Blaupunkt DJ112 Silver Edition Headphones – Review


There are few headphones out there that match the sheer quality and appeal of the superbly stylish Blaupunkt DJ112. With its smart retro design and superior comfort, listening is well and truly made easy thanks to its wonderfully rich bass tones that significantly improve your music playback.

It’s wonderfully chunky, fabric lead with extremely generous length means it does not tangle with ease allowing for a stress free set up! However, the shape of the phones are both its best and worst enemy, the appealing retro microphone style that the earphones adopt unfortunately sacrifice ‘on ear’ placing and are unable to completely wrap around the curvature of ones side of head.

This being only a minor downfall, We would have to agree that the pros by far outweigh the cons in this case, these headphones top the scales of awesomeness and receive the much coveted pat on the back from the reviewing team!

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Thanks to MobileFun for sending these out to review!


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