4K Televisions

What are the benefits of a 4K Televisions, well I will let this infographic explain

Could You Replace Your Sky Subscription With A Media Streamer?

Does your living room need a streaming media player like the well-established Roku, or Google’s inexpensive Chromecast?

SSD Performance on Laptops

Solid-state drives and hard disk drives perform the same basic tasks in laptop computers. They write, store and retrieve information. The difference is that HDDs contain mechanical parts, such as a motor and a spinning platter. On the other hand, SSDs use flash memory chips. These devices work the same way as thumb drives, but they operate more reliably and quickly.

Win Splash Water Resistant Coatings For Smartphones

Your chance to win a water resistance spray for your smartphone.

The Rise of Mobile Computers

Mobile computing is a rapidly expanding industry. Indeed, over recent years the market has seen a dramatic shift from traditional desktops towards portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, handheld PDAs and wearable computers.

In App purchases

Why do we make in-app purchases on ‘free to play’ games?

Today, more games than ever are available to play for free. There are thousands of gaming apps that we can download for free and play for free. You might have to put up with the ads popping up, but there’s nothing that means you actually have to buy the in-app purchases.

Kano Raspberry Pi

What would you like with your Raspberry Pi ? Kano Please

Always wanted a Raspberry Pi for your children to help them start programming but didn’t know where to start, Kano have come tot he rescue.

Upcoming Trends in Unified Communications

Many technology experts have predicted that IT will change more in the next 18 months than it has in the past decade.

Mobile Gaming vs. Console Gaming: Who Wins the Battle for Supremacy

Could 2015 finally be the year that mobile gaming platforms, such as the iPad, overtake traditional gaming consoles?

​The Smartphone: Revolutionizing the Way We Communicate

The huge surge in smartphone popularity does mean that consumers are able to obtain some remarkably inexpensive deals if they’re prepared to shop around. With monthly contracts available, consumers no longer need to be tied down to a two year contract, and can seek out the best sim-only deals.