Humorous Video Pokes Fun At Apple v Samsung Legal War

To Americans, Conan O’Brien is a well known talk show host. To the rest of the world, he’s a guy who keeps showing up on the internet in game reviews, viral videos and on the front page of Mashable on April 1st.

In a recent episode of Conan’s talk show, he showed a short film poking fun at the legal war that has been raging on between Apple and Samsung for quite some time. During the video, viewers are introduced to a Samsung executive to denies any suggestion that the company have or ever will copy any products from Apple. He then proceeds to show the audience a comparison of the Samsung Galaxy with the iPhone, and the iPad with the Galaxy Tab, products which just about anybody would find it hard to¬†differentiate between at first glance.

Check out the video below!

Rob Boyle

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