How to Change the Color of Your Name in Minecraft

When you play Minecraft for a long time, you get bored having the same character.  You can also get bored having the same name. Many users are practicing a change of nickname.  After all, someone’s nick is unlucky, and someone is tired of it and he just wants a change. But only a few people know that not only the name itself can be changed, but also its color.  If you are interested in this issue, then the site, where there is a lot of useful information about Minecraft, will help you to find out more.  

Changing the color of a nickname will help the player to stand out among others, and the color can distinguish friends among other players on the server. In addition, it simply looks cool and unusual.

Formatting text in Minecraft uses formatting codes. Each of the format codes starts with the § symbol.  In order to enter this symbol, you need to press the Alt + 21 key combination.

There are various options for formatting the text.  You can format text in chat, text in a pen book, text in localization files, text in tables.  Also, the description of the server, the name of the world, the names of objects, the signature of objects (Lore), etc., are also edited.  

By default, text in games can be changed only in a pen book.  To do this, copy the § symbol, insert it into the book, then enter the desired symbol and write what you want.  

There are some programs that allow you to format text in chat, plaques and other places.  These are programs such as MCEdit and Essentials.

Text in Minecraft can be formatted according to two criteria – «color formatting» and «text formatting».  These two options can also be combined. For example, you can underline the text of a violet color.

To change the color of the username, you need to know the combination of characters that correspond to different colors.  The same combinations are also needed for text formatting:

  • §k – changing text;  
  • §I – bold;
  • §m – strikethrough;  
  • §n – underline;
  • §o – italic;  
  • §r – cancel the settings.  

In order to change the color of the text in the user’s name, you need to install the ColorMe plugin, because without installing it changing the color won’t work.  After we install the plugin, we will have the ability to use the following commands:

  • /colorme list – a command that displays the list of available colors;  
  • /colorme – the command that assigns the color needed to change the nickname.  

When you re-enter a command, it cancels the color and then returns it to the standard white color.  For example:

  • /colorme Xpress darkred – set the red color of the nickname;  
  • /colorme Xpress – return to the standard white color.  

There are also commands for administrators (using the Permissions plugin):

  • colorme.list – a command that displays a list of all available colors;  
  • colorme.self – a command that sets the color for your own nickname;  
  • colorme.other – a command that sets the color for a nickname of another player;  
  • colorme.remove – a command that returns the color of another player to the standard one.  

Below is a step-by-step process for changing the color of a user’s name.  

Firstly we go to the file manager (you can use ES Manager).  Find the «Games» folder, click on it and get another folder called «Com.moyang».  Click on this folder. There are two sections. They have the names «Minecraft pe» and «Minecraft Worlds». Select the «Minecraft pe» folder.

The selected folder contains three files: «clientid.txt», «external_servers.txt» and «option.txt».  We need the «option.txt» file. It can be opened with any text editor. After opening this file, we find the line «mp_username: YourNick».  We need to determine which color we want to choose for the character’s name. There are ten of them: black, blue, green, turquoise, red, purple, orange, light gray, dark gray and light blue.  

To apply one of the colors to the text, we return to our line «mp_username: YourNick» and put the cursor between the colon and the nickname.  After that, we insert the sign of the paragraph (§) and write the digit of the color we need. Save the document.

If you follow all the instructions correctly, then at the next entry in Minecraft you will see your name in the selected color.

Protect your smart home by encrypting your router

Smart home technology has been around almost as long as wi-fi but it’s only with the recent lowering of prices and the accessibility of built-in software such as Apple’s Home Kit that the market has really exploded. As such, we’ve not had much time to stop and take stock as well as ask ourselves the most important question: s it safe?

The answer to this is, as many answers on safety on the internet: ‘it depends.’

The battle for your data

There’s a constant and escalating war in computer technologies between those seeking to protect their stuff and those seeking to exploit it. Even technologies and protocols that have been around since the inception of the internet are constantly having to be refined and made more secure.

New technologies are the hacker’s Christmas, however, because a new technology usually has a lot more exploitable bugs and back-doors which haven’t been closed off yet, and because the users of these technologies aren’t yet savvy enough with them to know how to protect themselves fully.

Even in the short time that Smart Homes have been a part of the normal person’s vocabulary, there have been breaches of the software used to govern them.

How Hackable is a Smart Home?

In 2014, HP’s Fortify security division ran tests to determine how easy it was to hack certain Smart Home devices, including home and garage door locks. They found ‘shocking’ results – including an exploit in some of the password reset utilities which could allow the hackers to isolate active accounts to target.

However the main problem encountered is simply that seven out of the ten devices did not encrypt their data.

This immediately opens the door to both direct attack from hackers and also information profiling which can lead to targeted phishing and fraud attempts. Using a simple data-capture router (anyone can build on a $40 Raspberry Pi), it’s possible to capture network traffic that leaves the house to communicate with the smart devices servers.

If that data is not encrypted the hacker can then read and interpret the information, and know all kinds of things about your house – including what times your door is and isn’t locked, for instance.

What can you do about it?

So, if the problem is that the providers of these devices aren’t encrypting the data, what can we do?

There are three basic answers:

1: Don’t use Smart Home technologies.

Not much fun. Next.

2: Make sure that you buy only technologies that can confirm they encrypted data to, at least, 128 bits.


However, if you’ve already bought a ton of stuff it’s a pain to have to replace it and you’ve got to check every device.

That just leaves option 3:

3: Encrypt every single packet of data that leaves your network.

It’s no big challenge to see that option 3 is the sensible one.

Encrypted data is becoming more and more important in our day-to-day lives. It’s also incredibly easy to achieve for even basic computer users. Just get a VPN. It’s the best way to protect your smart home devices.

VPNs will encrypt all data leaving along its connection, and they’re considered nigh-unhackable in the modern world.

What if your router doesn’t support a VPN?

The only challenge you will need to be aware of is that your router will need to support VPN configuration. Sadly a lot of the free routers that come with your ISP won’t.

However, if you’re already willing to lay out for the Smart Home Technologies, be assured that it’s worth paying for a VPN enabled router and a VPN for it to go onto.

Configuring a VPN on your home router

Configuring a router to use VPN is actually incredibly easy if it supports it. You can usually find instructions on the routers manufacture page but here’s the basic break down.

1: Have a VPN

2: Get the user name and password from your VPN provider for use with “VPN”;”L2TP”;”PPTP” or “SOCKS”.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the terms. The unique password should work for all compatible types. You may also want to double check the VPN server address.

3: Log into your router control panel. This is usually as simple as typing the IP/ web address of the router into your web browser. Mine is either router.home or The default password should be printed on the back of your router or in the instruction manual.

4: Find a section in the web page called “VPN” or “VPN Client” and fill in the details you got in step 2. Click save or ok.

5: Done.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing it can take as much as 20 minutes to get it on the go, but it’s time well spent.

Once it’s up and running you don’t have to worry about each individual device or service encrypting its data. The VPN will do the lot for you without leaving any doors open in your network – or your home.


Top 3 Strangely Underrated GBC Games Of All Time

Some games are legends. Take Castlevania, Contra or Pokémon as an example – everybody know about them. But are they really your only choices for a stunning, nostalgic experience? Or, in simpler words, are they all you can play right now even though you have lost the console?

First and foremost – worry not. There are thousands of GBC free ROMs download sites on the web where you can get your hands on practically every game ever released.


Secondly, your options are not limited to legendary titles alone. There are games that are as good, if not better than the cult classics. But they were somewhat underrated back in the day. Lack of press coverage does not make them any worse, but rather hardens the job for gamers willing to give good old bad boys a shot.

Luckily, I can help with that one. Here is my list of top 5 amazing Game Boy Color games that never got the love they deserved.


Kid Dracula

A stunning platformer with an appealing art style, clever level design, and engaging mechanics. Bosses are hard and enemies are ruthless in this game despite the somewhat childish appearance of the main character.

What makes this game stand out is the availability of powers for the main character – Kid Dracula. Summoning blasts, gravity reversal powers, missiles and a shield make this game so much better. They also give it a light fleur of a puzzle game because of the countless new possibilities you may undergo for the sake of progression. All in all, a solid AAA game.

Dexter’s Laboratory: Robot Rampage

If you were a fan of the show back in the day, just like I was, this game is for you! Definitely one of the more prominent representatives of the action-adventure genre!

Game mechanics are simple and addictive. Elevator journey around on their own routs and you need to pop up at the perfect time to either proceed to progression or be destroyed by a vicious, bloodthirsty enemy (a quite-looking robot actually, but that’s not the point here).

The idea may sound rather awkward on paper but is an amazing way to spend free time with a GBC or an emulator on your hands.

Battle Area Toshinden

If you are a fan of fighting game – this bad boy is for you. Brilliant combos, extraordinary characters with an in-depth, narrative-heavy storyline and explicit level design make this game one of my favorite fighting adventures even today. I’d give away Tekken for Battle Arena any day.


Super Mario Run Comes to Mobile


Super Mario run
Nintendo have launched their first mobile game called Super Mario Run, initially this is only available for the iPhone but will be on Android soon priced at £7.99 it isn’t the cheapest app out there but with the level of play you experience it’s certainly worth every penny.

The min difference between this version and the Wii console version is the lack of the run button, hence the name Mario Run.  Mario run automatically on the mobile version which means you have no time to pause or run faster if you are trying to avoid danger.  This does give the game an extra dimension over the console game.

There are 24 levels to progress through and each one is completed by reaching the flag but there is a further dimension of collecting five coloured coins on every run. If you manage to collect all the coins it opens a new and more difficult run which will make you restart the level several times as you don’t want to miss these new runs.  There is even a black coin run for the super gamers out there who collect all these special coins.

So this is a fabulous edition to your iphone or iPad gaming collection, the only downside is that you have to be online to play these levels well at least to move onto the next level.

Definitely worth the money highly recommend.

[amazon_link asins=’B00844RBVU,B01BPBMJBA,B01HRVX7Z4,B01LXLZB8H,B005L9ZZH8,B01AUP70Y8,B01DDNB0K4′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’geehavlan00-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’aa7930fa-d6c1-11e6-b59f-658199fcd79c’]

Dependable Services Providing Creative Magento Designing Solutions


Magento studio has come up with a whole new concept and innovative designing in doing the right thing in an effective way through simple and result oriented strategies. Searching the internet you will find quite a number of Magento design services who thoroughly understand that their success totally relies on customer satisfaction and for that reason they always deliver the best. They have a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts who specialize in Magento designing and have vast knowledge of some of the latest and innovative techniques that help in setting high standards in Magento designing.

Benefits of Magento designing

The services in Magento designing provided by these web developers are aimed at helping their clients by:

  • Providing outstanding designs to strengthen the brand identity
  • Providing services of highly qualified and experienced magento designers
  • Helping to build up confidence of consumers through stunning web designs
  • Helping to make an impressive online presence and enhance the ROI
  • Providing services that are cost effective.

Innovative solutions

The key attributes that are leveraged by these service providers include flexibility, experience, reliability and creativity. In order to help their clients reach the global market and to new horizons to market their products in an effective manner, they offer:

  • Integration and designing of Magento templates
  • Designing of landing page through Magento
  • Integration and designing of Magento themes
  • Magento customization
  • Magento skinning
  • Editing of pictures of various products
  • Designing of Newsletters
  • Creating absorbing effects, buttons and logos

What they do

They have a team of qualified and experienced Magento developers who will provide you with programming services for your website through magento designing to:

  •         Make your website featured with flexible options and provide solutions that are ideal for online store management.
  •         Enable you to manage, publish and update the web contents without the help of a developer.
  •         Help to create an ecommerce website that will be incorporated with excellent features like updating the catalogue, check out, managing the shopping cart and quality content management.
  •         Create stunning Magento themes that will make your website an absorbing and attractive one.

For e commerce websites

These Magento design development services are the right ones for building effective and result oriented ecommerce websites. You will be able to manage multiple stores under a single panel for administration and to ensure that visitors have a unique shopping experience. The reasons why these web development services are preferred over others are:

  • Give your website the right feel and look where users will find a great experience in online shopping
  • Provide you with the benefit of managing your ecommerce website efficiently in this age of online competition.
  • Manage several shopping carts where each product is displayed in different languages and at different locations and prices.
  • To help in the reduction of the acquisition cost of your business by having your old customers retained through providing them to reorder.

These expert service providers can be your perfect web development partner through magento designing that can place your brand soundly established in  the global market.

There are high profile magento design development services who are experts in the field of building websites that are stunning and result oriented for establishing a brand identity in around way.

The Applications of Spectrometers


A spectrometer is a measuring device that looks at wavelengths of light over most of the electromagnetic spectrum. These devices, made by companies like, are often used to analyse sample materials in a wide range of industries and applications.

The light coming from the source is absorbed into, reflected by or transmitted through the sample and the changes to the light that occur during this interaction with the sample can reveal the sample’s composition and characteristics.

There are usually two types of radiation or light source used in spectroscopy – line sources and continuous sources. Line sources use specialised lasers or lamps and continuous sources are either solid, heated substances or wide-spectrum lamps.

The uses of spectrometers

Spectrometers are used in many industries and applications, including environmental monitoring, for example to measure dissolved oxygen content in water; looking at emission lines from distant galaxies, gas analysis in medical settings and space exploration.

Mass spectrometers

These are devices that measure the concentration and mass of molecules and atoms in a sample by producing spectra from them. These spectra can reveal the elements, masses, chemical structures and isotopes within a sample.

They work by calculating the mass-to-charge ratios of the molecules and atoms in the sample by ionising them with an electric charge.

Space exploration

Mass spectrometers are useful here because they can be used to find out what sort of molecules and compounds are in a sample from deep space. We can’t travel very far into space at present, but we can tell what’s out there before we’re ready to go.

Carbon dating

Mass spectrometers are also used in carbon dating so the age of once-living samples can be estimated to a fairly accurate degree. These devices are also useful in analysing radioactivity or toxic compounds in a contaminated area or air sample.

The different types of spectroscopy

Absorption spectroscopy

Absorption spectroscopy works by absorbing light according to its wavelength. Sample molecules are excited by absorbing the light and reach higher energy states – the excitation is proportional to the light’s wavelength.

Infrared spectroscopy

This is where the spectrometer measures the vibrations of the inter-atomic bonds of a sample material as it’s exposed to infrared light. These spectrometers can also be used to count the number of absorbing molecules in a sample.

X-ray spectroscopy

Here, the inner electrons of sample atoms are excited by energy and when these electrons move into new levels within the atom, they produce x-ray fluorescence emission spectra that can be analysed.

Ultraviolet spectroscopy

In ultraviolet spectroscopy, samples are exposed to UV light and the electrons are excited by the light energy. The absorbance characteristics of the sample’s compounds can then by measured by analysing the excitation of the electrons. This method is useful for looking at chemical bonding.

Laser spectroscopy

This type of spectroscopy uses laser light as its source of radiation. It’s usually used to measure and analyse the interaction between the light and the sample molecules. This type of spectroscopy has particularly high resolution and sensitivity.

Common Apple Phone Issues that Can Easily be Repaired


Apple phones are one of the most sort after pieces of tech. Any new product they launched by them is eagerly anticipated, and the queues are always long regardless of where you are in the world.

They have a reputation for making phones, Macbooks and tablets that work flawlessly, as well as look good. For the most part they do function well, but after heavy use any gadget, regardless of how well made it is will eventually start to wear out, and go wrong. Unfortunately, that is certainly the case with the iPhone. There are a few common issues that users are likely to experience, after a couple of years. Fortunately, all of these issues can be repaired, providing you use someone that has access to the right tools, and enough relevant experience.

Poor signal problems

One of the most frustrating iPhone issue is a poor signal. There is nothing worse than not being able to make a phone call or browse the web when someone sitting next to you has no problem whatsoever.

Sometimes removing unnecessary software, or doing a factory reset is enough to solve signal problems. If that does not work, do not worry, because the problem is likely to be the antenna, which can easily be replaced.

Broken screens


Any phone or tablet screen is likely to break if you drop it on a hard surface. Unfortunately, this happens a lot, so repairers everywhere are kept busy replacing device screens.

Some people try to fix this issue themselves, and in theory, it is possible to do so. The problem is that you need specialist tools to be able to do the job right. Usually by the time you have bought the necessary tools, and learnt how to use them, you may as well have sent it off for repair. The fact that repairers buy screens in bulk means that they can often carry out the repair for a fraction of the cost it would cost you to do the job yourself.

Charging issues

All makes and models of phones will eventually have charging issues. This is largely down to the fact that batteries degrade over time. Often replacing the battery solves the issue. If that does not work, you need to eliminate a faulty charger as a possible cause. You can easily do this by borrowing a friend’s charger, and seeing if that solves the problem. If that does not work, the charging port may need replacing, by a iPhone repair specialist.

Fix Apple Now is one such company. They offer their services in North America, but this service is also available in other parts of the world. The fact that most of them offer repair via the mail, or use courier services, means that there really is no reason to throw your old tech away anymore. This is good for you, good for the planet, and a great way to pass your old kit on to friends, family or charities that can make use of them.

If you would like to learn more about narrowing down the root cause of any problem you have with your iPhone, you can do so by clicking this link.

Nintendo Nes Mini, have you got yours yet?


**As of writing this new stocks are expected in early December **

So Nintendo have released their compact versoin of the classic NES machine and called it the Nintendo NES Mini which was originally launched in 1986 and this time it comes complete with 30 titles pre-loaded (a list can be found below, with some classic favourites you may or may not remember). Although you can’t add games or play the original cartridges with a list of the 30 best games on board I don’t this will be an issue.

A great feature all you retro lovers out there will find awesome is the ability to play the games in 4:3 ratio display which gives a pixel replica of the original screen output. There is also a CTR mode which looks like an old TV scan lines and all. However to keep up with the times you can also play the games in 60Hz HD

Another fetaure the original never had was the ability to save or suspend a game and come back to it where you left off which is essential in my view for the longer adventure games.

Nintendo Mini NES Spec

  • HDMI Port
  • USB Port – to allow you to plug this into a power source


A full list of Nintendo Classic Mini games can be found below:

What are you toys worth now?

I originally posted this infograph back in 2015, interesting to know an original never used Nintendo Nes would be worth so much. Better buy 2 Nintendo Nes Mini one to play and one for the loft, that’s if you can find one.

Ever wonder what your toys would be worth now if you hadn’t played with them and later sent them to the tip.  Oh well we have all done it, anyway this infographic will give you a taste of what they would have been worth.

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