Moor Bluetooth Headset – Review

I’ve never really felt the need to use a bluetooth headset. Usually, they are overpriced devices which produce very poor […]

Sony Releases Videos of Playstation History

Tomorrow is a huge day for the gaming and technology industry. The video released by Sony last month ending with ‘#Playstation2013’ revealed […]

ipad mini advert

Apple Releases Two New iPad Adverts

Apple have released another two adverts promoting the iPad and iPad mini. Both the adverts focus on a series of […]

B1 Phone Concept Embraces Rectangular Design

If you were to walk into your local phone retailer right now, you’ll probably notice that, with the exception of […]

Design: Google Product Posters

I might just be the biggest fan of Google’s advertising campaigns, but I’m always keen to see how others would […]

glovebox for android

Glovebox for Android Will Keep You Satisfied While You Wait for Ubuntu OS

Glovebox for Android is an application which replicates the app drawer function of Ubuntu OS, which allows you to access […]

cleartones organic

Cleartones Offers a Solution To Annoying Ringtones

Mobile phones have come a long way in the past few years, making the jump from large bricks which could […]

wii u sales

Worrying Times for Nintendo as Wii U Sales ‘Collapse’

Nintendo might be in a spot of bother. Despite positive reviews and pretty successful sales figures in the first month […]

Jonathan Ive Blue Peter Badge

Jonathan Ive Gets a Golden Blue Peter Badge

Sir Jonathan Ive, the man credited with creating the design for the iPhone, iPad and iMac, has received a golden […]

Latest Google Now Update Replaces Banner Image with Google Doodle

As I covered yesterday, an update to the Google Search app for Android brought a number of new features, including […]