Calling All Designers for the 2015 Honor Smartphone Design Competiton.

Honor Design Competition 2015

Honor is looking for designers to help re-imagine the icons, wallpaper and back cover for their latest flagship device the Honor 6.

For all the details and a chance to enter the competition with a 1st prize of £3,000, Honor 6, accessories pack and more: Click on the link enter Honor Design Competition 2015.

If you know a designer who this will be really suited to entering this great competition please forward them details of the competition.

What is the Honor 6

Honor - white (3)

The Honor 6 is a smartphone but as they say and I quote “Honor is not afraid to do things differently and bring about change with a bold new device for a new digital world”

Well its a smartphone with a 5.0″ high HD screen, 75.7% screen to body ratio and 13MP rear facing camera and a 5MP front facing camera. – For full details and specs see Honor 6

So what do I think of the Honor 6, well I will be giving it a thorough test and using it every day as my smartphone and I will be giving you a full report in a later post.  For now your job is to just get designing and heading over to Honor Design Competition 2015 for the full competition details.

Don’t forget to look our for my full review on the Honor 6 and to enter the competition for a chance to win the £3000 1st prize and a Honor 6 Smartphone.

Good Luck.

Rob Boyle


7 Revolutionary Home Smart Devices

7 Revolutionary Home Smart Devices

home devices

It’s amazing what a little ingenuity can do to regular household items. Just add Bluetooth and Wi-Fi specs and everything is literally transformed.  So what are the latest smart gadgets available for today’s modern homes? Take a look at these top 7 items:

1.   Doorbot Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell

MSRP: $199

wifi doorbell

Pranksters beware: the days of playing ring and run are over! The new Doorbot Smart Doorbell isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill doorbell. It features an adjustable video camera with night vision and runs off of a Wi-Fi Internet connection. Doorbot allows you to remotely see and talk to visitors at your front door via a smartphone or tablet.

2.    OKIDOKEYS Classic Smart-LockMSRP: $199

door lock

The OKIDOKEYS smart lock allows you to lock/unlock your home doors via both iOS and Android smartphones. What’s great about this specific device is that you can customize how you want your door to be unlocked; it even allows several hands-free modes.

And if you are worried about security, don’t be. It’s built with an advanced encryption technology that is comparable to military security. The smart lock also has a built-in alarm that goes off with any forced tampering. You can select to receive notifications on your Internet-enabled device whenever the door is unlocked—regardless of your physical location.

3.    Belkin WeMo Light Switch

MSRP: $49.99

light switch

Ever wish you could turn off the lights without having to get up or cross the room? That’s exactly what the Wi-Fi enabled Belkin WeMo does. Using your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, you can remotely turn your lights on or off and also set them on a timer. The only real requirement for the WeMo switch is that it works with just one-way connection lights and needs a neutral wire.

4.    P2P Smoke Detector Wi-Fi Wireless IP DVR Digital Video Recorder Camera

smoke detector


It’s not a real smoke detector, but a well-hidden Wi-Fi DVR digital video camera with video capabilities. When so many things can happen these days, it’s nice to have home monitoring surveillance.  The camera features an AVI video format/VGA resolution of 640 x 480 and has a digital signal. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

5.    Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

MSRP: $329.95

wifi dog fence

As any dog owner knows, fences are expensive— even if you go with an electric fence. But now, things have apparently changed with the Perimeter Technologies wire-free, Wi-Fi dog fence. How it works: transceivers link the dog collar to a wire-free “smart” station. It safely reinforces the established property boundaries and tracks your dog’s location. If something were to happen, notifications are sent to you via text or email.

6.    WallyHome Water Leak Detection System

MSRP: $299

water leak

The WallyHome Water Leak Detection system detects water leaks, humidity levels and the temperature within your home. Sensors transmit the data to your smart device via push notifications, email or text. What it essentially does is prevent large problems, such as mold, from happening. The detection system features both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

7.    RainMachine – The Forecast Sprinkler – Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

MSRP: $249

rain machineThis device has several useful purposes: 1) monitors the weather with 7-day forecasting and 2) enables outdoor sprinkler programming. The end result allows you to conserve on water consumption— since it automatically adjusts the sprinkler based on the weather forecast (obtained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).
The device featureses a 6.5” touch screen and wirelessly connects to iOS and Android devices via an easy-to-use App. The sprinkler can control up to 12 different zones and the unit is resistant to outdoor weather elements.

If you are looking to revamp how your home operates—both inside and out; these seven devices will do just the trick. Modern and practical in nature, these devices do much more than look cool.

Andrea Fisher is a digital marketer and content specialist for Cable and Internet Bundles. She has been published in a variety of publications, including the Chicago Tribune and Business Insider.

15 Amazing Android Icon Packs

supernova icon pack

Here’s a collection of some amazing android icons packs that you can download to your Android phone. Some are available as a direct download from the Google Play Store but most of them require being manually installed.

Just click the image to be taken to the source!

[amazon_link asins=’B00F91XGB0,B01L9J8K1Q,B00CB5C5FU,B00L3LZZ3W’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’geehavlan00-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’0e86bc37-c70a-11e6-8e44-2d42d3cde304′]

ICS Android Icons

Leather Android Icons

Fusion HD Android Icons

mnmlrounds android icons

lucidrounds android icons

colored rounds android icons

android hd android community

blawb android icons

nokia n9 android icon

skwared android icons

skwared vol 2 android icons

cold fusion android icons

illest icons

mad curvillicious

Personalise Your Home With Posters


Other ways to bring your favourite films and TV shows into your home

Who says your favourite films or TV series are limited to your screen? How a home is decorated says a lot about the person who lives there and there are plenty of reasons to embellish your home with all the good visual memories and scenes that pop culture has given us over the years. Ideally, production companies would love fans to decorate their homes with movie merchandise as they generate marketing and royalty potential. But if you are not too keen on saving up for expensive collectable items, purchasing posters can be an inexpensive alternative. There are a number of ways to personalise your home with them and only cost a couple of £’s, whether you buy them at a video store, second hand or online.


Personalising your home with movie posters

Take the opportunity to really let your personality shine through; add some life to those boring white walls with the face of your idolised movie character or film poster. Thankfully for those with no clue on interior design, a simple poster (or posters), can do wonders in livening up a room. The combinations really are endless with Homedit providing a few pointers on making the most out of setting them up in your house. Having a theme, even spacing layout or having them framed are ways to have them pop out and make them a centerpiece of a particular space.


TV series taking the limelight

Funnily enough, it is not just movies and movie posters that are in demand. TV series as well have really made a comeback over the years with well-written and produced shows making its mark on news platforms and internet forums. Channels like HBO, and the UK’s Channel 4 and BBC One are living proof of this with series like Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Wire engaging millions of fans from all over the world with their high production and interest in breaking down the boundaries of TV show conformities. An example of its popularity? The Guardian reports BBC making £181.6m alone from merchandise.

With winter coming up, now is definitely the time to make a list of favourite series to watch. If you haven’t managed to see these series out yet, we highly recommend you to as they make a delightful chance to the same-old reality TV show. Who knows? You might even find yourself becoming a fan and splashing out on a TV show poster or figurine?

Blogger: WordPress Theme of the Week #1


WordPress is an amazing platform for people who want to get into the website game. Many of the biggest blogs and websites in the world now use WordPress as a way to manage their site, as it is very easy to operate and has almost limitless possibilities in terms of design. Sony, Playstation, CNN are just some of the popular brands that use the CMS service, which is also used to manage Geeks Have Landed.

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WordPress for Android Updated with Holo UI


Bloggers rejoice! Today, the WordPress application for Android has finally been updated with a new interface which is finally bearable to look at. The new interface has finally joined on with the holo design guidelines set in place by Google for Android applications, and it is a massive improvement over that last version, which was practically unusable.

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Simple Paypal Android App Concept

simple paypal app concept

Personally, I think that the Paypal application for Android is currently one of the best designs available on the platform, however that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. The current design is clearly designed with iOS in mind, using old-fashioned textures and brown shades to look classy. Moe Slah has created this concept, which uses simple colours to make an extremely simple and easy-to-use looking application.

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