August, 2012

Google Now Update Available To Download Now

An update to Google Now is available to download from the Play Store right now, bringing cards for films and […]

President Obama’s AMA Breaks Reddit

An unscheduled appearance from Barack Obama resulted in a crazy night for the people maintaining Reddit.

Make Music With Terry Crews’ Muscles

Is this the craziest form of internet marketing yet?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The ‘phablet’ just got closer to being a tablet.

Twitter Begins Attack on Third Party Applications

Pretty soon, you’ll be forced to use Twitter’s applications. Last week, Twitter revealed it’s intentions to severely limit the amount […]

Music and Technology: What does your playlist reveal about you?

(Click to enlarge) “So, what sort of music do you listen to?” is one of the very first questions that […]

Tweedle for Android, Download Now!

It’s official, you’re now spoilt for choice.

Smart Notebooks by Evernote and Moleskine

£20 for a notebook? It had better be good.

Amazon Cloud Drive Launches in UK

Amazon’s cloud storage service has launched in the UK, following it’s release in the US last year.

Apple vs Samsung Trial Concluding, Who’s Won?

To summarise, Apple have won….mostly.