Sign Up For SimCity Beta Right Now

EA is now allowing Windows users to sign up for a beta version of SimCity. However the company are only […]

EE Are Closing 78 Stores

If you’ve been in any shopping centre recently, you’ve probably noticed that it’s overrun with EE stores. When Orange and […]

Facebook Graph Search, Creepy or Genius?

The main excitement around Facebook’s announcement yesterday was due to the rumours that there would be a Facebook phone making […]

Facebook messenger ios update

Facebook Messenger Lets You Call Your Friends Now (U.S Only)

Facebook has rolled out an update to the iOS version of Facebook Messenger which has enabled the ability to call […]

Google Named Best Company To Work For

For the fourth time, Fortune magazine has named Google as the best company to work for.

Temple Run 2 Screeshot

Temple Run 2 for iOS

Temple Run is back and crazier than ever, but will it catch on like it did last time?

Facebook on Windows 8 – Concept

This Windows 8 Facebook application concept, created by Shalva Bukia, looks good enough to be the real deal. He has […]

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Documentary – Trailer

There are some huge films coming out this year, but few have me more excited than TPB AFK, a documentary […]

Chrome Beta Channel for Android 4.0+

Google have just launched Chrome beta onto the Google Play store, available to download right now. No, you haven’t travelled […]

Android Charging Station

Google’s Android Charging Station Is Awesome

Earlier today I was browsing the Behance network, when I stumbled across this neat little project. The Android Charging Station […]