joined the fun of April Fools day, announcing three new tablets each with it’s own unique design.

The company has released a video showing off three new designs. One, an oblong shape is seen used as a turntable in a nightclub. The second, ‘Rhombus’ shows some productivity purposes in a work environment, and the last, ‘Amore’ is shaped like a heart…

While i’m on the topic of tablet shapes, it’s worth mentioning that The Register has reported today that Apple have patented the rectangle. Unfortunately for Apple, this is one April Fools gag which wasn’t too hard to believe.

April Fools 2012, Google GoRo

Google have poked fun at their ‘GoMo’ service, introducing ‘GoRo‘.

For those who don’t know, GoMo is Google’s own service which helps website owners optimize their website for smartphones. GoRo, however, claims to optimize websites for old-fashioned rotary telephones.

“Millions of people are using mobile devices every day, but dozens are using rotary phones. Did you know that 100% of people using rotary phones have trouble accessing your website? If you’re ready to prepare for the return of rotary, you’ve come to the right place – it’s time to Go Ro!” – Google

April Fools 2012, Google Click-To-Teleport

Google’s latest April Fools Day Prank is a new way to drive customers right to you door.

The ‘Click-To-Teleport (Beta)’ is an extension for Chrome which takes online shopping to a whole new level. No longer do you need to be forced to use the internet to shop, instead you can Google the business or shop you wish to attend, and click to teleport yourself there!

Google have said that they won’t be held responsible for any teleporting related injuries, accidental time-travel or other teleporting risks as demonstrated in the 1980’s horror film ‘The Fly’

Unfortunately, no video for this one, but you can check out the official website at this link.

April Fools 2012, Google Fiber Bar

When I decided to fill you all in on the April Fools Day pranks of tech companies, I didn’t really expect Google to go this crazy. It’s been a busy day for me!

Google have released yet another video to YouTube, this time advertising ‘Google Fiber’, a healthy chocolate bar which has ‘100 times more fiber than any other other source of fiber available today.

Google Fiber starts with 100 times more fiber than any source of fiber available today. Tested in labs across our Mountain View campus, we found that in just the right synthesis, psyllium and vitamins C and D morph into a byproduct we have coded as Fiberlicious. This smarter fiber delivers just what the body needs to sustain activity, energy and productivity up to 100 times more than you have experienced before. – Google

Visit this link to find out more about the Google Fiber bar, just prepare to be disappointed when you click to buy one!

April Fools 2012, YouTube DVD Collection

YouTube have yet again joined in the fun of April Fools Day, this time advertising a YouTube Collection DVD.

The DVD collection contains every single video every uploaded to the video sharing site. Upon ordering, 175 trucks (or mules depending on your location) are said to set off towards your house to deliver all of the DVDs.

They have even thought of a way to bring the entire YouTube experience to DVD, including the comment and rating system. This is done through post. Each DVD comes with a piece of paper for you to write your comment, and a thumbs-up or thumbs-down symbol to post back to YouTube.

You can attempt to make an order of the DVD at YouTube.com/TheYouTubeCollection, be warned though, orders may take a while :P. I, for example, ordered over 200,000 dubstep remixes, which is scheduled for arrival on June 16 2045…can’t wait!

So far, the technology world is going mad for April 1st.

April Fools 2012, Virgin Volcanic

Richard Branson has unveiled plans to transport himself and 4 celebrities to the center of 5 major volcanoes around the world.


VirginVolcanic.com states that Branson will be accompanied by Tom Hanks, Will.I.Am, Seth Green and documentary film-maker Barbara Kopple. The star-studded science fanatics will travel down a volcano in the VVS1, a spiral shaped probe carrier which looks like it came straight out of Seth Green’s Austin Powers.

“A window seat for a journey to the liquid core of our home planet would be a bargain at twice the price.” – Tom Hanks.

“Ever since filming Austin Powers, I’ve had this obsession with underground layers. I’ve waited patiently for Sir Richard to make the dream of traveling to the Earth’s core a reality” – Seth Green.

“I have long held a fascination with volcanoes since reading Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Alongside our adventures with Virgin Galactic and Virgin Oceanic, volcanoes are the next great unexplored terrain.” – Richard Branson.

What do you think of the April Fools Day pranks coming out of the tech world today? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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