Top 3 Strangely Underrated GBC Games Of All Time

Some games are legends. Take Castlevania, Contra or Pokémon as an example – everybody know about them. But are they really your only choices for a stunning, nostalgic experience? Or, in simpler words, are they all you can play right now even though you have lost the console?

First and foremost – worry not. There are thousands of GBC free ROMs download sites on the web where you can get your hands on practically every game ever released.


Secondly, your options are not limited to legendary titles alone. There are games that are as good, if not better than the cult classics. But they were somewhat underrated back in the day. Lack of press coverage does not make them any worse, but rather hardens the job for gamers willing to give good old bad boys a shot.

Luckily, I can help with that one. Here is my list of top 5 amazing Game Boy Color games that never got the love they deserved.


Kid Dracula

A stunning platformer with an appealing art style, clever level design, and engaging mechanics. Bosses are hard and enemies are ruthless in this game despite the somewhat childish appearance of the main character.

What makes this game stand out is the availability of powers for the main character – Kid Dracula. Summoning blasts, gravity reversal powers, missiles and a shield make this game so much better. They also give it a light fleur of a puzzle game because of the countless new possibilities you may undergo for the sake of progression. All in all, a solid AAA game.

Dexter’s Laboratory: Robot Rampage

If you were a fan of the show back in the day, just like I was, this game is for you! Definitely one of the more prominent representatives of the action-adventure genre!

Game mechanics are simple and addictive. Elevator journey around on their own routs and you need to pop up at the perfect time to either proceed to progression or be destroyed by a vicious, bloodthirsty enemy (a quite-looking robot actually, but that’s not the point here).

The idea may sound rather awkward on paper but is an amazing way to spend free time with a GBC or an emulator on your hands.

Battle Area Toshinden

If you are a fan of fighting game – this bad boy is for you. Brilliant combos, extraordinary characters with an in-depth, narrative-heavy storyline and explicit level design make this game one of my favorite fighting adventures even today. I’d give away Tekken for Battle Arena any day.


Mobile Gaming vs. Console Gaming: Who Wins the Battle for Supremacy


by  mcunnelly 

Could 2015 finally be the year that mobile gaming platforms, such as the iPad, overtake traditional gaming consoles? Ever since mobile technology began to blossom, developers across the world have worked hard to not only replicate classic console games, but create their own engaging masterpieces.

From combat games to sporting contests and puzzles, mobile gamers now have a myriad of ways to entertain themselves and test their gaming prowess. In fact, such is the growing influence of mobile gaming that many experts predict that the industry will be worth a staggering $100 billion by 2017.

But why have mobile devices become the biggest draw in the gaming community? Aside from being easily transportable and instantly accessible, the leading iOS and Android tablets and smartphones now have stunning graphics, lightning fast processors and enough memory to cope with highly complex games.

Reasons why Mobile Gaming is a Growing Enterprise

In comparison to standard console games, mobile apps are markedly less expensive. On average, a new release on the PS4, such as Dying Light or FIFA 15, will cost around $50 to buy. In contrast, iPad games rarely cost more than $10 and the majority of the leading titles, such as Marvel Champions or Angry Birds, are free. This level of affordability means that many more people are able to play mobile games compared to console games.

However, there is one area of the gaming mobile world which some commentators see as problematic. In-app purchases are a large part of the industry and, although not required, these add-ons give you extra power, extended lives and more chances to beat opponents. These alluring offers have caused problems for parents who have given their children access to their mobile devices.

Stories of minors running up large bills through in-app purchases have caused a number of operators, including Facebook, to face legal repercussions for irresponsible practices. Fortunately, a number of developers are now refining the way they offer these purchases in an attempt to limit any future risk.


by  – EMR – 

Choices, Choices, Choices

The one area in which iPad gaming comes into its own is variety. Although a platform such as the Xbox One has hundreds of titles to choose from, the Apple store is stocked with thousands of iPad games. From simple games such as Candy Crush, to adventure titles such as The Silent Age, there is literally something for everyone on the iPad.

In fact, the iPad is also able to tap into markets that have been out of reach for traditional platforms. Because Apple and Android platforms have the ability to process payments and verify a user’s age, it means they can offer games for 18+ users. From casino games, such as blackjack and roulette, to poker, these games now embrace the mantra of “gaming on the go” and allow developers to move in ways the likes of PS4 and Xbox One cannot.

In fact, companies such as PokerStars are now able to develop mobile apps that mirror their desktop platforms. The result of this is a real poker experience against real people, instead of a virtual game of poker controlled by a piece of software.

Another area in which the mobile gaming sector excels is through additional benefits. Other than playing games, Blu-Rays and some limited internet access, modern-day gaming consoles do not do much else. In contrast, mobile gaming platforms are much more versatile and can function as a portal to the internet, a complete entertainment system and a new way to communicate with people. Movies, music, spreadsheets and relaxation apps are all available through the Apple store and the reason why the iPad wins hands down in terms of added extras.


by  Veronica Belmont 

A Future for All

Although the debate over whether mobile gaming will overtake console gaming is one that many experts have been asking for the last couple of years, it now looks as though the market has responded in a different way. Instead of traditional platforms competing with mobile devices, both industries now appear to be moving towards each other. There is no doubt the traditional console gaming companies are wary of the mobile market, but a recent deal between Nintendo and mobile developers, DeNA, could change things.

In a reciprocal relationship, the two companies will now hold a stake in each other’s fortunes as Nintendo makes a move into the mobile market. The partnership will see some of Nintendo’s leading games reimaging for a portal paradise and many believe this will invigorate the fortunes of both companies. Although projections suggest mobile gaming will be a $100 billion industry by 2017, some of the leading players are not immune to downswings.

Despite being one of the most downloaded mobile apps of all time, Angry Birds and its development company, Rovio, are suffering a drop in revenue. Although the company is far from trouble, the dip in takings suggests that the mobile market may not be expanding as fast as some believe. For this reason, the working relationship between Nintendo and DeNA could signal a new trend in the gaming world. Although many will still argue that the mobile market is now the dominant force, it might be the case that the lines between console and portable gambling will become increasingly blurred over the next five years.


Top games inspired by TV shows

Top games inspired by TV shows

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. There seems to be no shortage of crazy ideas for video games, and when you consider that two of the biggest ever titles were focused on the lead characters of a slightly tubby Italian plumber called Mario and a blue spherical hedgehog called Sonic, it’s no surprise that developers are seeking ever more wild sources of inspiration.

However, there is one area that games makers keep returning to and that is the TV series tie-in. There’s good reason for this too. The TV shows will already have a dedicated fanbase, and the marketing of the game can also benefit greatly from the instantly recognisable brand.

So which TV related games have had the greatest success? Here are a few of the best.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

buffy the vampire slayer

The Buffy hit had a good run on a variety of consoles with releases on the XBox, PS2, Nintendo DS and – if you can remember it – the Game Cube. It’s a natural TV show tie in with an instantly identifiable heroine, comic-book action and a steady supply of vampires to destroy. Whilst it never quite managed to ape the success of the similar Tomb Raider format, it did offer good entertainment for the most ardent of Buffy Fans.

X Files


Another hit series of the 90s that made an admirable leap into the world of gaming was the X Files. In this you saw the classic pairing of Mulder and Scully investigating paranormal murder activity in a spooky town, and whilst the PS2 action may seem a touch dated now, it was a good attempt at Resident Evil-styled gaming.

Game of Thrones


A more modern twist on the TV series game tie-in can be found in the Game of Thrones franchise. This wildly popular fantasy show has seen its characters populate a variety of games over many different platforms. So now you can play Game of Thrones slot machines and score some big bonuses, as well as immerse yourself in the highly-realistic experience offered by the PS4 and X Box One.

Top Gear


And whilst it may not seem like the most suitable TV show to enter the gaming fray, the makers of BBC’s Top Gear have used the online environment to boost the show’s profile through gaming. Now, via the BBC website, you can download a variety of apps for your mobile that will enable you to Race The Stig, experience the infamous Top Gear Stunt School, and even be judged on your parking skills!


5 Mobile Android Games Worth Checking Out

5 Mobile Android Games Worth Checking Out

smart phone online gaming

Android owners with even a passing interest in video games have a lot to be excited about. Smart devices are more capable than ever when it comes to handling the necessary technical aspects of gaming, which has led to some seriously impressive results.

However, beyond gorgeous graphics, what it all really boils down to is whether or not the game is actually any fun to play. Not only that, but is it easy to boot up and enjoy whenever you get the urge/some free time? Or is it something that bogs down your device and only incites frustration? Well, with the help of this post, you’ll be sure to avoid any aggravation and simply enjoy your experience, because we can all use more time for relaxation. Here are five mobile games worth checking out on your Android device—and they’re all free.

Bad Piggies

If you have played/heard of the wildly popular Angry Birds, chances are you’ll be familiar with the main characters of Rovio’s Bad Piggies. While the pigs are once again after the birds’ eggs, this time they’re on the attack. Basically, you must use your knowledge of physics and problem-solving capabilities to build machines and steer the pigs to their final destination. It’s a little tricky but ultimately a ton of fun once you get used to it.

Disco Zoo

Disco Zoo, created by the team at NimbleBit, takes gamers back to the days of playing Battleship with your friends and family. However, it ditches the naval warfare approach and opts for something sillier, though equally challenging. Like you did in Battleship, you’re trying to discover the hidden pieces (or animals, in this case) and eventually throw a disco party. Yes, it’s absurd, but it’s a lot of fun, too.

Betfair Bingo

Continuing the throwback feel created by Disco Zoo, Betfair bingo embodies the anyone-can-play dynamic of a game that can be traced back to the 16th century. On the Betfair gaming platform, though, everything is modern and stylish. Also, newcomers are offered sign-up bonuses, there’s a chance to play for charity, and you can even win some serious cash. This isn’t your grandma’s bingo, though she, too, could learn to play it pretty quickly.

Pocket League Story 2

Football fans, rejoice, because the cartoon-y Pocket League Story 2 is one of the best sim-based sports games available right now. Developed by Japan’s Kairosoft, the title centers on all the aspects of the sport outside of actually playing it. The goal is to grow your team from local heroes to international superstars, all through obtaining the best players, building your own facilities, and nurturing your squad.

Nightbird Trigger X

And now for what’s easily the prettiest game on here, Nightbird Trigger X offers fast-paced, pick-up-and-play action for gamers wanting a little more excitement. There’s a lot going on in this title from COLOPL, but it’s an addictive and ever-expanding (through updates) experience worth playing. If you can’t get enough of it, you can always go back and play the previous entries in the Nightbird Trigger series.

So there you have it, five games for your Android that are free to play and sure to eat up any and all of your free time. Did we miss a game that you think should make the list? Make a case for it in the comments section!

Does Ronaldo Really Have Such Fancy Finger-work?

Does Ronaldo Really Have Such Fancy Finger-work?


Ronaldo, pictured here, stars in his very own PokerStars ad, image from Wikipedia

Former AC Milan striker and footballing legend Ronaldo has just surpassed his first year’s anniversary since becoming a brand ambassador for the casino company PokerStars. Despite being more well-known these days ‘The Brazilian Ronaldo’, after the emergence of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the player rolled back the years and showed some applaud-able skills with several poker chips during his first advertisement for the company. Only there was one problem, the skill was no longer with his feet, but with his fingers.

The ad shows the Samba star flicking, spinning, throwing and catching a poker chip around between his fingers, before dazzling the camera by seemingly pulling three chips from what originally just one. The ad was used to promote PokerStars and their free poker online to what was a booming South American audience at the time. Considering Ronaldo’s achievements in football, it was a no-brainer that the poker company chose him as an ambassador, with his popularity across the region, in particular in his homeland of Brazil, a seemingly everlasting bond.

There is however, debate over the ad. Was it really Ronaldo who displayed those enticing tricks on camera for 30-seconds plus, before revealing himself to us? Was it in fact a double, in the same sleek and suite attire as the former Brazilian international who was twiddling the chips about his fingers, before stepping aside for Ronaldo to take the glory?

The answer is; that we don’t exactly know. And more to the point, we don’t exactly care. For you see, when Ronaldo revealed himself to the camera as PokerStars newest ambassador, many rejoiced at the tricks he had just displayed with several poker chips. It brought back memories of his wonderful skills and tricks with a football during his career, despite the fact these new moves were conducted with entirely different body parts. The simple fact is; it was almost a renaissance of what the two time World Cup winner was capable of. After all, it takes some serious skill, magic and trickery to rise above a pack of footballers to earn’s “Player of the Decade” award.

In reality, it likely is a stunt (we say stunt, but it was hardly a stunt unless you factor in the risk of broken nails and strained fingers!) double who undertook the task of flicking and flipping the chips before our very eyes. But, for the most part, it is a thing to behold to simply presume that the former great footballer, who was a magician with his feet when playing, can replicate that sort of skill with his fingers and is simply, a truly gifted individual.

Penguin Ahoy ! FREE App

I thought I would share this new fun Penguin game with you.

This is a FREE app (the kind I like the best) available through the Apple App store.

Penguin Ahoy! Screenshots_Page_2

The game is very simple a little Penguin has sneaked on-board a  Royal Caribbean ship, the aim is to get as far as you can without getting caught.

The user is encouraged to avoid sprinklers, dodge basketballs, and slide under inflatables to keep the penguin running for as long as possible without being caught by the crew.

Easy to play with simple touch and swipe controls, users can also invite and compete with their friends to see who can collect the most coins, cupcakes, special powers and gain extra lives. How far can you run? Are you the best?

Penguin Ahoy! Screenshots_Page_5


Here is a promotional trailer for the game.


This App is from Royal Caribbean International, in partnership with Hi Mum! Said Dad a mobile marketing agency based in London.



Tomb Raider – 101 ways to die!


To say Tomb Raider is brutal would be like saying Hitler wasn’t caring. Set in the Dragons Triangle (South Japan) you play out the origin story of the badass we all love Lara Croft, only she’s not quite the awesome Lara most will know her for. Thats a far cry, you play the young hopeful archaeologist Lara Croft, which gives the game this bitter sweet flavour to it – I want to be that badass Lara I knew when I was young…. but she’s going to have to be beaten to a pulp first (very cruel to be kind).
As the bright eyed, eager and clean behind the ears Lara starts out she’s on a boat, but that won’t last long, its unfortunate you can’t play the opening scene as I feel it would certainly help give some panic to the game and disorientate players as they try to flee and now sinking vessel as well as learn to get to grips with the world of Tomb Raider, unfortunately this isn’t the case. That isn’t to say however you miss out, whilst Lara fights to reach the shore you are able to admire the beauty that surrounds you which is a brilliant dynamic that I feel never ends as each new area in the game feels very different but also at home and just in the right place.
Looking at story I’m actually very happy & always intrigued. Given Lara is an archeologist many of the things she was originally trying to find before `you` arrived are shrouded in legend and myth which does lead to some very interesting questions you’ll end up asking, such as “holy hell what’s that batman?!”.
As well as the Myth and curiosity side of Tomb Raider there is Lara’s own progression which as I already said is brutal. Lara can die in well over 100 ways I bet and the cinematic ones (as opposed to you falling off a cliff for whatever reason – you saw something shiny, took acid and thought you could fly, whatever it is) are particularly gruesome what with pikes being thrust through Lara’s Jaw and up up up through her skull all the way to being caught in a cave where a boulder is going to squish her spine like a boot does an Ant. Lara’s journey is one about realising who she is and what she is capable of and most definitely what she can take on (To everyone who said its sexist and the Dev’s just want to see Lara in pain – you’re the one not finishing the game and making Lara the victor, the badass, the legend). Seriously though as someone who thought they could take gruesome images – virtual ones made me squirm in my chair and be determined to beat the game.
Looking at the story of the island and not so much Lara, I eventually got a sense of being almost in Lost (which subsequently made me decide to pick up from Season 4 and finish the blasted series). You are not the only inhabitants of this Island. There are `others`, these others initially cast a new look at the game, who can you trust? which quickly is answered by gunfire – so not them. The others are a cult of some sort lead by a Father Mathias – you’ll find many paintings over the island on rock faces (some just to help you) that are creepy – “Fear the demons”, “Father Mathias set us free”, “The storm is watching”. These messages feed the idea of myths and legends, some sort of cult and also a sense of being stranded even more than you realise with that last one, add in the games very good soundtrack that creates the feeling of unease very well and the smallest sound will freak you out – the game in quite a clever manner always seems `too quiet` in that hollywood sense of “I’m going to get jumped any second by something”.
If you do find yourself enjoying the story of the island I implore you to search for the relics hidden in each area (documents from periods of time & items from the eras) all of which add a layer of extra unease of that the Island is `aware`.
Tomb Raider really does have a lot going for it in terms of story, in terms of gameplay apart from being pulverised Lara will as time goes on gain access to some very useful pieces of kit, my favourite of which is the bow – she does get a pistol but not the dual ones that seem iconic with the TR brand.
These new pieces of kit make combat easier & also allow you to traverse the island to larger and larger degrees and allow you to go back and collect what you may have missed – which can be annoying but the game quite awesomely links up previous area’s at times, so that Camp you came across 2 camps ago, is only 1 minute from the one you’ve just found. This is a nice addition to a game that has the mechanic of “go back and explore” as they make it easy on the player which not many games do.
Upgrades for your gear is found through story and also through something called Salvage which can be gained through crates, animals & others (providing you have certain skill points), you collect salvage and when you have enough you can improve your pistol/rifle/shotgun/bow at camp. Upgrades are relatively bog standard for the most part – larger mags, higher accuracy at longer ranges etc.
You can also upgrade Lara through Skill Points which can be spent in 3 areas Survivor (focusing on extra xp & loot from kills), Hunter (better adapt and dealing with guns) and Brawler (looking at things like taking higher amounts of damage).
Both Skill Points and Upgrades are done at Camp. Camps are found throughout the game and generally define an area (i.e. 1 per area almost), here you can upgrade gear and Lara, Lara can record her journal and also you may fast travel between camps (not always necessary as the map does link up with previous camps as I said above).
Moving away from Camp, each Area in the game as well as having Relics/Documents also has challenges – light all 10 statues, break 6 lamps etc. This does mean that each new area can seem daunting as there are many collectibles, there are the challenges and also the actual story, so it can be a bit uncertain at first as to if you have found everything. Luckily however Lara has `Environmental Awareness`, this means that a tap of the Left Bumper (or whatever key) will instantly highlight areas of importance (and items given the right skill points) and have you quickly back on the right path which is very helpful as the game continues.
Finally fighting in Tomb Raider is fine and flows quite well, however when in cutscenes Tomb Raider decided to use Quick Time Events which always have me on edge. However they are used few and far between, at appropriate moments and without having to mash a button faster than Usain Bolt running the 100m. My only qualm with the QTEs in this game is that they are all the same button which does mean instead of being surprised by a random `B` or `X` I just have to time hitting `Y` and its just not as immersive.
Overall Tomb Raider is a great game and a welcome return to magnificent form, a must buy for everyone (especially with the Steam Sale imminent), the story feels like legends stepping out of a book and Lara finding her feet through blow after blow.
Truly enough good things can’t be said about the game.
Thank you so much for reading

Tomb Raider – 9/10



If you love Puzzles you will love the free app “Can You Escape”

can you escape

If you love Puzzles you will love the free app “Can You Escape”

It’s available for Iphone, Ipad and Android users which will keep everyone happy.  This is currently a free app with constantly updating rooms.

The purpose of the game is to break out of the room you are in.  This is done by solving the puzzles and finding the hidden objects which are used in the room to help you leave and advance to the next floor.

For instance in the first room you have to solve a picture puzzle which opens a cupboard to give you a handle for the draw, in the draw is a screwdriver to open the vent, behind the vent is a safe, solve the combination open the safe and there is a key to unlock the door to access the next level.

You get the idea, look around the room and click on objects to enlarge them and look for clues.

There are 10 levels at the moment with another 5 promised soon

can you escape room


  • Free to install and play
  • Fun and challenging game that will sharpen your powers of observation.
  • Increasing difficulty with each level.


  • Not enough levels only 10 at the moment which is very quick to finish although more promised soon
  • Like most apps they are funded by adverts which I suppose if you can live with them lets you play the game for free (a payment of will remove the adverts) but it does give you the chance to try before you commit.
  • Adding more levels will also incur a cost but if you like the game this shouldn’t be too bad.

Overall an excellent and addictive app but they need more levels as it is completed quickly and once you have lost your players it’s hard to get them back. Candy Crush have the right idea keep the interest by having many levels although probably too many.

As its free give it a go if you like solving puzzles you will love “Can You Escape”

Why the iPhone 5 is great for gaming

apple iphone 5

Why the iPhone 5 is great for gaming

The mobile phone is something that many people cannot live without these days because they do nearly everything on them from looking up information to talking to their friends and family. With full internet access you can research nearly anything on a mobile phone without having to change to PC, as well as this you can also watch films and listen to music never having to touch another device. What is most impressive is their ability to play games; the App Store on most modern phones is filled to the brim with thousands of games that you can download and play at any time. Online casino games have become incredibly popular with mobile phone gamers due to just how easy they are to play and how entertaining they can be.

One company that is a leader in mobile phones is Apple. Many people like their phones because of how intuitive they are to use, and Apple have continued to create many of the ways in which we use our phones these days such as the touchscreen, swiping or multi-finger inputs – before this touchscreen phones had always been clunky and hard to use. Since then many game developers have found that making games with touchscreen controls is a better way to import player commands.

Apple recently released their latest iPhone – the iPhone 5. This is the best iPhone to date due to the technology inside of it, as well as the updates to the operating system. With a 1.2 GHz dual core it has the power of a small laptop, with all this power behind it, everything on the OS is set to run smoother than ever. The stunning visual display and high sound quality make the iPhone 5 a great platform for gaming, this coupled with the app store back tracking and making online casino sites such as Jackpot City legal means there are now more games than ever available at the touch of a button.

Remember Me; Who’d Forget?

Remember Me is an awesome linear story set in Neo-Paris in the future where memories have been commoditised and can be shared with everyone. You play Nilin a memory hunter whose hunting her own memories as she’s been `wiped`.
The game starts out with an advertisement for a Sensen, this is the tool that lets people remember every single event in your past and that of others who are willing to share theirs. You wake up in this horribly white and medicinally clean setting that gives it an uneasy vibe already. Your first task; Escape.
The general game has a look & feel of the most recent Deus Ex with Total Recall thrown in especially given the memory angle. So the population of Neo-Paris has become addicted to their Sensens – understandable I think, depressives will wallow and replay the events that put them there and those who are truly happy may become obsessed with chasing previous feelings.
So in this 2084 future you have to find out who you truly are. Once you finish your fist task there is a news flash talking of your epic departure but seeing as you and your character are both being reintroduced to this world its unsettling to see this news flash describe you as a terrorist. Just who is Nilin? Who are you?
In terms of gameplay Remember Me is a mixed bag that comes out surprisingly enjoyable. In terms of fighting you’ll have to deal with hand-to-hand for the entirety of the game which is refreshing given the industry’s simple and easy power-fantasy fascination with guns. Nilin is incredibly acrobatic with her fighting style (imagine maybe Batman’s Arkham Series). Also as you fight an awesome soundtrack kicks in which you may not notice at first but is quite catchy – I was trying to get in fights just to hear the song by the end.
As your memory comes back so does your fighting abilities which ties in nicely to gameplay & story. This takes shape in Nilin remembering different combo lay outs and some fantastic special maneuvers.  One really fun part of the combos Nilin remembers is that you’ll only ever remember 4 (which is sucky at first) however what makes them to the core awesome is that they are customisable. This means that the combo set maybe XXX or XYYXYY but Nilin has `Pressens`, Pressens are different punches/kicks meaning that any combo you remember you can then choreograph which is incredibly refreshing and lets you change up gameplay to how you want it. Remember however that at times it is very hard to pull off the longer combos which does create a level of frustration as you desperately try to land that last punch only to be hit off balance at the last second.
Pressens allow you to choreograph a combo but there’s a little more to it than that. Pressens can take on 4 different types – Damage, Regen, Cooldown & Linked. Damage Pressens allow for heavier damage to foes, Regen Pressens allow for you to regain health that may be lost in combat (maybe not sensible but makes the game compact and forces you to change fighting to what you need), Cooldown Pressens reduce the cooldown time of Nilins specials moves (though even when at 0 you need `Focus` to execute these moves), and finally Link Pressens are merely a multiplier for the previous move so if the previous Pressen was a damage one then it does double damage, if a regen you get double health back etc.
Pressens are unlocked by buying them with PMP (procedural mastering points) which you gain from fighting. You’ll need to unlock Pressens if you want to have several combos as a Pressen can only be used in one combo at a time.
As you run & climb around Neo-Paris you’ll find patches for either Health, or Focus or even that just add some extra information about the world around you. What is cool about these patches is that tiny screens pop up around the world with a picture of where the patch is located and you have to find it based solely on that.
One thing that was slightly annoying however about exploring what little there was to explore (the game is very linear) is that the camera handling is quite old school, so its not always 3rd person, you may round a corner and now you have to deal with an aerial camera, its a minor thing but personally its abit annoying.
Since Remember Me is based heavily around memories, your own and that of others, they added a very cool mechanic that is employed via story and not choice but that is the `Memory Remix`. This is where you go into an enemies mind, watch how they remember a scene then rewind through it altering data to make them think something else happened due to the changes you’ve made – As cool as this mechanic is, it does result in some tragic consequences made all the worse by the fact you HAVE to do it to progress the story, but if you can feel that then it shows some powerful story telling at play, so take with one hand and give with another.
Talking about the writing however, in places it does seem strange. There is admittedly good voice acting as you can feel the exasperation that is displayed in Nilin as she desperately tries to recover `herself` but still some bits seem odd and probably should have been changed for instance you are displayed as a terrorist by the news and those you fight, however they call you Errorists which just felt a little sloppy in terms of writing.
In cutscenes Nilin reflects on what has happened in her mission and deals with the consequences of how that makes her feel. These cutscenes are set in this weird mindscape where there are disjointed blocks that float up to support her feet. It is a great layout and one that had me clamouring to just be able to walk around in it for a minute. To give an example of how it feels imagine being in Assassins Creed Animus but the floor moves like it would in Bastion.
Overall Remember Me despite its limitations is a fantastic game and one I definitely recommend playing. There are several quite philosophical things I took away from it as well. As the game revolves around memory and you have the ability to change minor things and major things in those memories – Did things happen the way you remember them?
If you had your entire memory wiped away but gained it back would you arrive at the same conclusions you did before or would you look back at yourself in distust with how you acted?
However at its heart I think Remember Me is about remembering what is important which is family, friends and that things should be remembered and not forgotten even in the most painful of thoughts.

Remember Me 8/10
Thanks for reading :)


Fred Garrett-Jones

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