15 Amazing Android Icon Packs #2

Earlier this year I did a post titled ‘15 Amazing Android Icon Packs‘, which has become one of the most […]

Google Imagines Bad Websites In A Supermarket Setting

In a latest promo for Analytics, Google have released a series of short videos which imagines what it would be […]

Now You Can Download Your Tweets, All of Them

Have you ever scrolled to the bottom of your Facebook timeline, only to be met with status upon status of cringe […]

Google Maps Becomes Top Free iOS App

Well, this is another kick in the teeth for Apple. Just hours after the re-release of Google Maps, it’s sitting […]

Magazines Arrive on Google Play in UK

Android users in the UK can finally read magazines on their phones and tablets with Google Play. The feature has […]

Google Maps iPhone

Google Maps for iPhone is Back!

The panic is over, Google Maps has made a return to the App Store in spectacular fashion.

Top 10 Search Terms 2012

Google have released the most common search terms of 2012, in a heart-warming video which is fit to bring the […]

Action Launcher Pro for Android

In the past few years, applications have been released to do just about everything you could possibly want. Applications for […]

Google Now Coming To Desktop?

A recent update to the open source Chromium browser suggests that Google’s voice assistant could be making an appearance on […]

GUIDE: How To Use The New YouTube Layout

By now you have probably noticed that YouTube has completely changed its design. I did a post last month about […]