Google Now Widget Spotted in Documentation

nexus tablet google now

nexus tablet google now

Here’s a neat little feature which could be making an appearance on Android in the near future. A widget version of Google Now, which displays a round-up of your cards, has been spotted on Google’s support pages, which has since been removed.

google now widget

Personally, I really like the current method of accessing the entire app from the lockscreen, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a widget summarising the day.

It’s hard to know when we can expect to see this widget released, but now that it’s been leaked I doubt Google will keep it in the dark for much longer.

Source: Android Central

Epic Citadel Launches on Android

epic citadel for android

epic citadel for android

Epic Citadel has launched on Android, and is now available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The app is more of a demonstration of the Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, which has created a simply stunning medieval kingdom for you to walk around in first person. Previously, Epic Citadel was only available on iOS, however now that it’s made the jump it can be viewed on the latest popular Android tablets, such as the Nexus 10, which has an incredible screen for viewing applications like this.

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