Chrome Beta Channel for Android 4.0+

Google have just launched Chrome beta onto the Google Play store, available to download right now. No, you haven’t travelled […]

Google’s Android Charging Station Is Awesome

Earlier today I was browsing the Behance network, when I stumbled across this neat little project. The Android Charging Station […]

Morphing Touchscreens: A Thing Of The Future?

There has already been some amazing stuff to be revealed at CES this year, but most of it has been […]

UPDATE – Google Guns: Fight Tanks In Your Hometown

Google Maps is without a doubt the best map service on desktop, mobile or tablet. But it’s missing one thing. […]

Chameleon Launcher for Phone

Chameleon Launcher for Phones, Revealed for the First Time

Chameleon is a beautiful launcher for Android which has risen to power in the last year, but it’s currently only […]

Facebook Timeline is Changing Again

When Facebook announced timeline profiles last year, it was met with a very mixed response. Many people, myself included, liked […]

Google Watch Concept

In the last few years, watches have become more and more advanced, almost becoming mini computers. Obviously, these watches are […]

The Android Robot Was Almost Terrifying

Since the recent highs of Android over the past couple of years, the Android mascot has become hugely recognisable. It’s […]

Google Recommends The iPad…To Giraffes

The battle between Google and Apple will probably never end. Both companies produce amazing products which are tested and compared […]

Facebook Pages for Android

After ┬álaunching on iOS months ago, Facebook have launched ‘Pages Manager’ for Android. As the name would suggest, Pages Manager […]