Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, First Clip of jOBS

ashton kutcher steve jobs

ashton kutcher steve jobs

The decision to have Ashton Kutcher portray the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been a controversial one. His recent films have all been comedies, most of which have been flops in the eyes of critics. I’ve always felt it seems like he plays the same character in each film, but am really eager to see how he plays Steve Jobs, as the two do look-alike.

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Siri Almost Belonged To Android, Then Apple Ruined Everything

siri steve jobs

In 2011, Apple revealed a voice assistant named ‘Siri’, which quickly became a household name due to its popularity. It was released with the iPhone 4S, and for many people was the main selling point on the device which had only been tweaked since the last generation. However, although this was Siri’s biggest stage, it wasn’t the first time it had been revealed to the public.

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Google Maps Becomes Top Free iOS App

Google Maps Tops iOS Chart

Well, this is another kick in the teeth for Apple. Just hours after the re-release of Google Maps, it’s sitting right a the top of Apple’s free downloads section in the App Store. Despite Apple’s best efforts to keep it under wraps by not including it in the maps section, Google Maps has made a huge impact in the App Store. However it may not be all bad for Apple, as reported by TechCrunch, the safety of having a working maps application will prompt many users to finally make the jump to iOS 6.

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iOS: StatNut, Beautifully Track Your Social Stats

StatNut Homepage

StatNut is a brilliantly designed application for iPhone which allows you to track the stats of your social network accounts in a colourful and easy to read user interface. StatNut currently supports Dribbble, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook, so you can keep of how many followers, views and friends you have on the appropriate platforms.

StatNut is available on iTunes for just 69p, or $0.99 in the US.

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