FLUD Announce Big Changes

FLUD have just sent an email to myself and (presumably) the rest of the FLUD community, announcing a complete change in direction and user interface changes.

Accompanying the email is a trailer for the changes which are to take place some time in the near future, no date is given. The video explains that the new FLUD is going to become a platform where colleagues can share what they are reading with each other, speeding up the workplace.

This and other features (see video) are all going to be released in the form of yet another amazing UI designed by the FLUD team. FLUD was one of the first news readers available for iPad and has continued to create brilliant updates to stay ahead of the competition. The current UI is fantastic, but this new one looks incredible.

It also seems like they have a new logo which is displayed at the end of the promotional video, personally I prefer the current one but it really doesn’t make a difference to the user experience.

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