Google Recommends The iPad…To Giraffes

The battle between Google and Apple will probably never end. Both companies produce amazing products which are tested and compared each year, and usually the public decides on a winner. One thing we never thought we’d see though, is Google recommending the iPad in one of its key features, Google Now on Android Jelly Bean.

A problem in the Google Now system has caused the voice feedback to describe the giraffe in a slightly odd manner. Asking ‘what is a giraffe’ brings back a response like you would expect, however ends by saying, ‘he now praises the giraffe’.

Odd, to say the least. Some people think that the problem arises when the description reaches the word ‘which’, but it’s definitely a glitch that will no doubt be fixed soon enough. Have some fun with it while you can!

Source: PocketLint, Google

Rob Boyle

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