Blue Yeti Microphone – First Thoughts

yeti blue microphone



Ok so I knew I wanted to do some talk through guides and eventually start my own podcast, so I listen to some experts including Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income about which microphone to buy and he recommended the Yeti Blue USB Microphone.

Before I continue with my thought I conducted a little test so you could listen for yourself.

This is the first test using just the built in microphone supplied with my ASUS laptop.

View in a full window (this link will open the video in the same tab so remember to click back when you have finished watching)

laptop mic demo

Now listen to the Blue yeti mic


View in a full window (this link will open the video in the same tab so remember to click back when you have finished watching)

yeti blue demo

So to give you more of a demo of this mic I have recorded a little bit more:

testing Yeti Mic 23 Jan 2015


Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Silver Edition

So I think everyone can agree the difference is night and day between your laptop mic and a professional mic especially if you are thinking of using it to communicate with your audience.

Let me know your thoughts or what microphones you use, I would love to hear your comments.


Thanks for listening







iPhone 5 Cases which are out of this world !


Doctor Who Police Box

iPhone 5 Cases Something Different

Don’t you just love a iPhone case that is just a little bit different to the main high street stores and this is what I have found at ‘The Dairy’

The Dairy’s (own words)

‘Slap some personality into your favourite geek device and break through the ranks of uniformity with our amazing case designs or even create your own’.

I was trying to find a new case for my iPhone 5s when I came across this fantastic iPhone store based in Australia called ‘The Dairy’  (Don’t worry they ship all over the world for free) which had an absolutely fantastic range of cases not just for the iPhone but the following devises.

Cases available for:

  • iPhone 4/4s
  • iPhone 5/5s
  • iPod Touch 4th Gen onwards
  • iPad 2 onwards
  • iPad Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S / S2 / S3 / S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note

The Dairy is a 100 % Australian company with all the designs made and printed in OZ.

The company is all about fun and bringing personality back into the mobile phone case world, after all we do carry our phones with us all the time (if you are anything like me you can’t live without it).  The Dairy’s high quality phone cases feature some of the best designs I have seen for a very long time they are stylish but also fun and very unique especially if you design your own.

The cases have been added to various collections, which is great if you want to check out a particular area which resonates with you.  Personally I just loved looking at the full range on the gallery as I wouldn’t want to overlook any designs

What I loved about this company is that the designs are absolutely fantastic like this Jelly Bean design, they also have a range called the The Candy Shop including Gummy Bears, Smarties etc.



The very best feature is the design your own case how about showing your baby pics, holiday snaps or wedding photo’s and if you have the money get a case to match your outfit for the night now that is living the high life.

matching dress

Technical Stuff

Every one of our polycarbonate cases is printed using the latest sublimation technology that allows designs to be embedded onto the casing. This is NOT your regular sticker affair but a high-tech process that ensures you get a durable, long lasting case you can use for ages (yep the image won’t fade or rub off, not like those cheap and dodgy cases). – Couldn’t have said it better myself



create a case





‘Geeks Have Landed’ would look fantastic on a case or even our logo on :

geeks have landed case









I’m liking this 

Plenty of designs available, or just create your own and free delivery although you might have to wait a couple of weeks depending on where you live, and with Christmas coming up that has to be one present in the bag.


Google Glasses Raise Concerns

google glasses

Google Glasses Raise Concerns

The concept is quite simple you were a pair of spectacles and this feeds the wearer information such as news, maps and also details about your surrounding you can even ask question when you looking at a building like when was Buckingham Palace Built.


There are concerns being raised though about the glasses ability to capture video and take photos with the wink your eye (just hope you don’t have a nervous twitch).  These are concerns are based on the privacy of the public and that is why Google has made the glasses very visible to other people while in use.

Google have tried to remove issues by stating the glasses won’t allow the following features:

  • Clearly visible to members of the public.
  • Won’t feature Face Recognition Software.
  • Banned Porn Apps that would allow users to view adult videos and pictures.
  • Won’t allow you to watch video filmed while wearing the glasses.
  • Encouraged developers to openly try to hack the glasses.

The glasses then will be useful to check your twitter or Facebook accounts, help with directions and identifying your surroundings, taking pictures and videos.

My thoughts.

Although the idea is interesting and certainly will have a lot of interest my thoughts are that you can do all this on a smartphone so you are not getting anything new that you don’t already carry around with you.

I wear glasses and I suppose if this technology was built into them then it wouldn’t be much different to me as I am used to glasses, but say you don’t wear glasses then to have this on your face might be a bit strange and also do you want to walk around viewing the world like Data from Star Trek.  Not me, sometimes I just like to go for a walk forget about technology and enjoy the surrounding without interruption (very calming)

Let me know your thoughts :

  • Do you love the idea and would love a pair
  • Do you hate the thought of wearing them and would rather stick to your smart phone.

Best MacBook Air cases and covers


When a hot Apple product hits the market, it has a tendency to spur a cottage industry of accessories. The MacBook Air is no exception, with several companies making MacBook Air 11 cases and covers.

Since the Air’s design hasn’t really changed in the last couple of years, most of the cases, covers, and sleeves that worked for the older 11- and 13-inch 2010 and 2011 models should work with the updated MacBook Air versions.

The first MacBook Air launched in 2008 and since then Apple has made each Air iteration slimmer, more powerful and more difficult not to want one. Whether you are planning to treat yourself to one or to make it a present for someone else, one of the key Mac accessories you will want to also grab is a case to keep it protected and out of sight. Whether it’s durability or sleekness that you are after, stylish MacBook Air 11 cases are here protect your investment.

As always, feel free to make your own suggestions for cases and covers you like and we’ll consider adding them in the next update.

This Bag Will Make You Feel Like You Live In a Cartoon

3D Cartoon Bag

Sometimes, life feels a bit too three-dimensional. All that depth perception, it gets tiring. Well, if you’re after a break, maybe you could get one of these bags and convince yourself that you live in some kind of 2-D cartoon instead.

This bag is just one of a range that all look like they’ve been dragged out of a 1980s cartoon. The secret, I guess, lies in the thick black borders. Most of the bags are targetted at girls, but there are a few that are designed for guys. Like this one which costs only £15.99. You can buy them online here.

All of our readers can use the discount code TENOFF to get 10% discount at checkout

GETINCASED | Custom phone cases.


I’m now very excited to announce that custom phone cases are available from GETINCASED! Yay! There are lots of different designs available for a range of phones – iPhones, Samsungs and Blackberrys!

I was very excited as my phone case was delivered super quickly, and i’m very pleased with it. The quality of the cases are lovely – they seem fairly flexible but also feel very durable and strong. The cases themselves fit my phone perfectly and were very easy to fit, and the image quality is very high, which means the design is beautifully clear, even all the tiny details! I’d definitely recommend them.

10% Discount Code for our readers: geekshavelanded

a-Jays Two Review

a-jays Two

The a-Jays Two are a basic, no-frills in-ear set of headphones with a pleasing neutral sound quality that suits most music genres.

The three new headphones share the same design as well as flat cables, but they feature different finishes and markings. The drivers on the cheapest a-Jays One has the dullest appearance, whereas Two has a glossy black look and the Three is rubber-coated. Two and Three have the model name imprinted on the cable near the buds–a good thing if you want people to notice the headphones you’re wearing.

Wires that trail from the bottom of the ear cups are designed in the traditional Y configuration. All three feature black cables but no slider to take up the cable slack. While the flat cables are flexible and reasonably long at 115cm, the flat design may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The flat design is good at reducing tangles, but tends to introduce microphonics as the cables are easily bent only on one axis. The 3.5mm plug is a straight affair and has a good amount of protection to prevent the cables from kinking. However, the cable protection on the earbuds is not as good as the one on the plug, as it may damage the cable because it kinks sharply at the cable exit.

The accessory bundle is different for the three models, too. Only five pairs of ear tips are included with One, while Two has an additional stereo splitter and an airplane adapter. The top-range Three adds a handy hard carrying case to the list.

All in, the a-Jays range puts up a good fight in an already saturated market. Just be aware that the cable protection isn’t as good as a few other offerings on the market, but the unique flat cables and choice of three different models for different tastes make the a-Jays an attractive consideration.

Sony SmartWatch Review





The Sony SmartWatch is a wrist-ready Android device with a 1.3in OLED screen. So the SmartWatch really is like having a tiny smartphone strapped to your arm. We can’t help but notice how similar it looks to the iPod nano, launched two years earlier. The screen resolution is rather low at only 128 x 128 pixels, about half that of the iPod nano’s 240 x 240 pixel display.

Whether it’s an intentional copy or not, the SmartWatch looks undeniably cool with its rounded corners, silver metal edge and glossy black fascia.

However, the SmartWatch is quite bulky at 12.8mm thick, making it tricky to fit underneath some clothing. It’s lightweight at just 40g with the wristband.

You don’t have to wear the SmartWatch on your wrist, though. It’s got a clip on the rear so you can attach it to whatever you want. It simply clips to the supplied wristband which comes in different colours but its rubber material means it can get quite clammy. Sony does supply an adapter which means you can instead use your own strap.

The Sony SmartWatch is a cool and attractive gadget, one that you want just for the sake of it. However, it’s more than just a shiny touchscreen watch offering plenty of apps and functionality. The downsides are a slightly bulky design and the need to charge it up regularly.

Apple iWatch: features, specs and more


We take a look at all the latest rumours circulating about Apple’s upcoming iWatch

Wearable tech is big business and looks to be one of the biggest trends of the coming year. Google has its glasses and Apple and Samsung have their respective watch projects. But how would an iOS-powered watch work? What would it do? And how much is it likely to cost?

Concrete information is decidedly thin on the ground at present but we do know the company has put together a highly skilled team including engineering director James Foster and program manager Adam Pantfoerder to work on the project – and we’re hearing that the whole thing is being overseen by none other than Sir Jony Ive – so it’s fairly safe to say that this is no half-hearted venture on Apple’s part.

So what can we expect in the way of USPs from Apple’s effort?


To say that little is known about the device’s rumoured spec would be a gross understatement. Apple has this project sewn-up tighter than a sardine’s swimming costume. What we do know is limited to scraps of gossip emanating from supply chain sources, as is always the case with unconfirmed up-and-coming devices.

The iWatch is believed to feature a curved – perhaps even flexible – 1.5-inch screen, fronted by an as-yet undetermined Corning product. Could it be the oft talked about Corning’s flexible Willow Glass? Perhaps. Multiple sources, including CNET, are reporting that Corning’s bendy-flexy display could appear on devices as soon as this year.

The device is also suspected to make heavy use of Bluetooth for syncing and communicating with larger devices like the iPad and iPhone. NFC is also a possibility in this regard also, bringing both connectivity and payment technology into the fray.


Current rumours suggest Apple is looking to give the device a full operating system, rather than a shrunk-down ‘lite’ offering. That means features like Siri, Apple Maps, iMessage and iCloud could make an appearance. Siri also seems like a no brainer at this stage.

We’d also expect hydrophobic and shock-proofing capabilities as standard aboard the iWatch. How many times have you jumped in the shower with your watch on?

Release Date

The rumour mill is divided over this one. Many so-called sources predict that the iWatch could be set for a Q1 2014 launch. Bloomberg disagrees, claiming the product will be with users around the end of 2013, just in time for Christmas.


There’s next to no information currently available about the device’s projected price-point. Knowing Apple, the device will retail with a premium price tag – anywhere from £200 to £800. And because it’s a watch, there’s plenty of scope for variations on design and build materials over time, meaning we could eventually see multiple types of iWatch aimed at varying price-points.

When Apple eventually do ship an “iWatch,” can anyone guess what Samsung’s next product will be?


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