Nokia Lumia 820: Another LTE Windows Device

Nokia Lumia 820 is another smartphone under the umbrella of Nokia’s Lumia Family that runs the latest software from Microsoft: Windows Phone 8.

Bummer, The Galaxy S4 Looks Very Similar To The S3

It’s only two days until the world finally gets an official look at what the Galaxy S4 will look like, […]

Spotify Chrome OS App

Spotify Launches Chrome OS Application

For the past few months, Spotify users have been able to access their music collection through the Spotify Web App, […]

Facebook Redesigns News Feed

Last night, Facebook revealed a new design to the News Feed, and it’s extremely impressive.

Google Play Store Gift Cards Arrive in UK

After launching last year in the US, Google Play Store gift cards are finally available in the UK.

zenus diary galaxy note 2

Zenus Minimal Diary Case for Galaxy Note 2 – Review

Late last month, my HTC Desire S finally gave in and broke beyond repair. On the bright side, as the […]

Say Goodbye To Tweetdeck Apps

TweetDeck have just revealed that they are ending support for their Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows applications, which will be […]

Facebook To Reveal Redesigned News Feed This Week

Facebook are getting ready to reveal a newly designed news feed this Friday. Other than the date, very little is […]

real racing 3

Real Racing 3 Launches on iOS and Android

Earlier today, Real Racing 3 was released on iOS and Android, continuing the most impressive racing experience available on mobile […]

sign in with google plus

Soon You’ll Be Able To Sign In To Websites with Google+

On most websites, you can log in using either Twitter or Facebook. Soon, Google+ will be added to that list, […]